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Madison Wisconsin girl hit me up

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Madison Wisconsin girl hit me up

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Text nine eight nine three nine five three five eight four Life is always filled with adversities; people who are optimistic and resilient tend to Wiscpnsin much more quickly when faced with challenges. Have you ever thought about being seduced.

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Madison Wisconsin girl hit me up

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So any girl near that will show me that there is some women in wyoming that like to play for real ,dont care how fwb, working girl ,anything real. I am Jack's Inflamed Sense of Rejection I have come to a conclusion that you, the female reader, have already an idea built up in your mind of what your perfect man would be based entirely on his look.

I would like to start things slow. Im in the mood to treat a lady to a few hours of oral pleasure.

I recently finished a book where the character maintained a Stupid Words List. And since I am feeling a little bitchy today, I decided to write my own version. It will probably come as a shock, but I have strong opinions about some words and phrases. This is probably a result of me simply having a lot of words that need to come out of me in a day and a career in corporate communications. To that end, my version is called: I just hate that name. I truly truly hate that word. Call it anything but a fart.

I think we can all be a little more creative. Borrow when used incorrectly. However, since Wisconsin people are somewhat my target audience, maybe they will read this and get it right.

This is a life-changing blog right here. Strategically — another one that is used in business and goes all over me. There are so many alternatives. If it is, how is it different than regardless? It just sounds so creepy. I hate that word after watching too many seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. And sometimes, it is the perfect word for the situation. How else do you describe brownie batter? How else do you explain why you are covered in band-aids after sitting through a meeting that lasted too long?

Basic — I think that it is the perfect word to describe a lack of creativity. I think it is funny and I feel bad for them because sometimes auto correct or voice-to-text are an assholes. Since you all stood and applauded about my last blog post , here is my encore…Gosh, you guys are such fans, thank you! Ok, that is all Bullshit. I was hiking with a friend and telling her about the JT concert when I suddenly remembered the weirdest part about the experience AND that I forgot to blog about it.

Have concerts evolved that much? It went like this: JT belts out last song, everyone cheers, he walks off stage and the lights go on. I stood there stunned. Or more accurately, I, like the rest of the somethings, got in the cattle call of exiting the venue, but I was perplexed.

And the second thing that was perplexing is that nobody else was perplexed. They just pulled their phones out, started hitting Instagram and Facebook and walked their booties right out of there. A year or so ago, I went to a Stevie Nicks concert and there was a respectable encore. She twirled and sang her best.

Prior to that, I went to a Lumineers concert, and I am pretty sure there was an encore. After I finish every meal, I swear it leads to an encore — usually of the chocolate variety. When did the concert encore go away? Or did poor JT get fucked by the newness of Fiserv Forum? Dick in a Box and Mother Lover would have been appreciated. He can take that fucking Troll song and never play it again.

But, it was weird and kind of disappointing. No more to say on concerts. This is really the end. Hey there, I am super cool. I stayed up past It was a good time, but it struck me the next day, when I had to volunteer at the food pantry at 8: We were at the new Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, and we were high.

Justin Timberlake looked like a little clay figure off in the distance. I had a better view of him on Instagram earlier in the week when he and his wifey-pooh posted their disappointment that there was no food being served at the Emmys.

Oh, and my ticket cost almost as much as my cable bill, which is A LOT. Instead of smoking the real shit, we smoked candy cigarettes. That sounds super stupid and it was. They took it and properly smoked it. Conversation is also different. I am PTO president. Who is proud of that and announces it at a JT concert? And as an aside, the well-intended good deed of volunteerism has already fucked me in the eyeball. But some things are a lot better about seeing a concert in your 40s.

First, you can afford the good drinks before, during and after. I guess back then, the meal was afterwards, and it was at Perkins. And, since everyone around me was about my age I never saw so many inverted lobs, skinny jeans, and booties , it was ok to sit. No need to stand all the time!

And, afterwards, everyone hopped in their Swagger Wagon with a designated driver at the wheel and politely exited the venue. Actually, I think they were both annoyed when I turned on the light, made a bunch of noise while I washed my face, brushed and flossed my teeth and then scooted the dog over to make room for me.

I am a big gamer. Not the video game kind, but the kind of gamer that likes to make up silly games — and they can be elaborate at times.

Here is how it went: It was super fun, and after we ran through all my scenarios, others in the group offered up their own creations. Fun was had by all! You too can create this game for one of your friends.

