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Married wife looking sex Pasco

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Upon the arena of life, go act thy part. Again the hellish bird quoth. Demon of the night. What knowest of my vision bright. Away amid New England snowy hills I see, This night she bends her beautiful form to pray for me. How can she or I be remembered with the slain! No conception of the human heart can enter thy old pate, Whose blood never quickened in Its channels when calling to thy Go back to thy mate and thy young which are calling thee.

Again the owl sang out, Never for you. Old croaker, how do you know for me she was never created? The only being on earth to which my heart could be mated. Of all beauty, full of life and glee, She Is the light of the world to me.

Through her influence gentle and kind, I was led through the Valley of Sin, weary and blind. While at the foot of the cross, kneeling, My eyes upon the Lamb a-bleeding, And there upon the bended knee, I felt that she was given to me. Many barks are sailing the mystic waters blue, But she the old Scythe of time never slew. Again those ominous words, Never for you. Now beneath the hand of superstition fierce and wild, I bowed like a trembling child before the bird, With a wild feeling of unrest for my love.

I stretched one trembling hand above, With a voice filled with utter despair, I plead with this untamed bird of the air.

In the dense hammock or wild mountain cliff, What spirits do you hold communion with? These ominous words, like a fiery dart, Sink into the depths of my poor heart. Sweet bird, open thy bill one time and say, for you. But the owl sat for a moment without a word, As though my wild pleadings were unheard. The lamp light flickering in the breeze that blew, He whetted his bill on the round pole and sang out, Never for you. With a wild wall I leaped to my feet, The gazing of the Demon to meet.

Mountain or Hill, Nothing but lies utter thy old bill. In my heart thou hast fastened thy fangs, And would feed thy hateful young on its tender strings. The heart that throbs for Minnie, My Minnie Mildrew. He flapped his wings 'and away he flew, With a farewell, Never for you. The Florida Cracker—as he called himself—one of the most unique of all the different classes of people I ever met. He had a peculiar code of morals, custom made his rules of conduct. It seemed to be a pleasure to beat a Furiner in trade—and tell each other how he hooked the Furiner who came here to live and he wanted to buy about sixty head of cattle, so the Cracker drove the cows through a lane to be counted, about twenty head, and turned and at the other end of the lane drove them through the woods and back up the lane to be counted again.

The Furiner counted them and they repeated the drive until he thought he had sixty head of the cattle, the number he wanted. In the drove there was a big old white-faced cow and the Cracker said when he drove the cows through the lane to be counted that old white-faced cow turned her head around and looked right at him and he was so afraid that the Furiner would recognize her but he did not notice her, so when he gathered his cows he found twenty head instead of sixty.

His gentle hogs slept under the house and the wild hogs stayed in the woods and were captured with well-trained dogs. His field was from five to ten acres in size.

He made a farm each year as he called it. He raised a corn patch, sugar cane, sweet potatoes, collards, turnips, and rice. He also filled his larder with wild turkey and deer. In these pens he raised sweet potatoes, which often took the place of bread.

His hair was never cut short. His wife was his barber. His beard was cut off now and then. His wife made him a full suit of clothes out of a cotton cloth which resembled blue denim. She knit his socks. A cotton patch furnished the material which he made each year. She also wore cotton socks, a cotton dress through the week, but she had a calico dress for Sunday.

The lakes, rivers and ponds were filled with fish and thousands of wild fowl one to four feet high could be seen fishing in these waters. The Crackers also knew how to catch them. At their picnics they had plenty of fried fish, tater pone and orange pie for dessert, washed down with coffee and buttermilk. He paid no taxes to speak of. Many of them were squatters. He cultivated his crops with a pony horse geared with wooden harness, traces and plow.

They had no collar for their work horses. His horse walked in the shafts, his women and children were bunched in the center of the earthed and he rode the pony with his feet on top of the shafts, with his stirrups dangling down. I rode with one of the old-time preachers from Brooksville home. I had a bottle of whiskey in my saddle bags. I asked him to excuse me, that it was a little bit cool and I would take a drink.

Believe it or not, many of those old Crackers are descendants of Heroes who fought under Washington and gave this country the freedom that we have enjoyed—pure blood not mixed with any foreign blood like most of us. He did not like to work but loved to fish and hunt. He raised Hyda potatoes, large sweet potatoes four or five inches thick and seven inches long. His wife would cut them across to circles and fry them. He loved a fish fry on the river and had plenty of fish, corn pone, coffee and clabber milk.

