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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. They chose instead to back the Prime. Minister — partly because some of the reforms are in line with their thinking, but also as a ploy to ttqdoit any leftwing rebellion that could damage Mr Blair.

Tones deckled to vote with foe Government The revolt was inflated because die notion of voting widi the Conservatives was unpalatable far some MPS who would otherwise have obeyed. Labour backbenchers said yesteday that they-. Clive Soley, chairman of foe ParifamentaryLabour ftuiy. He told The Times last night that Frank Field, the Minister for'Welfare Reform, should be allowed to fable his proposals for compulsory second pensions.

Lord Wakeham stood down when he failed to obtain support from fellow directors for his views on a new financial plan. Lord Wakeham said in his resignation statement I was unable to.

The pair clashed repeatedly with Lord Wakeham accusing Mr SaviU of being politically naive and lacking realism while Mr SaviU accused the peer of lack of leadership. Sir Thomas PDJdngton, who will be acting chairman of the board until a successor is found, said yesterday: Sir Colin Marshall, who led the business delegation to Japan, said yesterday that sponsors were also being sought in the United States.

Mr Blair was reported to have been surprised by the high level of interest in Japan. Rarti said-last night that. Kevin Yates, whti denies bemg tfae.: TTie suspension came as a relief to two of. A statement from Bath said: But all foe players we have interviewed have stated they arc innocent. IF found guilty at the disciplinary hearing his contract with Bath is likely to be terminated. He could then face further action by foe RFU and would almost certainly lose his England place.

He could also face criminal prosecution, but only if Us victim makes a direct complaint to the police. Miss Levy is suing for breach of contract. She said Miss Bassey had already upset her during the course of the evening by confronting her over the fact that she did not appear to be drinking.

She knew 1 only drank red. Miss Bassey refused and there was an argument Miss Levy said she had left foe room but returned to demand: I thought she was going to hit me.

If 2 had a camera. I would have taken a picture of th" slap mark on my back. If shed come arty closer, the heels of my shoes would have gone into her stomach. Miss Levy, from Mill Hill, north-west London, said she left next morning without seeing her employer.

Miss Bassey mounted the Condoned on page 2, col 4 urn inn 6 i 1 , t 5 fii! The occasion was questions to the Foreign Secretary yes- today. Robin Cook was at the dispatch box and everyone was on their best behaviour, carefully avoiding mention of juu-know-what.

Only once did Mr Cook stray dose to danger. But the majesty of his rising had been cruelly undermined by the manner of its prompting. It is widely if unfairly believed that it was his failure, once, to get prompt service at the Crush Bar at Covent Garden that triggered die coruscating criticism of the Royal Opera Mr Kaufman has spearheaded as chairman of the Select. Miss B should watch out. He may find cross-party support for his plan from at least one Tory.

After a meeting of the eight parties at Stormont. Only Sinn Fein was openly unhappy with the blueprint unveiled on Monday. On December 16 the parties had abandoned their attempt do agree an agenda.

Ryutaro Hashimoto has taken the unprecedented step of writing a signed article in The Sun. He strengthens the apology further six times, Mr Trimble five. Margaret Thatcher and John Major often tried to keep to matters foreign and to encourage the travelling pressmen to do the same.

Mr Blair wfll start his welfare road show in Birmingham. But in three weeks he wfll take Concorde across the Atlantic to see President Clinton. It will be surprising if his eye does not 1 remain on the home front when he goes to Washington. Mr Kaufman watched, betraying no flicker of emotion. Hell hath no fury like an MP of a certain- eminence, demeaned. The move shows his support for Mr Straw after the furore over press reports that his son had sold cannabis. Charges were not laid and the boy has since been cautioned.

In an unusual move. Tipper, to stay at Camp David. Oxfordshire County Council hopes to free up hundreds of thousands of pounds to spend on services by offering its staff vouchers for their local Salisbury's. Safeway or Marks and Spencer as part of their salary. Councillors hope to move swiftly to pass the scheme in time for the next financial year because the loophole will be dosed by a new law m April.

If the scheme is approved by councillors, staff will be asked whether they would mind receiving some of their pay packets in their choice of supermarket vouchers. The Contributions Agency said vouchers were quite legal. Continued from page I witness stand, putting on a pair of gold- rimmed spectacles. She vehemently denied hitting Miss Levy, and said she had tried to calm down her assistant because she had become hysterical.

Asked if she had been waving her arms. I was waving my finger at her, and I was amazed when she said: All evening she had been acting it and' I didn't know what was going on.

I pushed her on the left shoulder with my right hand, i pushed her, and she said something like: I've got a daughter who is half-Jewish. Usually when someone is hysterical, you slap them in the face. But I didn't slap her in the face. A push is a push not a hit I did not hit her. But no one was drunk. But leading up to South Africa, she was being very slack and not doing her job properly. Quit smoking and kick the habit of a lifetime.

Paying more for your life insurance. Diana fund chief The port of chief executive for the Diana. The fly, 4mm long, lives for four weeks. His family and friends shouted in defight lieutenant Chalnufrs. Somerset, after "a very hard day". He told police that he had shaken Sarah aftershe woke and refused to go back to sleep. The court was told that he said to officers: I didn't t hink it J was hard, it was two or three times, just to try and quieten, her.

St and daughter, Shauna, 5. A joint funeral rervice for the three, at Ripponden. It is believed that a body sent to Britain after the shooting, and wrongly identified Ity the. Egyptian authorities as that of Miss Turner, is fiiat of a German victim. The couple still Eve together at the house in Durham City. There was not a him of discord or dish arm ony in their relationship. Mrs Golightly suffered a single wound to her right temple.

The- blow was so forceful that it fractured her skull, driving chards of bone 30mm into her brain. Hair and Wood was found on the hammer. He also denies an alternative charge of causing her grevious bodily harm with intent. Throughout the hearing Mr- Golightly, dressed in a grey suit with a rlfjriral collar and dark hhie- shfrt. But James Sun ter. Dr Sunter described as bizarre a suggestion thax the hammer was lying with its ball-peen u pp ermost.