All you need is 3 different pictures, 20 copies of each, super glue, Popsicle sticks and a warped sense of humor. You need like 4 hours to pull it all together. But, you can watch Netflix and parent while you do most of it. Anyway that is not the point of this blog. Well, I guess it kind of is. I was bragging about my gaming skills. Since I have a couple of hours before a group of us meet up at the fairgrounds for a night of armband rides, cheese curds, and fish that will die in 24 hours, I have decided to invent a Bingo game.

It is called County Fair Bingo! I could go on, but my mom reads this blog. I came home from the weekend at our lake cottage to an Amazon package at our door.

Therefore, online shopping is my hobby. Anyway, the real point of this post is to share the humiliating story of what came inside that Amazon package. My Uncle who is like a brother, Bill, retired from his job doing something military with helicopters so that he could move to Saudi Arabia and work as a private citizen training someone to do something with helicopters. Like a good niece, who is a lot like a little sister, I was one of the first to arrive at his retirement party held at his house on a freezing cold February day.

Thanks to her motherly instincts, I made it safely in the house. She forgot to warn me that Bill apparently believes is buying and installing carpet on his split-level staircase that has been scotch guarded with coconut oil, lube, or quite possibly Rainex. Like a good niece sister, I went immediately to the door to greet one of the fine military men who would be coming to honor Army Sargent Major pain-in-the-ass, Uncle Bill. Did I mention that military men are generally good looking?

I felt a little vindicated when a few hours later, my husband took a digger down the same stairs. Somehow when he fell, he stuck his toes out in the balusters to catch himself or maybe slow himself down. You enter at your own risk. Ok, so back to the Amazon package. Instead of something fun, I received something I desperately need — a therapeutic ass pillow. I finally mentioned something to my chiropractor who then described the likely trauma that my poor coccyx endured on the butter-coated stairs of Uncle Bill.

I will be spending about a million dollars working with a chiropractor adjusting my ass. And, to add insult to injury, I now need to sit on a humiliating ass pillow for the next several months while I heal…if I heal. It is wrecking my brand, for which I have painstakingly gone through the effort of trademarking. I was really starting to wonder if there were any life milestones or new experience to look forward to besides menopause and death.

Well, I guess there is grandchildren, so I can witness Karma do the job it promises to do.

Car crashes into house with 4 people inside

Everything I do is self taught, which is a little crazy for this industry. I had no clue what I was doing but I had fun and rose to the challenge! After Jamaica, I started a blog and began to grow a business around photography. I knew it was something I wanted to pursue but I also had to be financially responsible.

I told myself that once I could match my corporate salary, I would quit and pursue photography full-time. One year later I left Target with a full calendar of 25 weddings! It was crazy growing my business while working full-time and planning my own wedding but I was on fire and knew I wanted to chase my dreams with reckless abandon. Tell us about your design process. Where do you begin with a new project?

I started painting when I fell into a creative slump. I wanted to try something new and do something other than stare at a computer screen for hours on end.

My mother-in-law was an art teacher so she gladly gifted me an assortment of paints and brushes! I love painting floral, fun quotes, and designing pieces for collaborations, like the design I did for The Everygirl. I am a perfectionist at heart so learning to embrace the imperfections of painting has been a process for me. Painting is entirely therapeutic for me and I try to approach each project with an open mind. What has surprised you the most about owning your own business?

Many people think owning a business is the ultimate freedom but in reality it can be all consuming. While I love that I make my own schedule and have the freedom to travel, I never realized how hard it would be to find a balance with life and work.

Working from home is a blessing um, hello yoga pants and working from bed but it is also isolating and hard to separate work and life. What inspires you about where you live?

Do you have any advice for other creatives who live in smaller towns where the creative community might not seem as accessible? What has helped you connect with others in your industry? I live in a tiny farm town with less than 3, people. My husband, Drew, and I both grew up in small communities so it feels like home for us. When we realized we loved this little town we decided to stop renting and buy a home. I absolutely love our space! Although I have zero local friends in creative industries, I made friends at our local CrossFit gym and a handful of them are also business owners.

I also try to stay connected through social media. While I am isolated in our town, I feel like I am constantly inspired by the individuals I follow from all over the world! Because the market in our town is tiny, I travel in order to continue to grow my business. Tell us about the home search process. Do you rent or own? How long have you been there? We bought our home just over a year ago! Our backyard view is a giant corn field that the sun sets behind and is a little oasis for us!

We have the best neighbors, the kind that you can borrow an egg or a cup of sugar from. We adore going on walks with our pups. Describe your personal decorating style. I tend to be pretty shy, too. Before I introduce myself to someone new, I simply take a few deep breaths, get calm, and then walk up to the person.