I have been with them many times and enjoyed these picnics The woods full of hogs, cows, deer, and turkey and the lakes full of fish, he had only to look out for his coffee, which he dearly loved.

Jack Wilson, an old-timer, was hunting hogs across the river. He looked up the road and saw a buggy, as he thought, a horseless buggy. Jack was scared and hid behind a stump and watched it pass. He saw two ordinary men in it, which reassured him some. It was representatives of the Pine Lumber Company riding in an old-time car, operated with endless chain power.

These men were making estimates of the lumber owned by Pine Lumber Company. Sinclair Abrams, Thomas Palmer, and J. Hendley were the Criminal Lawyers of that day and time. The riders who were contesting for the prize gathered at the end of the track. The experience of the Hendley family will apply in a general way to all others who owned negroes, hence I will call it the Echo of the far distant past.

The Aristocracy, the Chivalry and the Spirit of that day and time, is worthy of a place in history. This administration reminds me of my father.

He was a Doctor and owned several farms in Kentucky. He fed all the widow women in the country. I have seen three wagons at a time, one after the other, load up with corn, wheat, meat and milk if they wanted it. He doctored the poor sick people without money and without price. Everyone seemed to hold out their hands for what he made, both black and white. There were seven of us boys and if we got a nickel or dime we had to work for it.

I have worked for five cents a day. He neglected his own family in order to feed outsiders. Dad was a good man. I had to educate myself and it took me seven years to do it. When I'd make some money I'd spend it on my education until I was far enough along to teach school. I did not start to write about myself but In regards to the similarity of this administration.

Every nation on the earth not at war with us is standing with outstretched hands and, without a blush, calls upon us to give and give until it hurts. Billions of dollars have been given to other nations under what is known as the Lend-Lease Act, but it is the give-lease act. We are told that not one dollar of this money will ever be paid back to us.

England, who boasts that the sun never sets upon its vast possessions, is worth twenty times the wealth and is the greatest and boldest to ask aid.

We fight for our liberty and freedom and for others' freedom. Also because we are bound together against the common enemy, we are allies.

Their freedom is our freedom, their destiny is our destiny. May we some time in the future see the bright sunlight and be close to God with peace on earth and good will to men.

My first and only damn for many years was just after the Confederate War. My Dad was a large, dignified Kentucky gentleman, a doctor also. He did not swear himself nor did he allow anyone around him to do so, neither black nor white. I was captain of a band composed of my little brothers and little negroes. Riding stick horses with wooden pistols strapped around the waist with pieces of grass rope, I charged around in the yard mustering my soldiers and hunting Yankees.

My father was sitting under an aspen tree in front of the porch reading. We were completely licked by that one slip of the tongue. It was many years after that before I used a curse word again, and that was when I was in a fight. I swore three times in my life when I was in a scrap. The negro who had the most silver jingling in his pocket was the big negro and was the most popular among the darkey maidens and old women alike.

Izah Colley joined us on the West. Dad and Colley threshed wheat together. When the war broke out the Colleys and their connections sided with the Yankees and the Hendleys with the Confederates or Rebels, as they were called, and trouble began. Two more daring men never lived, as much so as Frank and Jesse James. They sided with the South.

Old John Acre died soon after the war commenced in , and his slaves were put on the block and sold. Hendley bought a woman and children which were girls. Women and young girls were worth more because they would soon have a flock of children. Moriah was a large, bony woman with long, wiry black hair; said to be one-quarter Indian. She resented being sold and refused the name of Hendley and called herself Moriah Acre.

She lived a resentful life while she lived with us. These Colleys placed a lot of poison in a hollow tree at the foot of the hill near the house and told Moriah where to find it. She mixed the poison with some wheat bran and put it in the troughs where the mules and horses were, left the stable doors open and next morning every horse and mule lay dead on the snow in the lot except one old buggy horse and he was bad sick but got over it; afterwards they cut one of his feet half off.

Uncle Jeff Poster with General Morgan, a doctor and a surgeon, stopped to spend the night with us and they got his cavalry horse. Old Moriah went off to the Yankees and told how she got the poison and killed all of the horses and mules. Old negro Wince found an old Government mule with a US brand on him. This mule had been turned loose by the Yankees because he was so old and slow.

So Wince took him to make a crop with. They were on their way. Turnbow was bragging about how far he could kill a Yankee with his Hawkins rifle. They had reached the toot of the hill east of the old Tobe Orr place, where Tobe lived before he went to town, when on the crest of the opposite hill appeared, like a wraith, a road full of Yankees, not over yards from where these three brave Knights were.