T rule that oui. Blood had soaked through two pillows and the bedding into the mattress, indicating that she had lain there. Weeding slowly, for a considerable period. Broken hair was found on the pillow. Congealed blood near the stairs indicated that Mrs Go- lightly had attempted to craw] out of ihe bedroom before being dragged bade in. She told the jury thax she had seen nothing disturbing about the relationship and Mr Golightly had kissed his wife warmly when he returned home at the end of die day.

The next day neighbours noticed teat the cumins had remained drawn all day.

The Government is reluctant to raise these implications. But the promised public debate about the future of the Lords should consider its role as a check and balance in this new constitutional structure. He produced evidence of two notes written by Mr. Farrant to Mrs Hoskins. If I have to use violence to get what I want, I f: It will make no difference to me. He daizns the murder was prer meditated because Mr Ear- rant had. The prosecution alleges that Mr Faxzant subjected Mrs Fiddler, dressed in a red basque.

Mr Gibbons said broken botde necks. Helen Toombs, 46, a London Underground worker, was the sole fatality when toe funicular railway car plunged in Quebec on October 12, A hoist rope snapped and sent the car hurtling down its lead into a cement walL Peter Hampshire.

Miss Toombs, of Highbury. North London, had shown great bravery. We're ready to help you find business success here in Telford. X Set in the Shropshire countryside, Telford offers a wide range of housing, old and new, to suit everyone's needs. An admirer of Jean- Marie Le Pfen. But she has touched a nerve.

Although schools will be expected to continue teaching history, geography, design and technology, art, music and physical education, the derailed requirements of the national curriculum will be suspended for two years. The curriculum will then be revised. He told a London news conference: As a result, literacy and numeracy have too often been subsumed into other subjects. It is no surprise that so many pupils leave primary school UJ-equipped in the three Rs.

In a rare affiance with the reaching unions. Nick Tate, chief executive of i-tvt: Schools will be told to concratrate. Specialists in the subjects freed from compiusion reacted angrily to the changes. Cumbria, 21 years after she vanished. A murder charge against her former husband. Anthony Dempsey, head of? Tiffin, defended the charge. Bat her turned her down and instead asked her to take on a demanding role for which die was even kss prepared- Within a year of their meeting, die became his wife.

She didn't get the job because there was another person who was better qualified. I never titought I would end up marrying her. It s the perfect way to extend the festive season. But to dp so he. A Western djptamat said: The ruling Golkar party last night reaffirmed that il was nominating Mr Suharto for a seventh successive term of office. Vivid television footage of the incident, broadcast repeatedly across the ccuntoy.

The demonstrators ran far rawer - as the- police fired- for about 15 seconds before fteenag in. The protesters threw codes at the lorry, and police inside feed another volley of bullets.

Her daughter suffered a ballet wound in tiie left atm and the boy was hit in foe stomach. The -mounting public protests, 27 offioacs.. They afoor-deawaded that federal' offioals be punished and that. The latest shooting raised fears that tensions that have engulfed Chiapas snee the December 22 massacre of 45 Indian peasants sympathetic to the rebels could explode into violence.

Ftahhc outrage over the Deoember 22 massacre in the hamlet of Acteal was firths- fuelled by a repo rt this week, by the Government's Human Rights Commission which accused officials in Cttiapas of failing to intervene to stop tie slaughter. On Monday the state police chief of a village near Acteal was arrested after allegedly admitting that he had handed out weapons used In the attack on orders from his superiors.

After that massacre; Mexico's Interior Minister, the governor of Chiapas, and the state police chief were-forced to resign. They said toe group believed. Most of the cult members are Goman. Frau Httkau-Garthe, 57, was the only one arrested at toe time, and police said her alleged disciples had been: The relative had informed the authorities. Officials would not give any details on how the group allegedly planned to commit suicide.

Police last week said that they found poisonous chemicals at Frau Fitticau-Garthe's home where she and her alleged followers were staging what was described as a "last supper". But Enrique Porres, hex defence lawyer, denied any poison had been discovered. The assailant was identified Ity police as Tetsuo Icagaki, a former leader of an ultrana- tionalisx group. He was taken into custody minutes after the hostage was freed. Police said the hostage was Masahiro Abe.

Hundreds of police had ringed the exchange after the intruder took Mr Abe at gunpoint into a conference room. Trading is done on the lower floors of the building, and traders continued work as usual. About 1, people work in the storey buildmg housing the exchange. America's UN Ambassador, also voiced concern that Iraq had acted because the inspectors were getting too close for comfort.

Iraqi claims of bias are dearly false. I hope reason will be brought to bear. The victims were aged betwemji and 16'years. Police said 45 of the. President Mandela of Sftxcrtii Africa. But we'are two grown-ups who love each other. AFP Hurricane row mayor quits Acapukra A Mexican mayor who went on holiday to Disneyland despitewarnings of a hurricane that later devastated his city has stepped down.

Juan Salgado Tenorid mayor of this Pacific resort dty. Acapulco was devastated in October by Hurricane Pauline. The storm lolled more than Mexicans, most of themin Acapulco. Industrial waste was tipped into the canal bn January 3 and about 24 miles of the waterway have been polluted. The Grand Canal is the main source of water for the toWridf Xuzhou. Once m a ceC. AFP Japanese crime snowballs Tokyo: A- robber held up a man outside a Tokyo credit union with a snowball and got away with The robber flirew the snow in the lace of a year- old customer arid snatched, a shoulder bag containing the cash which the man had just 'Withdrawn from an automatic teller machine, police said.

The attacker fled in a car driven by his accomplice- AFP: Food was running low in places and less of powers to service station pumps meanr petrol was in short supply.

A snowstorm could hit ihe region by the end of the week. There were, continuing fears - for elderly people stranded in rural areas. In upstate New York, those needing help were - urged to fashion a large H on the ground to , attract die attention of helicopter crews. In Canada, about one mil- lion people in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick were still without electricity.

About , households in the region face another week, perhaps two, without electricity because dozens of pylons were toppled by heavy ice. They were being taken to improvired shelters. At the community of Rifle Point, elderly people were found shivering, dehydrated and close to asphyxiation from the fumes of homemade heating devices. Rather than leave his home in the woods. West Bank when he begins a hour visit to Israel and the , Palestinian self-rule areas today The US is likely in turn to press ihe EU to soothe Turkey's hurt feelings about the Luxembourg Council meeting on expansion of the EU which left Turkey without a clear path or timetable for joining.

