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Target at metroplex in plymouth meeting

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Target at metroplex in plymouth meeting

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Target at metroplex in plymouth meeting

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We offer several packages to meet everyones budget. Our last 12 of 14 listings have sold within 30 days! First Impressions are everything in today's real estate market. My goal is to help you maximize the full market value of your home by highlighting it's features and minimizing the time that it is on the market! Follow us on Instagram at https: Design-It Studio offers custom services for interior home decorating, design, home staging including consultations and hand-on staging and interior redesign.

Barbara offers Free Estimates, Consultations and Complete Home Staging Services to my clients who are mainly comprised of Sellers, Builders and new home owners seeking professional, affordable home staging advice.

Please contact me at Offering a complimentary Home Staging consultation when you list your home with me. Call for more details!

Southeast Valley Phoenix, AZ. Buyers also receive staging advise to envision their own furniture in a potential new home before and after they close. Beth is experienced in multiple areas of design. And, her competitive side wants to help you get the biggest gain possible when selling your home.

When she's done staging your home Prescott, Az and surrounding communities. Phoenix, AZ metro area. I serve the Glendale and Central Phoenix area.

I love helping customers and clients see the full potential of their homes, whether they are selling or buying. I think staging benefits all parties to achieve their most important goals, and it is such a pleasure to see the transformations that take place.

Glendale and Central Phoenix Area. Working for you in and around the Benton area bringing new and exciting changes to homes for sale or homes for show. I believe every room should be "well dressed" and this is what we do. Often a room only needs a few changes to make it appear more balanced and pleasing to the eye.

It is the first look that gets 'em hooked. Please call for a free no obligation home visit. I want people to fall in love with your space or love the space they are in.

Serving the Southbay in home staging and design. Downsizing consultation - support. By implementing our proven staging techniques and vast selection of stylish and current inventory, we consistently increase market presence and resale value.

Although we are known for our fresh and contemporary stylings, we also create formal and inviting atmospheres for traditional homes. Her staging background includes 16 years of residential design and 8 years in real estate marketing. Sonoma and Napa, the Wine Country in Northern California Affordable rates, flexible terms, attractive furnishings, current color schemes, and fun to work with are what my clients are saying about my services.

Sonoma and Napa Counties. Looking forward to serving you wether it's staging to sell or staging to live! Visit on Facebook at http: Edit your home to bring beauty, energy, space and simplicity - rediscover your home. Stage your property to identify and enhance its attractive features for the potential buyer. Florence offers fast and friendly home staging and home editing in San Mateo and San Francisco counties.

Staging the Mother Lode: Sonoma and Marin County. When selling your home, let me help you make a great first impression! If you list your home with me, I offer a complimentary Home Staging consultation. I am caring, capable and creative. Call, text or email me for more information! North SF Bay Area: Dianna Kyle is an Interior Designer with over 29 years of experience working with builders and model homes. Her business Design Solutions serves the greater Sacramento area.

Please call for more information. Staging the Costal Areas of Orange County. Hands-on or Consultation Only. Coastal Area of Orange County. Home Staging Expert, providing professional staging property for the potential buyers.

An amazing marketing tool to sell your home faster. Licensed Realtor and Home Staging Expert providing real estate services including professional staging to clients in San Francisco and the East Bay area.

My staging services have brought my Sellers tremendous value allowing them to receive a higher Seller's Net! I promise I will exceed your expectations! San Francisco and the East Bay area. Licensed Realtor and Home Staging Expert. Services include basic staging to complete vacant home staging. I can help you to know what to change and not change and what to spend to get the best return on your investments.

I keep up with all the trends in the design industry to make your home appeal to what current buyers are looking for and I offer free consultations for listing with me.

All of Placer and Sacramento counties. I will help you maximize the full value of your home. I will help you make your home look like a model home for best showing results. Our Team provides in home consultation to ensure your presents itself in the best light and sells for top dollar. North San Diego County: By properly staging your home I will help to maximize your profit and get the best price in the shortest period of time possible.

Sacramento and Placer Counties. Staging homes in the greater Albuquerque area. Offering "first time" discounts on Consultation and Staging! My goal in staging your home as a Home Staging Expert is to highlight the best features to help sell it fast.

I offer this free consultation service to any seller who lists their property with me. I also provide a free Market Analysis. Wildly Creative Designs, Inc. Carolyn applies over 22 years of international consumer products design and marketing experience, combined with an intuitive sense of taste, and decorating style to help you stage or redesign your home.

Carolyn brings a unique perspective and mastery of core design elements like: Our services are provided throughout the Denver Metro area. Whether you are selling or redecorating, make your space come together in ways you would never imagine. CSS offers professional home staging and interior design consultation services. We work with realtors and homeowners to optimize a home's appearance for listing to sell or just everyday living.

David has 18 years of Real Estate experience. List with David and get free staging advice, free moving truck when available in the Denver Metro Area , free boxes, and tape. Golden, Arvada, Lakewood, and Westminster. Lynne Duesenberg is a home stager in Denver, Colorado. She provides a complete home-selling package, from down-sizing, to organizing, to staging, to settling in.