Doing that makes me feel a lot better. Think about your close friends. How do you make them laugh? Try that same approach with this boy. When you say something funny, it might help you to relax and let the friendship happen naturally. Instead of trying to talk to this boy right before church, see if you can catch him afterward.

It might give you more time to have a conversation with him. Ask questions that can get a conversation going. Ask him if he's seen any good movies lately or about an event coming up at church. It's a good way to see what you have in common, too. The next time you see this boy, just smile at him. It's a simple gesture, but it will let him know that you're a friendly person. You could come up with a few conversation starters ahead of time, such as asking him which sports he plays or what his best subject in school is.

And if you feel nervous, ask yourself, What's the worst that could happen? It could be tough to make a new friend when you're about to attend a church service. Does your church offer games or activities for kids, such as a youth group?

If this boy is in one of the groups, that might be a better, more casual opportunity to start up a friendship. Friendships don't suddenly happen out of thin air.

Friendships take lots of little building blocks. Ask this boy how his day is going. Sit in an area near him and give him a kind smile. Just show him your personality and how nice you are, and you could become friends in no time.

Just because your good friend isn't in your class doesn't mean that you two can't still be buds. Invite her over your house, and occasionally include the other friend, too. All three of you could become close friends. When a similar situation happened with my friend, I took her aside and said, "Hey, I feel as if we haven't spent a lot of time together lately.

Do you want to do something this weekend? Although it might not feel good to not be as close with your friend, this might be a good opportunity to start friendships with people in your own class. When my friend started hanging out with another girl, I felt left out. I thought that she didn't like me anymore. But after I had a heart-to-heart with her, it turned out that she hadn't realized that she was leaving me out.

After that, she started to spend time with all of her friends more equally. When it comes to friendship, trios can be tricky because sometimes things feel uneven. Try to spend time with the two of them, but if it continues to feel awkward, it might be time to hang out with some new friends. Feeling as if you're drifting apart from a friend can be hard.

But if you value this friendship, keep in touch even if you're not as close. Say hi and smile at your friend, give her a card on her birthday, and occasionally do something fun with her. Meanwhile, strengthen your other friendships so that you won't feel alone. Remember, even if your friend spends time with another girl, that doesn't mean she doesn't want to spend any time with you.

She just might be a little caught up with this new friendship, and that's what you're seeing. Maybe you simply need to know the other girl a little better. Invite the two friends out for ice cream or a movie and try to get to know the other girl.

Maybe she will become a close friend of yours, too. Find a quiet moment to talk to your friend alone. Share your feelings, and tell her that you miss her friendship. Being the third wheel can be tough, but you don't want to make the other friend feel left out either. Make peace with the fact that your friend has another close friendship, because it's perfectly OK for a girl to have more than one friend.

It's one thing if your friend is nice to a new friend in her class, but it's another thing if she is excluding you on purpose. If you're not sure where her head's at, talk it out with your friend. Even though it might feel natural to be a little jealous, try your best to see the good in this other girl who's been hanging out with your friend.

Negative feelings might hurt you and your friend, too. Use this time to work on other friendships, and if you and your friend drift apart, you'll have new friends whom you can lean on.

Share your feelings with your friend. Take a quiet moment to talk to her not during practice , and try to straighten things out. It just might help. Whatever you do, don't react to your friend's comments during practice by saying unkind things to her or getting angry. That'll just make things worse, and then your friendship could really fall apart.

There are a couple of things you could say to your friend. You could remind her that every girl on the team is equal and there's only one coach. Or you could tell her that every person makes mistakes from time to time and you don't appreciate it when she points out yours. If you are nervous about confronting your friend, share your concerns with your coach after practice. Your coach may be able to handle the situation without having a big talk with your friend. Some people are really competitive.

It sounds as if your friend wants the team to be successful. That's OK, but you should ask her to not comment on your performance during practice. It sounds as if your friend is trying to take charge. The next time this girl calls you out on a mistake at practice, say, "Hey, I'm doing my best. Tell your friend that you appreciate that she's trying to help you improve, but you'd rather ask the coach for extra help if you need it.

Take your friend aside and say, "I feel like your comments during practice are starting to affect our friendship. We've had a lot of fun times together, and I don't want a small problem like this to hurt our friendship. At practice, if your friend says something bossy or rude to you, ask yourself, Would a bully say that?

If the answer to that question often is yes, then tell your friend that you're feeling confused and worried that she's acting more like a bully than your best friend. One way to respond to a bossy remark could be, "Thanks, but no one's perfect. Maybe your friend thinks she is helping or encouraging you, but you are seeing her comments differently.