Mr Cook has struck up a dose working relationship with Madeleine Albright, the Secretary of State, partly because both have stressed their concern for a moral element in foreign policy. With one phone call to ; Direa Line you can start to bring them down again.

Call Direct Line now. A key piece of evidence is fee appointments diary of Heinrich Himmler, fee head of the SS. There were apparently no witnesses. Historians such as Gerald. Moscow document riot' only - shows there was a fundamental decision by Hiller, tad feat it fe alsoTWwpassible to reconstruct fee dato at Wadi the.. Hiflerused the occasion to recall hs Reichstag speech of January30, Jews would have to face the consequences. Herr Geriach saysjf is now passible to. Hie Wannseeconfereaee was engt-' nally.

Heydridx the Nazi -security. Professor Hans Mommsen, a veteiOT. Hitler f held cfoe of his usual speeches. The Knights, also known as HespitaBos, trace fedr ori- pfos to fee Uth ctstxny Cm-, sades, when they acquired. They gawe ' hosptofty so Cmsaders and- cteted, fee ttte sick-but alto toekqn.

ThMnan was in a serious coaditirama Rome hospital last niglft. To dear up any remaining confusion, a spokesman for ire German Embassy' in London said: The CIA has about four people who can be named, none of whom has used a pseudonym at any time.

The Russians are also happy to have their intdUgencr agency spokesmen named and quoted. He is quo fed by name in Russian newspapers.

Britain's M16 is more coy. However, the name of the DGSE director-general can be acquired from the Ministry of Defence in Paris and intrepid inquirers could seek to speak to him on the phone. President Clinton has vetoed two Bills to ban partial-birth abortion, on the ground that they failed to make exception for. Mr Donaldson promises to wake them up. Mr Clinton Ignored him. Party Leaders cautiously predict that the resolution will be defeated, but have been ' given an uncom fort able re-.

We need to reach out to people. The move is certain to stir controversy in the Republican- controlled Congress, which, in. With the jobless rate standing at The unemployed were wrong to see employers as the cause of their plight.

M Jospin said yesterday that he would not be deflected from his plan to cut the working week. Colossas and Omega tffands. Simply pteg in and witch oriLOmiinlqwW.

On hand 24 hours a day. Now, at last, you can taka toll advantage of tha potential in your favourite PC applications, quickly and easily.

You can go directly to any section, Hatch tha tuition, fast-forward, rewind and replay any time you ware to. Tha lessons cover every aspect of the application, building a solid foundation and progressing 10 more complex issues. Each CD is created and narrated by expert trainers. Hciw to master tha application quickly and elfidatily. Cool shift An advanced insightinto the appfleatton- exerrises. A foil explanation of menus and dialog boxes. User-friendly explanations of technical words and phrases.

Fund exactly what you want to know, instantly, right when you need It More tutorials available soon. Mu BMeatepnie o a Mw. However, fry the age of ten, his cteverncss had already corae to the notice of die education authorities. Reputedly, an IQ of was required to get into the stream. Gordon was dearly on the brink of a brilliant academic career. He could have stayed on for another year at die High School, where he was "Dux"— the leading scholar—of his year.

They ie for the failure of brother John. I see that it is not toe. I stood by as a friendbf-. I his horror, -he djtodvered. We nil knew he was At the. The mistakes ; univ e rsi ty. Offer open only at time of quotation. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Different dbcountt apply to conservatories.

Of course, he is not helped by some of the allies in his camp. It is not so much that iTs plain silly not only must such specimens be so rare as to be economically irre l ev an t but in my experience, women in high-powered City jobs don't even take time off when they have a baby, let alone daim maternity pay , but, more importantly, it's unnecessarily defensive. We all know that a salary which sounds well-off on paper doesn't fed so to those who earn it. Not that all of this anxiety is unjustified: There is any way he cari target the: And that's fry doing Nigella It would be unseemly now far Middle Ehgfand to make too much fuss.

Yes, 1 know the arguments against. People without ch3d- ren or those not gang put to. But the welfare , state, can; w w ri mig only if Middle Bag- How scaremongers created an agriculture of fear IN THE United States, as you will have seen in yesterday's paper, there is sodi a thing as a food disparagement law.

As yet no such law looks likely here. On the oontzaiy, one of the most thriving businesses aitfae momeig is that run by Scaremongers and Food-disparagers, inc "Hing chairman J. But t hi s fig ur e repre se n ts a great improvement — a hundred years ago, food was far more adulterated, far less safe than it is now, and many more people were laid low or killed fry it. I don't buy meat from the. And without wishing to strike a" latter-day Marie.

Antoinette pose, I caor not help feefing that consumers, who value cheapness orwer quafrty have a lot to. Government is inviting the expkxtation-af a new servant' class as it recreates tin? He makes it dear. And" perhaps Harriet Hannah could have her way in all this, tea I refer now to.

Single mothers need work huf don't want to leave. ArguaHy, It wwtiid bdter to have '. Why not offer-an incentive to prospective em- i plqycrs id encourage them to..

Over to you, Ttmy. Cooking up a sexy leader? I refer to Mr. There are'acensations that we. Both Gordon Brown and Robin Gook apparently think that they are the rightful leaders of the Labour Party, legend has it that Brown was dis qu alifi e d because he was unmarried and now he seems in. There may be more to this ploy to be seen as a sexpot. Our charges are incredibly Sow - from just 0. This means more of your money go directly into your pension fund.

And our performance record -s strong. So whether you are ccncerm that this could be your last chance to claim higher-rate tax relief or you're simply looking for one of the best-value pensions on the market, talk to us.

Mtbarr- klwrtm l w.. Her local North Carolina paper bears the photograph that dominate ed almost every front page in America last week: But her novel avoids the pit- falls ofpalemic. Ina lesson to aspiring authors; the book forensic and criminal psydiol-.

Recast as' anovd, it found a Portia McTeague. Over the Line, will probably be enjoyed most by those who shareher view. The former sees murderers as. Probing their motivation is pointless — evil behaviour is simply evfl.

But Cornwell does not try to explain why people kill. She says people like me should not exist — we muddy the waters. She is right to point to an amhivalence. Explaining the motivation of, say, Myra Hindfey to Middle England, she might find the response as unsympathetic as it would be in Texas.