Turnbow whirled his horse to run back up the hill in the lane. They came by the house and the doctor got a blanket; they marched the little negroes through the gate and took them also. I rolled on the grass in the yard, my young heart filled with hatred, and wished I was fourteen years old so I could kill every Yankee in the Army. They took the prisoners on to Paducah and were debating whether to have them shot when some friends who had boys to the Yankee Army interceded for them and found favor with General Paine, who put them in prison.

Patoe was having men shot at that time, men who they claimed were guilty of treason. Old Bill Duggar, whose boys were in the Yankee Army, lived in the neighborhood of our home and he had to flee to Paducah, afraid that the Gorillas Jim Kess and his men would kill him in retaliation for some men who had been taken and shot. Duggar got a telegram that his wife was very sick with pneumonia. He went to General Paine and told him that his wife was very sick and that he had Doctor Hendley, his doctor, in prison and he would like for him to go and treat his wife.

Paine sent an orderly and the doctor was brought before him. A penalty of death if you fail to return. Here is your pass. Go now and do as I tell you. He went the other way and has failed to report up to this day. James Williams came back with one leg off, but Sue McNealy fulfilled her promise and married him, and other boys who did get back found their girls, but many of the boys failed to return but lay under the ground in some battlefield. So it was with my sister Allie. Captain Harry Rogers fell in the Battle of Chickamauga, while leading his men on a battle charge against the Yanks.

His body lies there under the ground on the battlefield and her heart was buried there. She made up her mind to go to Palestine as a missionary. About that time a preacher by the name of Frank A. Dupont, a kinsman of the Dupont powder people, appeared on the scene and told her that he aimed to go there as a missionary also, and she fell for it and married him, but they never went.

Years ago, just after the war, Jeff Hendley and Boyd Goodlet were out rabbit hunting about a quarter of a mile east of Colly springs. While hunting through the woods they found an old musket hid in a hollow tree, and a powder horn and some caps, no shots or bullets of any kind. The old musket was split a little. Some poor old soldier was out of lead, his gun was split at the end and he had no further use for it, so he hid it in the hollow tree, where we discovered it.

As we came near the road Old Dan Colly came riding by on an old unshorn mule, his tail spread out until it looked like a shield in an old-fashioned loom, with his oil can on his way to town to get some coal oil, as we people in Kentucky called it. Dan also went after his mail, so we got to talking about Dan, who belonged to the Home Guards in war times.

How they came to our house, ransacked the place, had our horses poisoned, which I have related before, and Boyd told how his brother Mansfield had to leave the country after Jim Kess, his captain, was killed, which broke up the Gorilla Band and his men scattered, some to the regular Army and some of them joined Quantrell.

So adding all things together, Boyd and Jeff made out quite a complaint against Dan, so we decided to have some revenge. We filled the old gun two-thirds full of powder and one-third full of small pebbles, which we found near the bank of the creek.

These rocks were about the size of or a little larger than a buckshot. We then drew straws to see who should do the shooting when Dan came by from town. It fell on Jeff, and Boyd was to watch out and let him know when Dan was coming, so we lay in the bushes. As Dan came riding by, I, down on my belly, took aim and fired. When I came to the old gun kicked so hard , Boyd was using his hat for a bucket and brought water from the creek, and poured it on my head.

We then swore that we would never tell it. I saw Boyd many times after that and saw him after he was grown but neither of us ever mentioned it. Boyd is long since dead and I am here to tell the tale.

We heard afterwards that Old Dan said some boys were shooting squirrels, which scared his mule and caused him to run away. Dan never knew how close he came to being shot if that old soldier had left some lead with his gun. Once upon a time we were watching the negroes, for it had been circulated that they were fixing to rise. When the crowd creeped up to listen an old negro preacher was in the pulpit, he was ignorant but eloquent, his voice a sad, superstitious wail.

Pete Loyal was riding a big white horse that night. He put a red handkerchief around his head and just as the old preacher got in the midst of his pre-oration where Christ would come on the great white horse, Pete rode into the door on the big white horse. The negroes stamped, screamed wild and some jumped out of the windows, crowded under the benches, crying and shouting and treading on each other underfoot.

They didn't want that great day as bad as they thought. Finney were the only two boys who had attended college in that country between Mayfield and Murray. There were no pianos or any other musical Instrument except the fiddle and the harp. There was one old piano at old Tommy Collins' farm and it was so old it had whiskers.

It was in Farmington boasted of two general stores, a drug store and one saloon. Finney and Hendley were sitting in this drug store one night discussing college days and the chance the boys and girls had for an education. I remarked that it was a pity, for these old Grangers around in the country had pocketbooks filled with greenback money and could do a better part by their children. We built the house sixty feet front length, by one hundred feet and two stories high.