Visit Lynne at her website at www. Perfect for anyone in need of ReDesign and Staging professionals. A potential buyer forms a first impression of your home in less than 20 seconds.

Let us help you make a great one! Specializing in making home sellers money. We've never staged a home that didn't receive a good offer - often within a week. Call today for a selling consult or a home staging. Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley. Linda stages both vacant as well as occupied homes and specializes in clutter control, furniture arrangement, and accessorizing using only quality and up-to-date props.

Call her at Debby has 22 years experience as an interior designer to help you with your staging and redesigning needs. Before you reduce the price let me stage your property because first impressions happen in 15 seconds.

Jackie Picard and MountainHomeStaging www.

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The Last Knight with this alternate form, due to the car being referred to as "The Lady" on set. Whether it is one of the two, an all-new character, a returning character or neither is currently unknown. She also appeared as a Decepticon in the Transformers toyline as a redeco of Sideways. Override led the crew of the Star Arrow, which was carrying an experimental Force Chip. The Star Arrow was attacked above Sandokan and crashed on the surface. The crew encountered Synthos, a scrap-monster powered by the Dark Heart.

Override and the other Autobots fled from the monster and hid until Astrotrain attacked. She sought to prevent Synthos' Dark Heart from falling into Decpticon hands, but also desired to save the sentient scrap monster.

The Autobots captured the Decepticon shuttle that carried Cannonball into battle and used it to capture him, Astrotrain, and the other Decepticons. After depositing them on the other side of the continent, the Autobots fled to Cybertron with the recaptured Force Chip.

Override appears in Transformers Power Up: She is one of four Transformers that can be built during this game. A young and spunky denizen of Velocitron, Clocker Skids is a student of the racing master Brakedown, who met and befriended Hot Shot when the Autobot came to Speed Planet. He transforms into a convertible race car, and his Cyber Key activated a double-barrelled blaster Smash Burner.

He was in the race for the cyber key, but was dropped after the second race. One of the oldest residents of Speed Planet and a friend and teacher to Clocker, Brakedown Autolander 's wisdom as an experienced racer gives him a different perspective on situation than others, making him invaluable to young racers in training.

Allying with the Autobots after meeting Hot Shot, he transforms into a dragster, and his Cyber Key activates a bladed weapon Motor Blade. He was in the cyber key race, but was dropped after the desert race. Dirt Boss Inch-Up is the most specialized Transformer on Speed Planet when it comes to traveling on multiple terrains, from bumpy, uneven paths to muddy quagmires.

He hates Override and seeks to defeat her in a race, which proved to be all the reason he needed to join up with Megatron's Decepticons. He transforms into a monster truck, but can convert to a "high speed mode" with a widened wheelbase through the power of his Cyber Key. In robot mode, his key deploys twin shoulder blasters Shoulder Vulcan.

When the Autobot starship the Hyperborea landed on the lush, green world of Jungle Planet , the ship's occupants adopted animal alternate modes, but as time wore on, they and their descendants took on the characteristics of the beasts they mimicked, becoming segregated and bestial.

With parties of violent raiders attacking the weaker inhabitants, a feudal law of " Might makes right " came into effect, making the already untamed wilds of the planet even more dangerous. As a former student of the master Backstop, Dark Commander Scourge Ankoku Shireikan Flame Convoy sought to bring peace to the Jungle Planet, but in using his vast strength to crush all opposition and accomplish his goal, he lost sight of his teacher's ideals and ruled the world through intimidation and shows of power.

Hardened and cruel, Scourge espouses the mantra of "Might makes right," but he found his ideals challenged by Leobreaker and the Autobots.

When he was ultimately defeated in combat by Optimus Prime, his pride and jealousy motivated him to join the Decepticons taking over Starscream's position as Megatron's second-in-command , but from the hard lessons from Lori, Bud, and the Autobots he would learn would eventually turn him to the side of light.

Scourge transforms into a dragon. His tail becomes a massive axe, while his Cyber Key deploys heads over his shoulers in both modes, unleashing a deadly stream of fire breath. Overhaul Jackshot was once a famous Autobot soldier with a reputation for winning seemingly impossible battles. However, he was considered a loose cannon, and thus, felt alone.

As a member of Optimus Prime's team, however, he realized he wasn't completely without friends or allies. Stranded on the Jungle Planet, he engaged planet leader Scourge in battle and called out to the power of the world's Cyber Planet Key when badly damaged, which reformatted him into the bestial Leobreaker Ligerjack.

Ever since he became Leobreaker he tried to take down Scourge. A zen master of combat, Backstop Saidos trained the weaker fighters of Jungle Planet, but at the same time, advocated the values of fighting only when necessary, and striving for peace, rather than fighting for fighting's sake. These were values that his student Scourge could not accept, and he left Backstop's tutelage; when the Autobot Overhaul arrived on the planet, Backstop and his last remaining student Snarl trained him, and sided with Optimus Prime's forces in the battle to save the galaxy.