Much of such writing, from P. James to Inspector Morse, still has roots in Wilkie Cbiiins-iike mysteries: Brought up by her mother and stepfather in Long Island. By 13 or 14,1 was mentally ill withdrawn. They told her that "you either become a street person or prostitute or get a life".

Now 40, she got married for foe second time five years ago. Given foe ideological tide sweeping America, it may also offer her some comfort, not least the chance to write her own endings.

I n Yorkshire they offer lessons in how to put a duvet cover on. You will not see me at the classes. I have never managed lu rope with duvets — or continental quilts, as they used to be called. I am keenly aware of the changing temperature outside my bed, ] have a pile of blankets of varying weight by the bed going down, one summer, to a tea towd and more than once in the night I may fling off foe blanket i have on top and replace it with something heavier or lighter.

I do this now without opening my eyes. There is a classic Laurel and Hardy scene where, in those innocent days when two men could still be shown in a bed, they spend the whole night pulling the narrow sheet each way.

That problem is easily solved by having a kingsize sheet. The bed, seen from the end. There are other problems with bedclothes. And what about the clothes you wear in bed? London, told me a cautionary tale about those. He liked to wear a long nightshirt, and one day he was driving through a town when he saw some fine nightshirts in a high street window.

He stopped, had a good look at them, then went in and bought one. Others may wish the relief to be permanent and some may regret the loss of pupils' entitlement to the full range of studies. This is not the intention. Everyone agrees that literacy and numeracy are the core task of primary schools and that, without these, children are unable to progress in most other parts of the curriculum.

The key will be to make more effective use of the time already allocated. There never was a "golden age" in primary education. By most measures, we are a much more educated society than we were and we compete favourably with many of our economic competitors.

What everyone can agree on. You did the Vikings at die age erf seven because this was a topic your teacher happened to like; two years later your junior school had the same bright idea; and when you moved to secondary school you did it ail over again, because Chose schools were forced to plan on the basis dial each primary school taught a different curriculum. Few parents and secondary schools would want to return to this state of affairs. We all need to draw on the experience of those schools, both state and independent, which achieve high standards of literacy and numeracy while teaching a broad and rich curriculum.

All the evidence suggests that the schools with the best results in English and maths are those which give a lot of attention to other subjects as well.

Indeed, a broad curriculum, taught lamely by specialists, is the defining characteristic of prep schools, many of which have an enviable record for literacy and numeracy. Three days ago , ,. A week earlier the same fate was predicted of the Home Secretary, Jack Straw. Both mysteriously reported for work alter the Neros of Fleet Street had dearly given them thumbs down. Each was convicted of having a private life that made him or her unsuitable for office. All rejected die sentence, whereupon judge, jury, police and public gallery fell silent, filed out of court and vanished.

Lewis Carroll could not have written a more surreal script The convicts went home ro their loved ones. The storm passed as quickly as it had brewed. Straw and Robinson are once more the salt of die earth.

What was all that fuss, way back in the first week of January ? Seems so long ago. Whenever those in high places complain of tiie malice, intrusiveness and vulgarity of the British press, I offer the same advice.

Cancel die papers for a week, avoid television, say nodiingand keep smiling. There is no pain so intense as being savaged by the British media. The cause arrives out of nowhere a lover scorned, a dodgy business deal, an indiscreet gift, a reckless quote. Within minutes cameras are at die front door.

Libellous accusations are screached across pavements by journalists. An entire career seems to implode. Bur the experience is like a bad oyster. Lie still in a dark room and the horror passes. I have rarely heard or read so much drivel as that concerning Robin Cook's marriage. The deserted wife is feted for sensational titbits. Government spin-doctors are invited. Once the hue and cry is raised.

The hapless victim becomes "an embarrassment to colleagues" they seem to me delighted. The word resignation creeps into copy. The wish becomes father to the thought Yet-still, says Galileo, the world turns. Vanity sports her charms and moves on. Nobody seriously expected Mr Cook to resign over revelations about his private life.

William Hague, prior to his marriage. We are study beyond this. We have grown up in the past decade: I am told that the databases of the tabloid press are groaning with scandalous revelations about half the Cabinet.

The argument is that the Government hounded Tory ministers from office. New Labour claimed to be Messrs Clean, sleaze-busters by appointment to the people. Humbug loves a bit of symmetry. There is no symmetry. Ministers fed like ninepins. But the media had embossed invitations m the feast. Mr Blair knew a labour Cabinet would have its share of personal problems. Its practitioners are famous and tome recognises no boundaries of privacy. It strikes fire just and unjust politician alike.

Yet once hysteria is up and a victim chosen, the ritual must be endured to the end.. Either he fails to last the course, resigns and is thus pr o v e d guilty. Or he survives and is sanctified thereby.

Nowadays the governors colour themselves grey and their polides greyer. They use mendaoty and spin to bamboozle democracy. Those who ask for blind trust must expect other forms of scrutiny. Cheated of the ball, the press will go far the man.

The personal relations of Cahinri ministers are relevant to the cosa - nostra of Downing Street. Long may they be revealed. Such i stenesareneglected by broadcasters. British newspapers are today more competitive than any on earth,' a malty drat became more intense with rising profits and the ending of trade union toaDapdaes in the fate s. C ompe tition does not often take the-form of investigative journalism, but.

He seemed to live in fear that a posse of editors might arrive one night in. Domains Street with a tumbrel and cart him. He let tins terror show to his. It made ministers insecure'and cferisiOns Ma s ton t and reactive. Mr Hair, for-all his fove of media manipulation, has so far shown a thicker skin arid ergoyed a more respectful press. The Antipodean vicar, who engaged in late-night chats about God over coffee at Oxford with the then student Blair, has been given the role of selling the millennium to churches.

He is also "Story Teller" so Alastair Campbell for by , a worthy project to encourage good works in toe slides. In this full-time post Thompson will seek to find a place inside the Dome far the project. But cynics say he owes his millennium role to his friendship with Blair. Blair, Thompson can it? Thompson red box they are to be filled with a wants to return to his family Down computer is causing constema- Under, but is telling friends that tion among ministers cf the old the PM is trying DP persuade him to school "Where.