We called it the Farmington Institute. We went into the west end of Kentucky and Tennessee and distributed our circulars. The citizens of Farmington saw that we meant business and they did their part in helping us.

We had patronage from Illinois, Mayfield and Murray, Kentucky, Tennessee and the surrounding country. We made it a success from the start. We opened with ninety-nine boarding students and the free school which they gave us also.

A drummer by the name of Bugg came through Farmington every month selling goods and watching us work and work hard. He was there the day we opened the school. He asked me how many scholars we had enrolled. I told him ninety-nine and the free school which the trustees had turned over to us. Put me down one scholar and give it to whom you please. It was not long until we had one hundred fifty enrolled. Boys and girls who never would have had a chance for a higher education came to that school and many of the leading doctors, lawyers and merchants were educated at the Farmington Institute.

We had Joseph Glass, a Baptist preacher about forty-five years old; a Methodist preacher have forgotten his name and a Mormon preacher I have forgotten his name also. They were all mature men who had had no chance and they wanted a better education, and they got it. Yes there was another instrument at William Stevens' place and this was all we had in the country at that time, except fiddles and banjos and guitars.

There was nothing in the way of education and refinement except a three months free school but we put Farmington on the map. I can never forget how responsive the citizens of that little town were. They were ready to do anything we said. Brannock taught Greek, Latin and philosophy. Miss Eva Brannock taught music. Hendley taught mathematics, grammar, geography and history. Finney taught the free school. It was truly the Athens of Kentucky.

Once every two weeks we gave a ball at the college. We had a host and hostess students whose duty it was to superintend the ball, give proper introductions to boys and girls, and taught them the ways of society and refinement.

These balls were also open to any other young men and ladies who had had no opportunity to learn polite society. Truly this is a white stone in my past, a monument to H. Hendley, the love for their home town, the nerve, the energy, the activity displayed by these two young men to make a better, wiser and refined citizenship. Hauling tobacco to market was one of the occupations of our citizens. Hogshead of tobacco rolled on top of a wagon drawn with four mules. The two mules in front had bells attached to their harness.

These bells could be heard for a mile. The teamster sat astride the mule on the left-hand side near the wagon. The mules seemed to like it. They walked along with a swinging stride in step with the music of the bells They needed no whip, which was curled up in the hand of the teamster. When the schoolboy saw them pass, heard the bells ring such a joyful sound, he said in his heart, Some day I will be a teamster.

Life in those days seemed greater and fuller than ours of the present day. Every person knew his or her station in life and accepted it without a murmur. Dow was a mulatto and claimed Bourg Colley, a white man, for his pa. He was playing in the street in Washington. A man riding a fine horse stopped and asked it he would like to take a ride.

Of course the little negro wanted a ride, but Jeff was old enough to remember his name and remember Washington. After freedom he got our congressman to make inquiry about a family by the name of Domint and such a family was found in Washington. So it was supposed that he belonged to some member of that family. We hunted together, played marbles and mumble peg and told witch stories. All of them had seen a witch and their description of a witch was very lurid. Very black, blue gum, red-eyed negroes could weave a spell on you, or a negro who had the power to weave a spell or bewitch must be very black, blue-gummed and red-eyed.

Uncle Tom Hendley had a negro named Bill. He said an old witch negro put a lizard in the calf of his leg. When he was attacked at times with his leg he would fall to the ground and yell. Uncle Tom and my pa were both doctors. They filled a tub half full of water, caught a lizard and had him put his leg in the tub of water and they made an incision in his leg, and when the blood commenced to flow they flipped the lizard in the water, said here it is.

Bill looked and there it was swimming around in the water. That negro jumped about three feet high and as soon as the place was well he was cured and had no more lizard trouble. We were taught by our parents to have great respect for the older negroes—called the men Uncle and the women Aunty. We did not call them slaves—called them darkies. People who did not—some—called them niggers. Epoch in the history of the country in the passing of horse and buggy days and the beginning of a new era—the arrival of the automobile.

There was a kind of free masonry among those who owned cars. He was your friend If you owned a car, but law, how the horse and buggy and mule and wagon drivers hated those who owned cars!

The roads were sandy and muddy and hard on the driver and hard on the car. If he overtook one driving a team he would turn neither to the right nor the left but kept on in his slow, plodding way; could not pass him because the car was in the rut and had not the power to pull out, get on the low and burn up your engine. He was glad if you stalled. It you blew your horn he paid no attention to it. At last you came to a hard place where the sand was not so deep and the engine gave a groan and a puff and brought you out on the side of the road where you could pass your tormentor and his team frightened at the noise of your car and tried to run away and he cursed you as you passed.