He transforms into a rhinoceros , and his Cyber Key extends his horn into a bladed battering-ram Bloody Horn. He stayed at Scourge's side to keep an eye on his old friend, until Overhaul arrived on the planet and Snarl was branded a traitor for helping him. He formed a connection with the Autobot, and eventually left his planet to help Optimus Prime save the universe.

He transforms into a wolf , with two armor-piercing fangs activated by his Cyber Key Power Fang. One of Scourge's troops, Undermine Dinoshout is somewhat shifty and underhanded. He transforms into a robotic Spinosaurus with a flail weapon for a tail, and a Cyber Key Power that deploys a blade from his fin Crest Sword , Horn Blade in the English dub. He speaks in an English accent.

One of Scourge's troops, Brimstone Tera Shaver isn't very bright, and relies on Undermine and his leader to do the thinking for him. He transforms into a robotic Pteranodon , and his Cyber Key deploys twin blades from his wings Slash Knife.

Eons ago, as part of a program to create a space bridge network linking planets across the universe, four Transformer starships departed for the four corners of the galaxy, each carrying with them a Cyber Planet Key.

The starship known as the Atlantis came to Earth, hovering in the skies above the world before a malfunction caused it to crash into the ocean, giving rise to the human legend of the sunken continent of that name.

The descendants of the Transformers aboard the Atlantis mostly entered stasis before the present day, though a few continued to operate in secret. Guardian of Earth's Cyber Planet Key, Aerial Commander Evac Koku Shireikan Live Convoy has existed secretly on the planet for many years, repeatedly switching alternate modes and aiding humans in danger.

One such human was a young boy named Franklin, leading the child to pursue knowledge of Transformers for years afterwards. When Decepticons descended from those on the Atlantis began threatening burgeoning humanity, Crosswise Autovolt took on the role of "Monster Hunter" and dedicated himself to capturing and imprisoning them. He succeeded in sealing the Decepticons in stasis beneath the ice fields of Alaska, but he too was trapped, frozen in ice, until Earth's military uncovered him in the present day.

Crosswise transforms into a car resembling a Bugatti Veyron , and his Cyber Key activates a set of twin missile launchers Force Missile. Originally, Crosswise was intended to be called " Smokescreen ", leading to a production mistake that saw him referred to by this name during the original airings of his debut episodes on Kids' WB. However, by the time these episodes premiered on Cartoon Network , the dialogue had been re-edited to give him the correct name.

The mistake was then drafted into a toy. Although he was one of the Decepticons freed by Starscream, Lugnutz Roadstorm had very little interest in actually fighting for him. He's a very easy-going 'bot with a relaxed, hippie -like attitude that means he would rather be cruising Earth's highways than fighting Autobots. If any of them were to get in his way, though, he wouldn't be averse to blowing them away with his rifle, Dutch. He transforms into a motorcycle, armed with a grenade launcher activated by his Cyber Key Side Machine Gun.

The fourth and final Autobot ship, the Lemuria , landed safely on this world. Some time into the colonisation of the planet, it fell victim to a tear in reality, and slipped through a wormhole into another dimension, where it was attacked by the warmongering inhabitants of the vile Planet X. Through the power of their Cyber Planet Key, the planet's inhabitants became gigantic in size and fought back, leaving Planet X with no option but to use their mightiest weapon, only to wind up destroying themselves in the process.

Saddened by their planetary level of destruction, the Gigantions dedicated themselves to con struction, covering their planet with gargantuan cities which they completed and then abandoned, moving on to the next project. To continue this ongoing task, they built new layers on top of the cities, repeating the process over and over, until the planet itself was colossal. In addition to the giant Transformers, Gigantion is also populated by Mini-Cons, who perform the small, intricate, detailed tasks of construction that the larger robots cannot.

For whatever reason, all the inhabitants of Gigantion speak with Scottish , German and Irish accents. In the English dub, he speaks with a Scottish accent. He is physically powerful enough to best Megatron in mere seconds an unequaled feat amongst the Transformers of this era , and joined up with the Autobots almost as quickly. He transforms into a bucket wheel excavator, and wields a gigantic axe, called Sparkdrinker.

He can also assume a smaller "work mode" for more precise tasks. He can mount on Metroplex's right arm or the back of his axe. He functions as a coordinator, and plans all of the Mini-Con work in Gigantion. Many of those Mini-Cons consider him the leader of their planet.

Quickmix Blender is Metroplex's right-hand man and knows "a lot about a lot". His skill is as an advisor and a technical worker, but he can fight just as well as anyone, with a Cyber Key Power that transforms the drum of his concrete mixer alternate mode into a blaster Mixing Cannon.

His Mini-Con partner is named Stripmine Killbull , who transforms into a mining vehicle. He helps to operate Quickmix while the latter is in vehicle mode. Stripmine's function is Heavy Machine Operations. A young Transformer from Gigantion who wanted to change his world's seemingly "out-dated" philosophy by force, Menasor Moledive fell prey to Megatron's influence, and joined the Decepticons. Unable to harm his own partner, he saw that he would only hurt Gigantion, and joined Metroplex and the Autobots.