News erf his meant to store my sandwiches and involvement surprises clerical change of smalls? It has not come from conducts his multiversant activi- the Church. Father Seed, who wants to bring dark to Rome, has also sprinkled the office of Ann Widdeoombe. Holy considerations aside, the prieri tapes this nay bifag the two MPs doser as a certain fivideur has marred relations.

She will now be busier titan ever, especially as, I can disdose. Although her' husband is in charge of betting, toe. Thatfe because the majority of New Year resolutions, ft seems, last only two weeks.

But I have scant sympathy for you, since. U on toe other hand, made ail foe ri gh t aoes- which. That is whar you have to do with resolutions: The Great Wall of China is a bat special, it is the ddlf luman --artefact visible from tire Moan, and I am resolved Jo visit it some day and, from it; wave. That is a resolution I made eyea more' than 30 years ago, when I first saw someone doing ft.

It occurred Ip me then that rf God had wanted men to be puffed an a string behind a boat. Girt as ft is with unshakeabfe 'frith, this resolution has been particuterty easy to keep. It has been less edsy' only because there has been, if reviewers are to be believed, a definitive performance of Hedda Gabter every,.

No difficulty ax all attaches to toe resdution made with greater relish, thanks to exponentially tiring prices, every January 1. I prefer tins , because 1 have many friatds who get suits made which, cost them an arm and a leg.

I also resolved, a fortnight ago, nor id keep a parrot in ; the twentieth time I have done tins. Soon after - 1. The ideas unveiled this week are the best Iwp6 for Northern Ireland in years. Since then the wheel'has been pulled bade, not least thanks to the active diplomacy of David Trimble.

The greatest threat to stabffity, andthe hugest hurdle todemocratic acceptability, in the peace proem has been the prospect that any agree ment would be seen by nationalists as a staging-post to Irish unity and not a satisfactory settlement in itself. It is encouraging that moderate nationalist opinion is aware of the need to reassure Unionists that cross-border links should not be seen as creating inevitable momentum towards unity.

Hie Sinn Ban leaders now face a moment of decision. Are they sincere in their commitment to democracy, and wiBingtowork within its institutions? If they are not, and are determ in ed to frustrate the desire far a fresh start then they must be made aware of the determination in London and Dublin to defend democracy's verdict with the full force of democracy's arsenal Mr Blair has shown considerable skill in his pursuit of a settlement in Northern Ireland: The renewed emphasis on literacy and numeracy is appropriate.

It has been supported by teaching unions and will be welcomed fay parents: The correct core problem — inadequate command of basic educational slrilfc —has been identified. There"' may be costs too. Primary schools will, from September, be obliged to , i-s? Mr Blunkett bdieves that schools which would otherwise foil-short-of-his national 1 cv targets for literal and numeracy will alter: There - 'ft is, however, no statutory forte behind the " initiative. Primary schools should make the most of their opportunity.

Mr Biunkett has done his utmost to create a credible national literacy strategy. They will not have that argument for much longer. Ministers have a solid case that reading and writing are toe irreplacahie essentials far all other forms of learning.

Successful schools — the ones exceeding official standards — will be unaffected fay this shift in system Less successful schools should respond to ft. It is important that schools also retain a sense of proportion. An obsession with one specific target; to the absolute exclusion of all other objectives would be undesirable An extraweight on literacy and numeracy in toe earlier years of-primary education must be the rightwayforward.

If traditional methods are adopted in all schools then it should be possible to return to a rather more balanced curriculum, in the two years before the onset of secondary education.

At its best it de- -- ploys the physical skills of strength and. It is a great game becanse it provides rales for all sorts of athletes, the dvflian equivalents of. Played attoe highestlevd it can be an exoting. In the heat of toe gamft with fit young athletes fired up for victory, rules are always going to be broken and legal violence can become uncontrolled.

But biting off an opponent's ear is not just an infringement of the laws of the game. It is a crime against the idea of sport itself. Today is the fourth day since Snnpt iFfagn ,. He and London Scottish think that they know me identity of toe biter.

His identity wiD be This' was not an unfortunate - acckfent to be covered up by the old boy - network. Bath's international players earn six-figure sal- aries. Top dubs sudi as Bath earn huge fees from television. Even andent Olympic wres- tlers,. Modem, touch judges acting - as"stqjemumeraiy referees and television have made.

Hie biter should - bebttinedtor-a minimum of 12 months. Simon Bean and London Scottish. And if Bath does raft live up " to ite 'respoosifoHties to the game, it should ' bedisqualified fortowito from the Cup. Taxpayers and advisers alike have been generous m their praise of toe high quality of the free help and advice they have received from our staff. Any further extension would be quite unfair an those who have made the effort to get their returns in an time.

We are now looking to them m make good on this. Agents are working their socks off in our efforts to meet the deadline. Per ha ps the powers that be should step into their general offices, speak to toe hand-working staff there, and find out what is real!

Yo urs fa ithfully. Hollow Bam, Barrington Downs. From Mrs Brenda J. As professionals it behoves us to obey the rules and iris a bit late to ask now for the goalposts to be moved. High Bam, Hunters Meadow. From Professor Emeritus P. In the face of these difficulties it is perverse and unjust of government, through the Inland Revenue, to penalise people for being unable to act as professionals in an area in which toQ' have no training and make no pretence of expertise.

St Kew Highway, Bodmin. Tweedie Sir, The Conservative leaders call last week far an inquiry into allegations of irregularities in toe count at toe Welsh referendum raises the wider issue of the use of referendums within the British constitution. It addresses than, as. Hns code is backed up by powerful sanctions; in some recent cases involving fax services, fines have been imposed. Police powers on drink-driving From Professor K. Sure toe way to reduce accidents is to target the real factors involved in most collisions, which are nor linked to drink-driving.

Motorists should be praised for not drinking excessive this time, not threatened with a further relaxation of breath-test restrictions. The Scottish figures indicate that testing is becotn- ing random.

Yours faithful , K. City University, School of Engineering. Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering. Law School, Leek Road. From Mr Robert Poole Sir. Some of us always break the bread at toe won! Yours faithful , peter Hancock. Letters for publication may be faxed to The National Lottery Charities Board awards grants for up to three years. Charities draw the money down when they need it, so inevitably not all our grants are paid when initial awarded.