They were the sworn enemies of those who drove a car, but the comradery was between those who owned cars. If a car got stuck in the mud, while prying it out with poles the horn of another car is heard. What is the trouble? Can I be of any assistance?

Another horn is heard. The car makes a halt and he also is ready to help. Other cars arrive, until perhaps half a dozen are standing, all rendering their assistance until the comrade gets out of trouble. Not a car passes, but all stop.

In the meantime the women from each car get together and become acquainted and make new friends. It was a long drive from Tampa to Leesburg and Ocala. After the car was recovered and placed on firm ground someone would pull out a bottle and all take a drink, and the women got out what refreshments they had and turned the whole trouble into a joyous occasion of a night picnic.

The jury, with a kind of a persimmon smile playing over their classic features, sat still and listened. I turned my head and looked over the very much male audience but found no phylacteries there. On the other hand, I found they were all leaning forward with a kind of a I-wish-I-were-on-that-jury look on their faces, backing with their expressive looks everything the woman lawyer said.

It was not shown that her client had a pistol nor did the testimony of any of the witnesses involve her client in any way at all, according to her remarks. The jury was out about two minutes. As I got up and walked slowly out with my cane in one hand and the remains of a two-cent cigar in the other I sympathized with poor old Adam when he had been kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

The stronger they grew the more terrible and bloody were their wars. Century after century has passed and finds man still a destructive creature who loves not only to kill his fellow man but absorb his wealth.

The devils creeping under the waves of the deep, blue ocean and flying in the air singing the song of death over the house tops, killing anything in their wake. Then why say that we can have a perpetual peace? Many Hitlers unborn will come forth in time and disturb the world. Then to say we will have world peace for all time gives the lie to history and the Bible. In this life we have but one true light to guide our pathway in endeavoring to reach a perfect form of government which may be approached but perhaps never attained.

That is the lamp of reason based upon the experience of the past: That in order to perpetuate such government, its laws must be administered by men too broad to stoop to fanaticism and prejudice in order to control the people to be ruled. A government based on such fallacy cannot live, but in order to live and grow toward an ideal government it must be in the hands of those who have moral and religious principles of such a high degree that they can revere that which is good wherever it may be found.

The great necessity in our schools of learning is to teach the student body how to think, and they cannot think right unless they have been taught in our churches and our religious institutions the story of the cross and have a realization of what it means to the human race. Let us be sure that we do not instill in the minds of the children religious intolerance and hatred. Better be ignorant than intolerant.

The peoples of today are confronted with all kinds of isms, socialism, infidelism and atheism, and many other isms that we learn through secular literature from the pens of our most learned men.

For instance we are taught that matter always existed, which is a fallacy. Out of nothing was it created and that same power that created it can destroy it. Man must have some hope of the future Let him cast that hope aside—doubt will take the place of faith—loosed from his moorings, he will drift into an unknown sea charted with the opinions of bigots that know not God, and will seize upon any theory that is contrary to the lights of Christian religion.

Science is hunting the truth in a material way, in the rocks, in the caves, in the sand dunes, in the air—but that which they announce today as positively true is discarded tomorrow for some new discovery that takes the place of it.

Science is never stationary, but a constant change except certain natural laws, that God has allowed them to discover and be utilized by mankind. There are many laws, we call natural laws, which are the laws of God—yet to be discovered. Because we have learned something of a few of His laws, why should we become egotists and repudiate Him because He has given us a little knowledge of these hidden mysteries?

Man searches in the dark for more light—the great blue dome of heaven above us studded with innumerable stars—Man has before him a great dome of darkness—studded with thousands of undiscovered laws like so many electric bulbs with a swinging cord attached to each; within the reach of man as soon as he is able to utilize them. And thus we mark the slow progress of mankind, which will continue in this world until God shall say thou shalt go no further.

February, , the worst freeze of all time. Cold lasted ten days, lakes and rivers were frozen as far south as the Everglades. All vegetation was killed, many animals were frozen.

Freezes of December and February, and , did the most damage on account of so many orange groves. February 12, , last freeze, which damaged about twenty-five per cent of the oranges and trees in low ground.

I do not own a ranch nor do I raise and sell fine stock which roam over large pasture lands, but I have been energetic and made great effort to build up Pasco county. And I think it is now the Banner County of the state in both fruit and vegetables. I have not done it all. There are others who helped and I take off my hat to them, but I have gone further and have done more without pay than any man in the county. Some of the high spots will be related below. I landed in this county about sixty-two years ago fresh from Texas.