He transforms into a large-scale drilling machine, while Heavy Load becomes a dump truck. His Cyber Key power increase the power of his drills. His Force Chip special attack is Giant Drill. As one of the first thirteen Transformers created by the race's deity, Primus.

Vector Prime hails from the very beginning of Cybertron. Having removed himself from the linear universe eons ago, he existed outside of time, watching over the multiverse until the threat of the black hole emerged, forcing him to return to Cybertron and alert Optimus Prime's Autobots to the power of the Cyber Planet Keys.

But at last, Vector Prime sacrifices himself to save Cybertron and to open the warp gate. This trio of Mini-Cons hail from Gigantion, but were stranded in space and time when a game of hide and seek went away. Discovered by Vector Prime, they were brought to Earth by him, where they quickly befriended the Autobots' human allies Bud, Coby and Lori, due to having minds that function like human children's.

Like most of the Scrapmetals, the Cobybot transforms into a "spider-tank" vehicle. Its special attack is Hissatu Coby Shot. Trapped within an energon sun at the conclusion of Transformers: Energon , Master Megatron was freed from his imprisonment when the sun collapsed into the massive black hole that threatened Cybertron. Having absorbed the remnants of Unicron's armor and power into his own body, Megatron is now arguably the most powerful Decepticon, and seeks to use the power of the Cyber Planet Keys and the black hole to remold the universe in his own image.

Despite recruiting natives from all the different worlds that the Transformers visited, Megatron was continuously met with failure, but upon his defeat by Metroplex on Gigantion, his Armor of Unicron tapped into the world's Cyber Planet Key and upgraded him into the insanely powerful Master Galvatron.

He won more battles as Galvatron and stole the completed Omega Lock for many episodes. Megatron is a Triple Changer , transforming from a Batmobile -like dragster into a Cybertronian jet.

He can project devastating electrical blasts from his hands, and his Cyber Key activates many powers, including vehicle-mode thrusters, a claw shield Death Claw and his deadly "Death Machine Gun", Death Machine Gun with which he fatally injured Hot Shot, Red Alert and Scattershot. As Galvatron, he retained all his previous attacks, could project dark energy, and shape it into a sword. His armor can also restore him. The only Decepticon to take on an Earth mode, Thundercracker was first mentioned in Armada when Starscream was contemplating his supercharged color scheme.

When Cybertron came to air, Thundercracker was an enthusiastic fighter somewhat lacking in intelligence and combat skills who spoke in a Southern drawl accent. He has a tendency to come up with grand but largely ineffective special attacks The Japanese version has him parodying lines said in Mecha anime characters , and would rather be a winner than be evil.

He transforms into a Su Flanker, and his Cyber Key activates the blaster in place of his left arm and in jet mode the Cyber Key power gives him a gun on his back Thunder Hell, English: The Decepticons often ride on him a lot. Also freed from the sun upon its collapse, Starscream assumed the position of Megatron's second-in-command.

But his experiences throughout the Transformers: Armada and Energon conflict had shaped Starscream into a bitter mech with his own ambitions, and he sought to acquire the power of the Cyber Planet Keys himself. Scheming with the mysterious Sideways, Starscream liberated the ancient Decepticons trapped on Earth and acquired the Omega Lock and three Cyber Planet Keys, allowing him to tap the power of Primus and grow to a gigantic height. Operating as a third factor in the remainder of the conflict, Starscream battled with Megatron, Optimus Prime and even Primus himself by growing skyscraper size and planet size.

This big green brawler is the muscular half of the "Gruesome Twosome" and is hardly ever seen without his partner, Ransack. Crumblezone Landbullet is not especially bright, but his bulky frame possesses incredible speed when in his three-wheeled dragster mode, and great strength in robot mode.

During a later battle on Cybertron, he was badly injured by a horde of Scrapmetal, but Megatron used the power of his Unicron Armor to reformat him into "Dark Crumplezone" Armbullet.

In the final Planet Cup race, he modified himself to give himself extra speed Ultra Tune Level 2 Ignition , but still lost. The smaller and more "intelligent" member of the "Gruesome Twosome" although that's not saying much , Ransack Gasket makes up for his small size in nimbleness, agility, fairly quick wits, and the fact that he has a bigger partner that can beat up people for him.

In the final Planet Cup race, he modified himself to give himself extra speed Reverse Tune Ignition , but still lost. An evil doppelganger of Leobreaker who was born from Leobreaker's doubts and the dark power contained in Megatron's Unicron Armor. His Cyber Key power is the same as Leobreaker. He is more beast than Transformer, and only speaks through growls and roars. Ultimately, he was destroyed by Metroplex, returning him to the darkness from whence he came.

The Earth Decepticons are the descendants of Transformers who came to Earth on the starship Atlantis. They were sealed away by Crosswise, but were freed by Starscream.

Thunderblast Chromia is an ancient female Transformer who was locked up by Crosswise and initially served Starscream, but turned to Megatron's side based on how hunky he was. She has a flighty, fun-loving, girlish personality, but ultimately, her only loyalty is to herself, and she will join whomever is most powerful.