Some existing awards will continue to benefit communities for years to come. An example to the dome dissenters From Mrs Jose Manser Sir, When the Labour Government derided to hold the Festival of Britain they first appointed Gerald Barry, the festival's main instigator, as its director general. Barry, then editor ft the News Chronicle. Other Tory newspapers joined in a barrage of insults and abuse.

Casson ignored it all. Just get on with it, and come back only if you're in real trouble. Many people contributed to the festival, but it was his diplomacy, his drive, his work as a publicist and his powers of leadership which, beyond anyone rise's, drove it along to its hugely successful conclusion.

January 12 I was phoned by a journalist of another newspaper over toe weekend. Nonetheless, I do personally fed it would be whol inappropriate for toe Dome to have an overriding Christian theme: Finally, 1 must stress that I am not a consultant on the dome. Poor lookout From Mr Philip J. Soldiers and Ainnen at Richmond. Royal engagements The Princess Royal as President. January 21, at St Bride'S Church. Those wishing to attend should phone Pauline Heard on or fax Mr Dudley Wood, president, was in the chair.

Mr Richard Briers, actor. Miss Faye Dunaway, actress. Lieuten- ant-Coknd Ntgd Newman. Si George's Chapel Windsor Castle.

Mr Pmfip Dukes, viola. Kano, prim-winners in the league's past annual Commonwealth music competition. Provost, officiated, assisted by the Rev Pr o fe ssor Peter J.

Gomes, Pusey Minister of the Memorial Church. Sir David Rowland Pres Went. Lady Thomas representing the President of Corpus Chrtstl coliege. Mr Georg von MaUlockrodi. Dr and Mb Hans Rauslng. Mr and Mr Rodney Gal pin. Mr and Mb Hatty Fltzalan Howard. Mr Rodolphe d "Ed anger. Mr Leopold D de Rothschild. Mr and Mn Jonathan Taylor. MrToaiayaaliiUnnlshi Embassy of Japan. Mr Derek Bristow [Contenders magazine] and many other Mends andtormer colleagues. A memorial service was beWai the Memorial Church.

Platts Hall — dominated by factory gantries and towers and at risk from the caustic atmosphere: Manor house is on the move after years By Russell Jenkins A DECAYING year-old ball is to be dismantled timber by timber, moved from the shadow of an industrial plant and reboilL Platts Hall, a Grade n listed half- timbered manor house dating to , has been allowed to fall into rack and ruin on its present rite where it is dwarfed by metal towers of the Brunner Mond chemical manufacturing complex in Northwicb.

Specialists from Lancaster University are carrying out an archaeological survey of the house before developers begin taking it apart and reassembling it four miles away on a new development in the grounds of the stalely home, Bostock HaQ. The developers, the P-J. For the past 20 years it has been hugely unused. Archaeologists working on die site say that the caustic natnre of the atmosphere has not been kind to the timbos. They hope that much of the Inside Bmhw fm n ff, ffaimmy , fireplaces, oak panelling and staircases can be preserved.

Once stripped, each frame will be photographed, catalogued, drawn and labelled before being dismantled joint by joint The timbers will be taken to Leominster, in Hereford, where they will be restored and repaired. Then the timber frame structure will be rebuilt among 68 newly restored period homes at Bostock HaH It is scheduled to get on the market next autumn. Hie archaeologists aim to carry put an extensive survey of the rite of the house.

They already believe that parts of the structure dated ' replaced earlier bui lding s. Peter Livesey, the developer, said: It win be restored for use as a bome again. Entrance tests for September take place on Wednesday. January 24, and U15 at die Wirntf on Saturday. March 20, 21 and February 14 until SJOpm on Sunday. Term ends an Wednesday. Norwich School Since February we have been updating our former pupO records. The Bursars Office; 71a The Close. Tek 94 Bye Sr Antony School.

Oxford The Hilary Term begins today. The skiing trip will fake place during Half-Term week. February 20 - March 1. Science lair wfll be on Friday. The President's Medal awarded for. Baksh and Dr KJE. Katherine, daughter of Davrid and Elizabeth Edward, of Edinburgh. Alfred Barclay of Newmaeher.

Hooey and Miss EA. The engagement ts announoaj. Sullivan and Mbs ArM. Hunt The engagement is announced between Martyn. The engagement is announced. Mrs Robert Yates, of Norton. Hotly, a itatar far BastM. S mia y GU22 7QQ. Kay ba mat I to pauca and Joy.

As an I n vos traa nt ben fcar. Tsaaafsny ra Jrau ray 10a flowers, or donatlras. If desired, to ITjLU. Royal Coras cf afaute. Chartered Accowutaat, faimtityaf Bat Africa and Oman. Darid and MKh " to eti raaudchddren. Seretea at ChUterns Cremator! WUaw of fin Cari tangbebn, neb lorud mnrtiiT n rntfraai. Dorot hy, ftra fchooi fox" Med tWNl oa -1 PiLirabw , aged 90 yuan.

Drab tend by his duUm, Biantehlbtiaii rad by tee many fttewft. Luring b oi b ra g of. J a v a and Robert. Farieyl Bftrafte jara l il n va n S atteoteaa tete rate lain Jota. Dratr bnf by liai raaaA hnifrm and gtaia- arandohtidron. Comw a D mm. Tkmsttmm to tits British. Burial at Mmr Tala Cazaetcry. Beloved wife of Philip. Burionl at 12 noon gjl raftl I9tb January Mm. If daalred, to 8t Jos a pit's Hosprau , olo E.

Those asking him to analyse his methods- were always met with a smile. Although he was always indulgent with sponsors and starred in TV adverts for several of them], he was a stranger to physical exercise or to a rigorous sportsman's diet From He soon took up motor-rr sport, originally in. By then he had teamed up whh'Jim'.

His first factory-sponsored drives came in , for Rdf' ant and later for. Then, after two seasons with Rover, he joined Ford for 15 years. He crashed only rarely—so rarely that such occurrences made headlines — and he always, praised his cars for this record: I should be able to get it bade m line. Rally were perhaps not among his finest hours.

He could, art the other hand. He took up flying — there was space for an airstrip at his home— and even found time to develop a sideline building power-boats. His public adored him.