I went first to Kentucky to see my father and mother who were growing old. I found some boys getting ready to drive through to Florida. Brother Lynn and I fixed up a team and joined them. I have seen Florida prosper and I have seen it in adversity. Darkened like a funeral pall which swept over it when every fruit tree in Florida was killed. I stood upon the bank of the lake and watched the wagons filled with sorrowful-looking men and women on their way back north.

They had built their houses and made their groves and then saw them swept away in one night by the cold winds of the northwest. They had risked all and lost and now they were abandoning what was left of their once beautiful homes. But some of us lingered behind. We had a meeting and the people said it they had a grist mill and cotton gin they would raise corn and cotton.

Long staple cotton bore a good price. I got up in a meeting and told the farmers to go home and raise their corn and cotton, that I would have a grist mill and gin ready for them. On my word they went to work.

I employed Mike Rogers, gave him half the mill and gin to operate it. We built a gin and a baler—and a fine grist mill and gin. The farmers raised lots of corn and cotton and we ginned and baled many thousands of pounds. In I was elected County Surveyor of Hernando county before it was cut into three counties. In I was elected to the Constitutional Convention which wrote the Constitution of your state.

I was the youngest member and am now the only living member. It was carpetbag days and we had a great fight to wrest the state from under carpetbag rule. Richard Bankston and I went to Tallahassee and succeeded in getting the county divided by an act of the legislature and named the new county after Senator Pasco, and Dade City was made the county seat.

I surveyed Dade City and you have me to thank for its wide streets and beautiful shady thoroughfares. I gave one church a lot on which to build a parsonage, and I cut the price on all property which was wanted for church purposes. The negroes had but little money and I gave them a lot and helped them build their first church in Dade City. Coleman and I secured the rights of way in order to get the two railroads into Dade City.

I was agent and attorney for a Mr. Baldwin who owned property in Dade City and I gave Mr. Delcher some of the Baldwin lots to induce him to build a hotel in Dade City which was badly needed. And he built the hotel on the land where the Edwinola now stands. Duval was receiver of the Seaboard railroad. I went to Jacksonville, got in touch with Duval and induced him to donate the land where the high school is now located. I advocated the building of two great hard roads, one leading east and west to the coast, the other north and south through the county, and a levy of forty mills which would build twenty miles of road each year until the roads were finished.

Allow me to say that all of these high spots in my life were accomplished without one penny of cost to the county.

The film concluded with the two having a baby child together and remaining on the island, although they had an opportunity to return to civilization. The last lines of the film confirmed their choice: I want it to be born right here. Where there's no evil, and no lies, and no guns.

Just the three of us. I love you, Lilli. Before entering films in the s, Monica Bellucci had started out as a very curvy Italian model - unusual in the high-fashion world due to her Mediterranean features and her full breasts.

Interestingly, her role in this film was about the commercialization of her beauty through a high-stakes raffle. The film was inspired by the last episode filmed by Vittorio de Sica of the Italian film Boccaccio '70 , in which her role was played by Sophia Loren as Zoe.

The 27 year-old actress played the part of Francesca, a very beautiful, high-society female who became a widow and penniless after her rich husband discovered later to be unfaithful and indebted died in an auto accident. She was forced to support herself and her young daughter , and advised to sell all of her possessions house, jewels, furs, yacht to survive for awhile.

Afterwards, without a job or secure future, she decided to become the prize in a raffle bid upon by twenty wealthy men, in which the winner was entitled to live with her for 4 years and demand whatever he wanted.

Many lecherous friends of her husband, and her own lawyer Cesare Massimo Ghini , all vied to win her at the same time that she fell in love with a new boyfriend Antonio Giulio Scarpati. As the film concluded, she decided to run away with her daughter and escape becoming victimized by a lottery winner.

Admitting that she had never shied away from posing naked, Bellucci went on to display more of her curves in such films as Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula , and she took the lead role in director Giuseppe Tornatore's Miramax-financed Malena , It.

It told of a trans-sexual killer named Jame Gumb "Buffalo Bill" Ted Levine , who selected overweight women as his victims, to be skinned after they were kidnapped and forced to lose weight. He would then peel or flay off their loose skin and make a 'suit' for himself.