She transforms into a speedboat, and her Cyber Key transforms her missile launcher weapon into an even larger rocket launcher Phantom Wave. She is also lava impervious as she once swam on it, and she is a master of water travel. That voyage came to an end, however, when Planet X encountered Gigantion, and destroyed itself in the ensuing war.

The scattered survivors of Planet X allied themselves with Unicron in hopes of attaining revenge on the Giant Planet in the future, and served his will by acting as enigmatic operatives of misdirection and distrust amongst the Transformers. This master of deception had previously served Unicron by acting as an avatar for his spark during the war for the Mini-Cons in Transformers: Armada , and was preserved by his dark power following his seeming death at the end of that conflict.

Returning during the search for the Cyber Planet Keys, Sideways Noisemaze aligned himself with Starscream, considering him the best chance he had at revenge against Gigantion. Sideways transforms into a spacecraft. His Cyber Key activates an arm-mounted bladed weapon, and switches his faction signal back and forth from Autobot to Decepticon.

Soundwave makes his entrance later in the search for the Cyber Planet Keys, offering to guide Megatron and the Decepticons to the wormhole that would lead them to Gigantion. Once on the planet, he joins with Sideways, and they both attempt to acquire the Omega Lock and Keys for themselves, only to be blasted into another dimension. Unlike his other counterparts, this one sounds like a deadpan 80s' rave club DJ. Soundwave transforms into a stealth jet fighter, and is partnered with the Mini-Con-like robot, Laserbeak Killer Condor.

Laserbeak transforms from a condor into a battery bomb that stores in Soundwave's chest compartment, which deploys through use of his Cyber Key Blaster Gun. The animated version of Soundwave is not shown using his Cyber Key to "eject" Laserbeak, or to use it at all. An army of drone-like, mutant mechanical lifeforms. While they bear the Decepticon symbol, they serve neither Megatron or Starscream, and act like swarms of vicious insects. They come from worlds neighboring Cybertron, and swarmed to the planet when it was abandoned during the black hole crisis.

They were faced down by the Cybertron Defense Team, who wiped out a large number of them. However, the Scrapmetal population clearly survived, as shown by the swarm that attacked and nearly killed Crumplezone.

Later, a destroyed Scrapmetal was used by Coby to create his own pilotable Transformer, the Cobybot. They all transform into "spider-tank" vehicles, and come in varieties of red, blue, and yellow. They too have a cyber key and powers which make their cannons unsheathe a sword, but this was never seen in action. The benevolent creator of the Transformers, Primus is the true form of the planet Cybertron. Each of the Cyber Planet Keys contains a portion of his power; upon the collection of all but the Gigantion key, Cybertron transformed into Primus's robot mode and defeated Starscream in battle using his own moons as weapons.

Subsequently, the acquisition of the Giant Planet key reunited Primus's spark with his body, and he used his power to seal the black hole and recreate Cybertron as a new, idyllic world. His Cyber Key power unleashes energy from his hands which he used on Starscream but he deflects it.

As Primus's brother and ancient foe, Unicron sought to destroy life where Primus sought to protect it. Having been battled by the Transformers in previously in Armada and Energon , Unicron was ultimately defeated when his spark was imprisoned by Primus within an energon sun.

The destruction of Unicron - the embodiment of evil - in this manner, however, caused a fundamental imbalance in the universe, which caused the sun to collapse in upon itself, creating the massive black hole that threatened not just Cybertron, but the entire multiverse.

They moved all their Conveniently located, and a good staple spot to go for anything needed. The app is great for enhancing the shopping experience - showing where to find things, and easily getting discounts on Just ordered a drink from the Starbucks.

Had horrible service before so swore never to come back but I was thirsty so A big Target with everything we needed. I service the Greater Kansas City and the outlying areas, I would love to be there for you from start to finish.

I can be reached at I can't think of a more rewarding career! Linda Pohlman's company, Staging St. If you are in the St. Staging West County and the metropolitan St. Offering Hands-On Staging, Consultations and one day makeovers.

Serving most of the St. My husband and I are a team with over 25 years of experience between the two of us. We handle all of your real estate needs. We both grew up in the St. Louis area and have maintained friendships for decades. We achieved the "Leading Edge Award" at our company and are now ranked 12th in the company of over 4oo agents. For a one-on-one consultation or to receive a free-estimate for hands-on staging services, please contact Angela directly at Kansas City metro area.

Home Staging is the art of preparing a home going on the market so that it's best features are shown off in a positive manner. First Impression will make your house look as good as possible to as many potential home-owners as possible, and increase the chance for a quicker sale at the highest expected market value for the area.

Realtor who gets you the best price for your home by staging it quickly and without spending a fortune! Love helping my clients stage their homes to ensure the marketability is enhanced in the best possible way. With a background in interior design, I am happy to help with any advice you may need in staging and getting your house ready for the market.

Buyers do most of their initial shopping online. Pictures say a thousand words, so it is now more important than ever, to have your home staged before it goes up for sale. Call me, I am happy to work for you! We will cater to your individual needs.