Talk to your friend and try to get on the same page. Sometimes people say things that come across the wrong way, and they don't realize that they're being rude. If you talk to your friend and she continues to embarrass you, discuss this with a parent or another trusted adult who can help. The next time your friend is bossy, say, "Hey, we're here to have fun! Your friend might not realize that she's being bossy.

Some people just tend to fall into more of a leadership role, but that's not an excuse to be bossy and embarrass you in front of others. You could say to your friend, "Sometimes at practice, your comments embarrass me in front of our teammates. I know you're trying to help me and the team, but I'd rather get the help I need from our coach. Let's just play together as friends, OK? When she says you two are best friends, you could say, "Well, rather than one best friend, I like to have a few good friends, and I'm glad you're one of them.

Instead of being negative about this situation, look on the bright side. If this girl likes you a lot, that must mean that you're a kind, awesome person. The next time this girl says you're her best friend, think about it in a positive way and say something nice back to her. Instead of thinking about how you feel, put yourself in this girl's shoes. Maybe she wants to be best friends with you because she needs some friends to lean on.

Even if you aren't best friends, just try to be a friend to her. It sounds as if this girl likes and admires you. Even if you don't feel the same way, make an effort to hang out with her now and then. The good news is that you don't have to be this girl's best friend. Be nice to her, hang out with her, and be her friend. There's nothing dishonest about being nice. Keep spending time with this girl at school, sleepovers, or anything else that you might do as friends.

Maybe you'll get to know her better and you two will get closer. It's not a bad thing to see where this friendship might lead. If this girl says, "I'm so glad we're best friends," you could say, "Yeah, you're a great friend. If you feel that you and this girl should not be friends, slowly edge away from the friendship.

You don't have to tell her that you're not best friends, but at the same time, you can choose to not encourage the friendship.

Check in with this girl once in a while, but spend time with other friends, too. It sounds as ifthis girl might just be trying to be nice to you, and this is her way of doing it.

Focus on what made you friends with this girl in the first place, and try not to think about whether or not you're "best" friends. If this girl asks you if she is your best friend, just smile and say, "I don't rank my friends. I value all of them equally! Be careful with this girl's feelings. Remember, when you have a choice between being right and kind, you can choose kind.

Don't tell this girl that you're not best friends—it could really hurt her feelings. Instead, be as nice to her as you would with any other friend. You don't have to choose a best friend. I think you could make a nice card for your friend that explains how sorry you are.

Tell her that it makes you unhappy when you two fight, and you would be very glad if you could be friends again. Drop it in the mail or slip it into her locker. Try small acts of kindness, such as leaving an eraser in your friend's favorite color or a small piece of candy on her desk with a note. It might help her come around enough that you'll have a chance to apologize. If you have been trying to talk to your friend about this at school, maybe she doesn't feel comfortable talking about it there.

Instead, try calling her on the phone, texting her, or sending her an e-mail to let her know how sorry you are. If your friend isn't interested in talking to you, you could pull her aside for just a moment to say, "I want you to know that I'm sorry, but I also want you to know that I'm going to give you some space. I'm here whenever you're ready to talk. Give your friend a little time to think things over before trying to apologize again.

Maybe you should do some thinking, too. Was the fight worth it? Is there something you can do to fix the problem besides apologizing? You could draw a comic for your friend. Illustrate the story of how you two became friends, and apologize about the fight, too.

Maybe if she sees how sorry you are, she'll move on and you can be friends again. Here's a creative way to approach this problem: Make a collage or a scrapbook of photos of you and your friend. Write a note on it that says, "I'm really sorry.

I just wanted to remind you of the fun times we've had together. One of the best ways you can show that you're sorry is through your actions. If your friend notices that you're doing everything you can to make things right, she might start talking to you again. Remember, actions speak louder than words. Even though it's hard, try to get your mind off this problem and do other things, such as seeing other friends or doing a favorite activity.

Your friend might miss you and realize that she needs you as a friend. In person or in a note, you could say, "Our friendship means a lot to me. See if your friend would be willing to come to your house for a bit. Maybe she could even come for a sleepover. It'll give you time and privacy to talk, and you could start having fun together again, too. In this situation, try to be the nicer person.

Always be polite to this girl, even if she isn't showing you the same respect in return. Having an attitude and saying mean things will get you nowhere. If your friend means a lot to you, keep showing her kindness, and it might rub off on your friend. If you try your best to make up with this girl and she still won't accept your apology, then maybe she's not a true friend.