In one scene, 'Buffalo Bill' tucked his genitals behind his legs to appear female, and pretended to be a Death's-head Hawkmoth with his arms extended. The tense film was a major commercial and critical success, although gay groups complained about its stereotypical and negative depiction of the killer in the finale. They believed that the film equated homosexuality and transgenderism with insanity and serial murder.

This was despite the fact that Hannibal Lecter Anthony Hopkins had insisted that Buffalo Bill, who had suffered a life of abuse, was not a real transsexual but only believed that he was. Director Ridley Scott's feminist road trip tale showcased the title characters, two on-the-road fugitives: They fled after an ugly threatened rape incident in the Silver Bullet roadhouse parking lot that led to a retaliatory killing. Along the way driving a Ford ThunderBird convertible, they picked up hitchhiker J.

Brad Pitt in a star-making role , a good-looking hunk and redneck cowboy During a motel fling in Room with Thelma when he came in from a rainstorm, he told her he'd broken parole and had robbed a number of small businesses - he flaunted a hair dryer as a gun when he demonstrated his "gentlemanly" technique.

The "outlaw" sweet-talked Thelma with: The camera panned up J. The next morning in the motel's coffee shop, Thelma showed Louise her hickie and admitted to Louise that she had her first orgasm: It's just like a whole 'nother ballgame. You finally got laid properly. But on departing, they were shocked to discover that J. In the film's conclusion, before the two fugitives drove their convertible into the Grand Canyon and oblivion , Thelma had urged: Director Ken Russell's third American film was this pseudo-documentary drama - an uncompromising, realistically bleak look at the dehumanizing, promiscuous occupation of prostitution - advertised as the "flipside to Pretty Woman.

A film with cheap production values and sloppy editing, it included latent lesbianism and violent gang-rape in a van. It examined the life of jaded LA streetwalker Liz Theresa Russell as she often talked directly to the camera through flashbacks. While having a drink at a strip club, among other things, she spoke about her experiences, including her bad marriage, lewd sexual encounters, dirty talk and abuse from: In one scene, she unzipped the back of her skirt for sex in the rear of a car with an elderly client Charles Macaulay - while mocking his sexual excitement, and in another, she complained to her pimp about a tough workout sit-ups on an incline bench while wearing lingerie, but then had hot-tub sex with him afterwards.

This erotic, steamy bayou thriller by director Sam Pillsbury originally rated NC was basically a direct-to-video sexploitation flick about a tragic romantic love triangle. She met Thierry's long-haired, hipster painter and childhood friend Johnny Collins Nicolas Cage with a goatee and mustache when he appeared in town for a visit. Johnny's first scene at a bachelor party found him licking whipped cream off a stripper's chest "He always had a sweet tooth". The spirited Johnny was crude and pretentious at the same time: You always felt you had to tell them the story of your life in order to f--k them, didn't you?

After attending a "Bourbon Street" sex show, horny Zandalee asked her husband to experiment sexually "I want you like we used to want". She coaxed him to try to make love anally, but he was unfulfilling to her - without the power both to make love or write he admitted: A paraplegic of the soul".

The frustrated, vixenish wife began to pleasure herself in front of him to humiliate him, not understanding his lack of desire. Soon, she reluctantly turned to the selfishly-hedonistic, predatory Johnny for uninhibited and passionate sexual encounters.

I wanna shake you naked and eat you alive, Zandalee Nobody will be hurt from it because it is what it is Just as simple as that. You want it, and I want to give it. I like it when you don't wear anything under. He then made forceful, thrusting and grinding love to her in his art studio.

Afterwards in a colorful body-painting scene, when she denied being a "sad woman" or sexually dissatisfied - he dipped his index finger in blue paint and sensually drew a line down between her bare breasts in close-up , through her belly button and to the top of her pubic hair.

Later, in a dinner scene with the Thierrys which he attended with ditzy date Remy Marisa Tomei - while Johnny and Zandalee were in the kitchen getting dessert, she called him a "dumb coon-ass prick. Eventually, Zandalee was feeling guilty about their surreptitious, destructive relationship and feeling like she had become white trash "I can't do this anymore! I can't be what you want me to be You can be what I want you to be.

You just have to relax. When I'm inside you, I feel us at the edge of the universe, traveling, exploring. We're gonna f--k like animals in the altar of the primal". More memorable scenes included sex in a church cathedral confessional booth where he angrily took the clothed Zandalee from behind "Are we in the real church?

Isn't this the way he really shows Himself to us? Afterwards, he looked upward: Obsessed by Zandalee, drugged-up Johnny pursued the married couple to the bayou where they went to patch up their relationship, "start clean," wear flowers in their hair, and make love after many months "See, all our parts work". A tragic end came to them - the cuckolded husband committed suicide in the bayou when he plunged into the water from the speeding boat driven by Johnny - he drowned when he wouldn't allow himself to be saved "He wanted to be let go".