Whether you are seeking to consult so that you can do it yourself or prefer to hire a professional to effectively complete the entire staging and design process for you. Home staging and Redesign can help. Omaha, Lincoln Nebraska and surrounding communities. Real Estate Professional committed to selling your home for top dollar.

Megan has a keen eye for staging and will help you prepare your home for the market, ensuring a quick sale and a picture perfect listing.

Organize by Design works with an existing environment and transforms it to create an inviting space. Using simple techniques, OBD offers home staging services by suggesting and repositioning furniture and items so individuals can imagine the space whether living there or moving in. Lincoln, Nebraska and surrounding area.

A lifetime hiker and equestrian advocate, I'm your personal guide on the Carson Valley real estate trail. List your home with me and your home staging consultation is free. Specializing in consultations for do-it-yourselfers FSBO. Northern Nevada, including the Carson Valley and Reno. My motto is "Make it fresh and keep it simple". Helping you prepare your home to maximize your home's marketability. Central and Northern NJ. No matter what the price point, I believe your home is your "Castle" and selling your home is the most personal transaction you will ever undertake.

That is why I am so passionate about blending my experience and personal sensitivity into each home sale. By properly staging and marketing your home, I will get you the best price in the shortest amount of time possible in this current market. Rumson, NJ and surrounding communities. Mercer and Burlington Counties. Staged to Sell or Staged to Live!! Please call for your Free Estimate.

Greater Northern New Jersey. Enhancing your home to make it the best available on the market. A top producing realtor and Previews Property Specialist staging your home to it's greatest marketing potential! Rumson, Fair Haven, Little Silver and surrounding areas. Gale's Home Renaissance offers home staging services throughout New Jesery. Call us today at From your home - making it a place you love to be.

To your time - giving you more to do the things you love to do. Two professional services in one. Let me help you show you home in the best light and get it SOLD! Rochester and Finger Lakes Region. Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey. Please call for free estimate. Offering Consultation and hands on staging. Stage First to Sell Fast. Syracuse and Central New York.

Please contact for a free estimate. I cover all Long Island and Queens. I focus on Superior Customer Service by using an effective combination of results oriented professionals. I am also approved to handle NYS Court related matters. Contact me for a 'No Obligation' Consultation. Westchester County, NY and the surrounding area. Interior design, real estate staging, 2D and 3D floor plans, custom art and murals.

Designing your world since Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Extended service focuses on elderly transitioning. Shed some of the home selling burden, and hand it to me! Rochester and Monroe Co. An artist and designer, Linda makes use of her creative talents and sense of style and color to transform an ordinary space into a buyer's dream.

Quick price drops and unfair losses to both Seller and Realtor unnecessarily result. New York City, Manhattan and Queens. Complimentary Home Staging Consultations for seller's listing with me. Referrals and Relocations Worldwide. Please call for free estmates. Donna is a native New Yorker with an excellent understanding of the local communities. As a full-time professional Realtor, Donna is dedicated to acheiving successful results while offering the highest level of professionalism, commitment, diligence, discretion, and personal attention.

We offer staging services to the tri-county area. Sheila will maximize the floor plans and decorate to focus attention on the home's features, not the furnishings. Putting a house in showcase condition sells your listing in the shortest time for the best possible price.

NYC and Suffolk County. Please visit my website, call, or email bservedio yahoo. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my Bio.

I have been working for Miranda Real Estate Group for over 15 years now. I live in the Clifton Park, Southern Saratoga area. If you know of anyone looking to buy or sell in the Capital Region please keep me in mind.

I know the area well and have helped many people find homes or sell their home. Tina brings professionalism, integrity, and ambition to her real estate career with. She is competent and detail oriented and strives to exceed her customers' expectations.

Tina also offers the advantage of Home Staging which provides her customers assistance in preparing their homes for sale. The way you live in your home and the way she sells your home are completely different! Staged Homes sell more quickly and for more money. Capital Region, New York. Buying or selling your home? I'm here for you. I offer complimentary Home Staging consultations with every listing. That's key to selling a home quickly in this market.

Evelyn also stages vacant homes for builders because if a space is empty, it can appear either too large or too small. The placement of furnishings and lighting is key to enhancing the room's focal points. Staged Nest is a boutique full service real estate firm that offers home staging to all of their seller clients as part of their marketing package. Contact Melissa today for hands on staging and top notch customer service.

Capital Region Metro area. Jeremy Zielinski is a licensed real estate professional with Nothnagle Realtors and brings to the table his value added service of Home Staging! He strives for a stress free, fun and professional approach with all of his clients and has a track record of doing so. Let Jeremy help you sell your home Today! And remember, staged homes sell faster and for more money! Western New York and Surrounding Areas.

Aberdeen and Oak Island, NC. Charlotte and Union County. While Cindy concentrates her efforts in the distinctive property market, her financial background makes her effective for move up and first time home buyers.

Since joining Fonville Morisey, Cindy has been a consistent Multi-Million Dollar producer exceeding every achievement benchmark. Discover the benefit of a strategic marketing plan with a focus on detail and service in today's challenging market.