His appointment as MBE in I was recognition of a great entertainer. By the late s. In he was pleased to be able to give a few rips to the Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle at SflversTOne on his first rally outing. OBE, electronics engineer, died on December Haged.

In he went to Imperial CoU- ene. London,, where he read physics- He climbed in the Alps with George Finch, and learnt to fly in the university flying dub. Before he finished his doctorate, he was offered a job at Ferranti in Manchester to set up an electronic valve factory. In the midQs he moved to a similar job at E K. In June , after the M of France, the outfit moved to the H. Wills Physics Laboratory at Bristd University. It became possible to spot submarines at. After the war he set up the Services Electronics Research Laboratory in Baidock, an inter-service laboratory for electronic device development, where he was superintendent until his retirement in Sutton disliked hierarchy and insisted on management by consent.

He was appointed OBE in , Sunon always kept in touch with developments in science and technology. He was also fond of complicated hand knitting. To fulfil a long- held ambition, he also took helicopter-flying lessons at He is survived by his three children. She was born on September IN A prison service career spanning some 24 years.

Mazelo Nostra - Chillnight Pet Shop Boys Album: Elysium Deluxe Version Genre: Traditional Electronic, Ambient, Instrumental Release date: Nothing But Love 2: Brave New World 3: Seeds of Life Vocal 3: Tru Thoughts Total Size: Belleruche - Northern Girls Belleruche - 16 Minutes Belleruche - The Itch Belleruche - Late Train Belleruche - Fuzz Face Belleruche - 3 Amp Fuse Belleruche - Clockwatching Belleruche - Minor Swing Belleruche - Stormbird Belleruche - Longer Days, Longer Nights Belleruche - Backyard Kidkanevil Remix Belleruche - It'll Come Yam Who?

Belleruche - Alice Belleruche - Cloverleaf Belleruche - Mirror In The Bathroom Belleruche - Goose Blues Belleruche - Goldrush Belleruche - Tired Robot Belleruche - Get More Belleruche - Scratch My Soul Belleruche - Belleruche - Ginger Wine Belleruche - It'll Come Belleruche - Eastern City Lights Hit And Miss In The Night Discoteca New Version The Calm Before The Storm Delusions Of Grandeur The View From Your Balcony The Ghost Of Myself Casting A Shadow Between Two Islands We're The Pet Shop Boys Girls Don't Cry In Private 7-Inch Mix - inch mix Blue On Blue Bright Young Things We're All Criminals Now Gin And Jag After The Event The Former Enfant Terrible Dance Classics - Italo Edition Vol.

My Mine - Hypnotic Tango Extended [ Gazebo - I Like Chopin 12'' Version [ Righeira - No Tengo Dinero 12'' Version [ Matia Bazar - Ti Sento 12'' Version [ Koto - Visitors Original 12'' [ Lion - Happy Children Extended [ Francesco Napoli - Balla Balla Extended [ Scotch - Discoband Remix [ Koto - Jabdah Original 12'' Version [ Baby's Gang - Happy Song Extended [ Max-Him - Lady Fantasy Remix [ Traditional Electronic Release date: The Trail And The Search 4: Tubbs And Valerie 3: Before The Storm 4: Miami Vice Theme 2: Crockett's Theme 9mm Mix 4: MP3 Total Time: No More Lies 3: Don't Stay Away 3: You Think You're So Hot 3: Sticks And Stones 3: Peace Of Mind 2: Covered By Midnight 5: Back for round two, guitarist Neal Schon and keyboardist Jan Hammer united for a collaboration once again -- 's Here to Stay -- barely a year after their debut appeared.

Like the debut 's Untold Passion , the album is a combination of both player's prog, fusion, and rock backgrounds -- although a short songwriting leash prevents most of the tracks from stretching past the four-minute mark. The duo were obviously aiming for the top of the charts with the album-opener whose accompanying video was quite popular during the early days of MTV , "No More Lies," which sounds like a song tailor-made for Pat Benatar.

Elsewhere, Hammer gets to spread his wings on "Time Again," while Schon shows off his hard rocking side with the Zeppelin-esque "Turnaround. I'm Talking To You 4: Hooked On Love 3: On The Beach 5: So at the height of Journey's popularity, it appeared as though Schon wanted to get back to his fusion roots by uniting with keyboard wizard Jan Hammer.

However, the resulting album, 's Untold Passion, wasn't going to be confused with Mahavishnu Orchestra anytime soon -- tracks such as "I'm Talking to You" wasn't much different from Journey's melodic rock style, while "Hooked on Love" saw Schon who also doubled as vocalist replicate Paul Rodgers' singing style.

Untold Passion seems to lean toward the more melodic rock side of things, rather than finger-spraining chops. Rap, Hip-Hop, Gangsta Rap.

Pharrell Williams - Happy Lil Kee - S. Shake It Right Problem - I Dont Want Her Gong Marley - Riot Rihanna - The Monster Kid Ink - Main Chick Jay Z - Drunk In Love Baby Brown - Morning Light Trey Songz - Nana Beyonce - Xo Drake - Trophies The Boys of Mullaghbawn Stand Up for Love The Lovely Green Banks of the Moy The Granemore Hare Lassie Wi' the Yellow Coatie The Cruel Brother Version 1 Format profile: Joint stereo Mode extension: MS Stereo Bit rate mode: Antimatter US Release Genre: Metal D-Code Hard Mix Kill or Cure Angeltrance D-Code Mix Junky D-Code Industriance Mix Cyberia UK Release Genre: Oxyacetylene Extended Album: Why Are You Here?