Back in New Orleans after her husband's burial, Johnny expressed his desperation by slashing his art canvasses screaming: He confessed to Zandalee his longing for her: Andy Huben Daryl Hannah , the wife of fundamentalist missionary husband Leslie John Lithgow , who performed a nude bathing scene in a jungle pool, and then didn't realize she was being spied upon and approached while she rested next to a gigantic tree root - she reciprocated a wild kiss by Lewis before running off Lewis Moon Tom Berenger , an American pilot and half-Cheyenne Indian who had returned to his wild tribal roots, stripped naked and entered the Nairuna village escorted by tribesmen - where he was accepted as a God Hazel Quarrier 43 year-old Kathy Bates , as a repressed missionary's wife who had lost her mind after her son's death from blackwater fever; she performed an unflattering nude native dance partially clothed with a thatch of leaves and layers of mud Andy and Lewis Hazel Quarrier Kathy Bates La Belle Noiseuse , Fr.

Tre Styles Cuba Gooding, Jr. Elise Linda Carol , a formerly-pampered, beautiful blonde fashion model who was forced to beg for sex from her uninterested, workaholic husband Stanley Rich Crater , Elise's unattractively fat, older, balding businessman-attorney husband The film opened with Elise's dreamlike voice-over: There are some relationships so taboo, they're irresistible.

Richard Clive Owen , a successful architect and town planner Natalie Gillespie Saskia Reeves , Richard's older sister Each grew up with a different parent after their parents divorced. Incestual Sex Between Natalie Saskia Reeves and Her Brother Afterwards, Natalie became guilt-ridden and insisted that her brother find a more appropriate partner, but he forced her to continue their incestuous pairing - until the unbelievable truth finally came out.

Natalie Saskia Reeves Delicatessen , Fr. Louison rolling on paint to the ceiling "roll roll" the butcher's bespectacled near-sighted daughter Julie Marie-Laure Dougnac playing a cello with a metronome "tick tock, tick tock" a woman beating a dusty rug "pound pound" a boy pumping a bike tire "whoosh whoosh" an old woman knitting "click click" the toy-making Kube brothers testing out a noise-making novelty toy that mooed "moo moo" Eventually, the fat-faced butcher climaxed the bike tire exploded, a cello string broke, the painter fell to the floor, etc.

Flipper Purify Wesley Snipes , a married, successful middle-class black architect Angela "Angie" Tucci Annabella Sciorra , an Italian-American office temp worker They had sex during a late-night, after-dinner work session at the office - on one of the drafting tables.

Demetrius Williams Denzel Washington , a small carpet-cleaner business owner Mina Sarita Choudhury in her debut film , a 24 year-old Uganda-born Indian immigrant She was the daughter of Indian expatriates who dominated the area's motel industry. Mike in his mother's arms as she held his head in her lap and assured him "Don't worry. Poison Director Todd Haynes' first full-length feature was this provocative NC rated film - part of the Queer Cinema movement, with the title referring to the 'poisonous' effects of sex.

Rambling Rose Director Martha Coolidge's coming-of-age dramatic tale was set in the South Glenville, Georgia during the mids Depression era, a tale adapted from Calder Willingham's novel.

Rose Oscar-nominated Laura Dern , 19 years-old, orphaned, free-spirited, curly-haired, sexually-uninhibited and overtly sexual She was employed as a maid-domestic servant in the household of a Southern family, run by the proper head of household Mr. The Beautiful Francesca young Monica Bellucci Many lecherous friends of her husband, and her own lawyer Cesare Massimo Ghini , all vied to win her at the same time that she fell in love with a new boyfriend Antonio Giulio Scarpati.

Thelma Dickinson Geena Davis , an unfulfilled Arkansas housewife Louise Sawyer Susan Sarandon , a diner waitress They fled after an ugly threatened rape incident in the Silver Bullet roadhouse parking lot that led to a retaliatory killing.

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Mar 23,  · A Florida woman who attacked her husband for forgetting their wedding anniversary has been charged with domestic battery, police in Pasco County say. . At C.W. Bill Young's funeral, there was an unscripted mention of his children from his first marriage. Now, that family tells its story. WESLEY CHAPEL. The pioneer Boyett(e), Gillett(e), Godwin, and Kersey families received land grants in the area in the s. The real influx of settlers, however, began around the War Between the States when the Stanleys and Coopers arrived.