Triangle Area of North Carolina. Staging homes for over 7 years led me to my career in Real Estate. Getting your home ready to sell is so important, even in Charlotte's fast paced seller's market! Let me show you how to make your home ready to sell. Please contact me for a free estimate. Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary. We live in our home differently than we should show it when it is for sale. Most potential buyers are unable to see themselves living in a home that is cluttered and contains many overly personal items.

It is also hard for them to imagine how much more open and spacious a room could feel if the furniture was rearranged or some pieces were removed altogether. Large inventory of beautiful furniture and accessories for vacant homes and models.

Fort Mill, SC and Charlotte. Staging the Charlotte, NC metro area and beyond. Offering free staging seminars to Realtors. The Home Staging Experts. Bringing home staging to the Carolinas. Livable Solutions is a home staging, personal organizing, declutter, and storage solutions company for residential and home offices. In addition, we offer downsizing assistance, a wardrobe cleanse, year round holiday decorating, and other services to provide a more livable solution.

I am hopeful we can work together and certain you will be pleased with our efficiency and ability to bring balance to everyone's home sweet home. We are passionate about all things "home".

Whether you want to sell, stay or simplify, Home Makeovers by Melinda will transform your home to its greatest potential and make your home work for you. Charlotte, Concord and Huntersville. I am a full service agent working with buyers and sellers, helping them to have a successful move! Home Staging is just one of the "extra" services that I offer. Staging Cleveland Ohio and surrounding suburbs.

Consultation, hands on staging, and interior re-design available to transform your space for an incredible 1st impression. Providing comprehensive real estate service including market analysis, home staging, aggressive marketing programs, contract negotiation for residential homes, condo's, investment properties and distressed homes.

Julie has worked very hard to build a respected reputation by bringing buyer and seller together. Lorain, Cuyahoga and Erie Counties, Ohio. Staging and room redesign in the Columbus, OH metro area. Please call for free estimates. She has extensive experience in fashion design as well as home design - construction phase to decorating phase. Home staging is a natural fit and she looks forward to staging your home. For a quick, profitable sale, or for you to enjoy yourself.

Why not give her a call so her team can get started on your project!! Vicky offers consultations as well as free estimates for hands-on staging to make your home appeal to more buyers so you can sell fast and for top dollar.

You never get a second chance to make a 1st Impression! Offering full service real estate and staging services in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. Call or email to find out how I can help you play up your home's finer points and minimize the weak ones. Referrals with before and after photos available upon request. I am a realtor with Pebbles Real Estate. Free Home Staging when you list your home with me, OR contact me for a free consultation.

She has been staging houses since Having lived in the area all her life she has widespread knowledge of the local areas and is someone you can trust for up-do-date information. She takes the time needed to listen and understand her clients real estate needs, whether they are buying or selling, and then guides them through the often complex real estate market.

Lisa has earned the reputation of being professional, honest and knowledgeable. She is dedicated to delivering outstanding service while maintaining the highest standards, someone who goes beyond your expectations. Oklahoma City Metropolitan area. AASI will expertly assess what is required to properly present your home for maximum appeal. Please email or call to book an appointment. Meet the Stagers provides at home consultations and hands on staging. Choosing Meet The Stagers ensures that your home will be tastefully staged to attract prospective buyers and help you fulfill your ultimate goal, selling your home for the best price!

Staging homes in the Barrie and Simcoe County area code. Our team has combined experience in real estate, design, marketing and business. This means we can offer you a customer driven, realistic and creative home staging service that gets your house sold for more money - faster. Choose the service that is best for you: We have a keen eye for what buyers want in most of the fabulous yet unique neighbourhoods of the GTA.

It's time to Regroup! Cambridge and Surrounding Areas. My great sense of design, and understanding of today's real estate market are the perfect combination for presenting your home at its best. My priority with every staging is to make your home appealing and attractive to your target audience and impress your prospective buyers right from the start.

Neat Interiors is a full service interior decorating and professional organizing company specializing in home staging. It is Neat Interiors mission to provide creative and effective decorating and organizing solutions unique to you for your home or home office. We are passionate about providing a professional, top quality service that creates a positive impact on our life. By using our services we can help reduce stress, save you time and money, and create a tranquil and efficient space that you'll love to live in.

Mary Helen and Carole have been offering affordable home staging and redesign services to clients in the Greater Toronto Area since Coming from backgrounds in sales and marketing, and commercial real estate they both have a history as corporate trainers and enjoy teaching and mentoring others. With their combined e www. In order to create a lasting impression and ensure the highest price possible from prospective buyers, it's extremely important that your home looks its very best.

I offer Hands - On Staging and Consultation Services, to help you achieve the best results for a quick sell and for the best price. Remember, you only have one chance to make a great first impression! Please call for a consultation. Home Staging room and event styling. With a little fine-tuning, your home too can look like a page from a magazine! My job is to stage and market homes that are listed with us. Buyers shop with logic and purchase based on emotion. If your house "feels like home" to them, your house is the one they'll buy.