Lord of the Flies Album: Interference UK Release Genre: An Airport Bar Top Instrumental Hits Genre Bimbo Jet - El Bimbo [ Amawa's - Day Break [ Bert Kaempfert - Wonderland By Night [ Paul Mauriat - Alouette [ The Waikikis - Hawaii Tattoo [ The Cherokee Spirit - Wairapasunquy [ Hot Butter - Popcorn [ The Biddu Orchestra - Summer Of '42 [ Shane Maguire - Orinoco Flow [ Francisco Garcia - What's A Woman [ The Waikikis - Tahiti Tamoure [ Fausto Papetti - Passion Theme [ Ennio Morricone - Addio A Cheyene [ Richard Clayderman - Moonlight Sonata [ Gary Moore - Spanish Guitar [ Paul Mauriat - Toccata [ Francis Goya - Nostalgia [ Ricky King - Exodus [ The Waikikis - Waikiki Welcome [ The No-Notes - Kathy [ Ennio Morricone - Chi Mai [ Acker Bilk - Above The Stars [ Bert Kaempfert - That Happy Feeling [ Ricardo Caliente - Dreams To Remember [ Jimmy Nicol - Husky [ Paul Mauriat - Love Is Blue [ Michel Chevalier - Nights in White Satin [ Fausto Papetti - Feelings [ Bob Moore - Mexico [ The Surfdusters - Save The Waves [ Max Greger - Two Guitars [ Nativo - Ruana [ Ricky King - Love Story [ The Waikikis - Home In Hawai [ Frank Pourcell - Besame Mucho [ Ocarina - Moonlight Reaggae [ James Last - The Lonely Sheepheard [ Acker Bilk - Only You [ Armik - Dancing Shadow [ The Waikikis - Hawaiian Lollipops [ James Last - Biscaya [ Ottmar Liebert - 2 The Night [ Ricky King - Hava Nagila [ Bert Kaempfert - Catalania [ Christopher Dean - Scherzo [ The Krew Kats - Trambone [ The Aqua Velvets - Spanish Blue [ The Krew Kats - Samovar [ Blonker - Amazonas [ The Waikikis - Road To Waikiki [ Ricky King - Popcorn [ Bert Kaempfert - Afrikaan Beat [ Anthony Ventura - La Paloma [ Fausto Papetti - Emanuelle [ Ricky King - Le Reve [ Barcode Brothers - Flute [ Kenny G - The Moment [ Gheorghe Zamfir - The Lonely Shepherd [ Ricardo Caliente - Robbons Of Blue [ The Waikikis - Honolulu Rose [ Francis Goya - Romance De Amour [ Armik - Gipsy Flame [ Laurie Johnson Orchestra - Sucu Sucu [ Acker Bilk - Limelight [ Martin Bottcher - Moonlight Guitar [ Ricky King - Verde [ Julee Cruise - Twin Peaks Theme [ Acoustic Alchemy - Jamaica Heart Beat [ Westlife Title Of Album: The Lovesongs Year Of Release: Unbreakable Single Remix Swear It Again Radio Edit World of Our Own My Love Radio Edit More Than Words What About Now I Wanna Grow Old with You Total Eclipse of the Heart Us Against the World You Raise Me Up Let There Be Love MP3 kbps Size: Pardon My Bop 2.

As I Live and I Bop 3. Interlude in Bebop 4. Stan Getz Along 6. Pennies from Heaven Be Still, TV Short P, Not LP The Song Is You Stella By Starlight 2. Time on My Hands 3. The Way You Look Tonight 5. Lover, Come Back to Me 6. Body and Soul 7. Stars Fell on Alabama 8. You Turned the Tables on Me 9. Lullaby of Birdland Fools Rush In These Foolish Things Thanks for the Memory How Deep Is the Ocean Hymn of the Orient I Got You 3. Oh, Pretty Woman 4.

Nowhere To Go 7. Highway Made Of Glass 9. Living By The Gunn 5: Lying Cheating Two Timer 4: Born To Rom 4: Jump, Jump, Jump 3: She Gives Love For Money 3: Hard Times Coming 4: Can't Stop Crying 4: Stealing Love Like Me 4: Somebody Sleeping In My Bed 3: She Found A New Thrill 3: Watching My Life Walk Away 3: Everybody Give A Little 3: Gonna Live Without You 3: Early in he joined Les Cooper and the House Rockers as a guitarist.

The group's biggest hit record was called Wiggle Wobble. He toured with Cooper and the Rockers until he was drafted in the army in for a two year tour of service during the Vietnam War, during which he faced active combat. Roberson to tour Europe and the Middle East as their lead guitarist and vocalist. The album production was sounding so good, Roberson decided to complete the production of "Bust Out" at Odds On Studio in Las Vegas where, in the final version Ted also did bass guitar and background vocals on the recordings.

Roberson toured Europe again, this time with Ditto and The Lovers and the USO show, predominantly as lead guitar and background vocalist. After a year, good as the music he was making was, Ted decided he needed to do more of his own music. He collected the best musicians he could find and formed his own group called The N. Catherine's to Nova Scotia, Roberson doing lead vocals and guitar. In , exhausted from the non-musical work necessary to keep the band running, Ted disbanded the group and the Bill Doggett Combo, then famous for the song, Honky Tonk recruited him for another long tours, this time of America, from the east to the west coast.

During that time Roberson collaborated with Moody as co- writer arranger producer, and Ted on lead, bass and rhythm guitar, keyboards and back up vocals as they produced the very popular CD, The Many Moods of Moody.

Taking a very long break from touring, Mr. Ted writes and records more and more of his own music. He says, "I just love making music! Edition Records Year of release: Dream A Life 5: Rain That Falls 6: Slowly Rolling Camera 5: River Runs Free 3: A band name and album title like Slowly Rolling Camera gives little if anything away about the nature of the music to be experienced on this, the debut album from the UK-based quartet.

Good for surprises can be fun. Once the music becomes familiar the beautiful, imaginative and ambitious compositions become firmly fixed in the mind the surprise is revealed to be lots of fun. There's also something of Massive Attack's laid-back confidence unsurprisingly, as producer Andy Allan has worked with both Portishead and Massive Attack. Dynasty Title Of Album: Here I Am Pain Got a Hold on Me A Man in Love Give Your Love to Me You're My Angel Love in the Fast Lane Give It Up for Love How Long I've Been Waiting [5: This You Should Know [4: U Can't See Me [5: A Summer Place [4: The Way We Were [5: Put It Back Together Again [6: When 2 Become One [4: Jan Hammer Title Of Album: Crossover Jazz, Fusion Size: Light of Dawn 3: Waiting No More 4: Between the Sheets of Music 3: Little Boots Title Of Album: Electropop, Synthpop, Nu-Disco Quality: New In town All For You Robert "Bobby" McFerrin, Jr.

He is best known for his hit song "Don't Worry, Be Happy". He is a ten-time Grammy Award winner.