At Feels Like Home Interiors , we believe every home deserves to be shown to its best potential and we know how to make that happen. We offer a variety of customized home staging services designed to meet the widely varying needs of our clients. Pittsburgh and Surrounding Area. York and Surrounding Area. Staging home for 13 years and the 2nd place finalist of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania's Happening List , Susan breathes new life into your home through her creativity, eye for style and design.

Her experience, attention to detail and personable manner set her apart from the competition. She will showcase your space to appeal to every buyer who walks through the door! Using your furnishings and decor, Susan will repurpose your accessories, rearrange your furniture and redefine the rooms of your home to shine and save you money as well!

But what if you are putting your house on the market - do you know what will present well to the potential buyers walking in your front door? As a Realtor since , and Home Staging Expert, I know what catches the eye of the potential buyer! When a home is staged well, it typically sells quicker and homeowners may benefit with a higher offer price!

Let me help you prepare your home to show off all its beauty and potential, whether you need some simple changes, or total hands-on assistance, I am passionate about making your space look its best! Montgomery, Chester and Berks Counties. I am a licensed Realtor and a certified Home Staging Expert. My goal is to make your home enticing to Buyer's I offer staging and consulting services in Chester, Montgomery and Buck Counties. Chester, Montgomery and Buck Counties.

Quality home staging and consultation services for the Langhorne, Yardley and surrounding areas to best showcase your home for sale. Langhorne, Yardley and Surrounding Areas. Bucks and Montgomery Counties. NW Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio. My goal is to use my knowledge to get your house SOLD! Lehigh Valley PA area. I work with home sellers of homes I am listing to arrange and de-clutter their home to show off its best features and give it a great look when we put it on the market.

Montgomery, Bucks and Chester counties. As a woman in her 50's and working with the Education Department I found myself going into friends and family's homes and thinking, this sofa should be here,that table should be there etc. I always thought that I had a "knack" for arranging, de-cluttering, that is when I enrolled in the Home Staging course through Lori Matzke. I found the course so very helpful and informative, I learned allot and I am now a certified home stager working on my Master's.

I am in a time in my life that I needed as a woman to reinvent myself and home staging seems to me a wonderful way to do this. By having your home staged by a Home Staging professional, you are helping to ensure that your property will get a positive reaction from a large majority of buyers, therefore improving your chances to have a quicker, more profitable sale.

Laurie Pavao offers her service for realtors and home owners that prepares and improves a home's appearance by emphasizing its best features in order to improve marketability. Call Anytime! Servicing all of Rhode Island and close by Massachusetts - Connecticut. Call me anytime for a free estimate for your home staging needs.

Offering you the ability to make your home have the best possible first impression. Sell your home for more money and in less time by making it appealing to the most possible buyers. Home Staging offers you a true competitive edge over the other homes on the market. I am a Realtor and Home Stager.

Offering consultation and hands-on staging services in order to get your home sold. Catherine's services can help reduce stress, save you time and money, and sell your house quickly and for the maximum amount. As a Certified Home Staging Expert and experienced real estate investor, Jennifer has an expert eye for maximizing home space and creating designs that appeal to potential buyers.

She has crafted her skill in designing techniques, to overcome home selling obstacles and highlight the attractive features of the home. Full Time Real Estate and Home Staging Services, helping clients prepare their home for home for the best first impression and getting top dollar for the home.

Watertown and surrounding communities. You never get another chance to make a First Impression. Staging is like frosting on a cake - it's just better! Improving curb appeal, optimizing furniture placement, and selectively using accessories can make all the difference in giving a great first impression. Staging the Knoxville area and beyond. Serving the Greater Memphis and West Tennessee area since Specializing in real estate brokerage, property management, and now, home staging.

Greater Memphis and West Tennessee. Offering Hands on Home Staging and Consultation Services, where homes sell for more money and faster!

North Mississippi and West Tennessee. Offering consultation services and hands-on staging. Call me and lets turn your home back into a house and get it sold! She has always had a passion for interior decorating, coordinating colors, patterns and textures and has been helping friends and family for years. After owning and operating two historic bed and breakfasts in Michigan and Virginia for 12 years, she has embarked on a full-time career in Home Staging and Interior Decorating.

Patti Williams, a licensed Realtor with Alliance Sotheby's International Realty and a Certified Home Staging Expert, has a passion for home design and for providing exceptional customer service to her clients. Sellers are offered complimentary home staging advice in order to attract more buyers and Buyers are offered complimentary assistance with visualizing their new home flow.

Knoxville and the surrounding East Tennessee area. Dallas - Fort Worth. If you want top dollar for your home, Property Image Consultants will help you attain your goal with a thorough consultation and hands-on staging. The objective is to make your home appeal to as many potential homebuyers as possible, thus increasing its chances for a quicker sale at the highest expected market value.

Angelia offers consulting and professional staging services to help homeowners and realtors present homes at their best. As an entrepreneur, wife and busy mother, "I enjoy decorating, accessorizing, and redesign which I find is my greatest passion Angelia brings a unique and intuitive sense of taste and decorating style to help you stage or redesign your home.

I've been staging homes in the Austin Metro Area since

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