Accept it as her loss, and have fun with your other friends. Even if your friend was hanging out with a sister instead of your brother, it still hurts that she isn't spending time with you. The next time she plays with your brother and his friends, you could playfully say, "Hey, I thought you were here to hang out with me.

If you can, invite your friend to come over when your brother isn't home. If he goes to a regular sports practice or if you know he'll be at a friend's house, that might be a good time to have your friend over for just girl time. If you and your friend have a favorite game that you like to play together, ask your brother and his friends if they want to play it for a bit.

That way, everyone can be in on the fun. Have a heart-to-heart with this girl. Use sentences that start with "I" instead of "you. Why not invite your friend to do something outside of your house? You could ride bikes around your neighborhood or catch a movie. This might be a time in your friend's life when her attention is turning to boys. Be patient and give her a couple of weeks. If she's still leaving you out in order to hang out with your brother, try taking a break. If you give her some space, she might realize that she misses you.

Tell your friend that you care about her and you miss the time you used to spend together. Remind her of all the great times you've had, too. It'll help her to understand how important her friendship is to you. It sounds as if your friend thinks your brother and his friends are pretty cool. Why not join in on the fun? You can always have girl time later, once the boys move on to something else to do. Suggest a game that both the boys and the girls would enjoy playing. That way, you can still have fun with your friend and you won't feel left out.

Instead of trying to push your friend to hang out with you more, you could calmly say to her that you miss "me and you" time.

You just might get one-on-one time more often. As friends get older, they develop new interests and discover new activities that they enjoy. Try not to get mad or feel aggravated that your friend is spending time with your brother and his friends.

It might be hard, but do your best to be patient with your friend. When my friend comes over, she always gushes over my little brother and sister, and sometimes it bothers me, which is why I talked to my friend about it. Pull your friend aside and talk to her about how you feel. Maybe you could suggest that once a month, you two can have a "girls' day.

You don't always have to have big, long conversations with people. Standing out can be as simple as smiling at someone in the hallway or waving at someone across the lunchroom. Do that, and then you can start standing out as a friendly girl in your school.

Don't expect to be an expert at making friends in just one day. Building confidence takes time and patience. Go slowly, and little by little, you might start feeling brave enough to make new friends. If people in your school aren't noticing you, think of it as their loss.

You don't need to be super-outgoing or popular to make a difference. Remember, when you are truly yourself, you always shine like a star. I used to be very shy at school, but then I decided to take a chance by joining student council. I was nervous at first, but over time, I started to feel more comfortable sharing ideas and heading up projects.

Student council has helped me feel less afraid to talk to others. You don't have to be a chatterbox to stand out. If you feel comfortable as a girl who tends to be quieter than most, then that's OK.

You can still make friends and show your true self. When you feel more comfortable, strike up conversations at school. Being kind to others can help you feel good and more confident about yourself. Try small acts of kindness, such as helping pick up someone's dropped books or offering to help a classmate who's struggling with an assignment.

Let what's inside do the talking, and you'll stand out in your own way. Whenever you feel invisible, don't wait for someone else to make the first move. Say hi to someone instead. Start a conversation by asking how the person's day is going or complimenting her on something she's wearing.

It might brighten her day and start a new friendship, too. On your quest toward more self-confidence, don't try to copy anyone else. Just be your unique self, shyness and all.

I used to feel invisible, too. To work through my shyness, I started talking with the classmates I was assigned to sit next to, and that helped a lot.

Then I got involved in a local club, and I started to talk to even more people. Now I hang out with friends and don't feel invisible anymore.

Don't forget that you are no different than anyone else. Even though you're shy, you have as much of a right as anyone to say hi to people and to start new friendships. If you show your friendly side, people might start opening up to you. When I was younger, I felt jittery around people. Then one day, when I wanted to play with some kids, I said to myself, What's the worst that could happen? Someone won't want to play with me?

There are plenty of other kids I can play with. This thinking has helped me make friends. I've learned that it's OK to be a little shy, as long as I'm not missing out on friendships. I have a disability, so some kids in my school think of me as "different. You don't have to be friends with every kid in the school to shine your brightest. Friendships are great and could help you build your confidence, but something you love to do can help you be your truest self.

Do you love to dance? If you follow your passion, you can shine even brighter without changing a thing. To build more confidence, all it takes are small steps. Introduce yourself to someone else who seems shy, or sit next to someone you'd like to know better at lunch.

The more times you introduce yourself, the more confidence you can build and the less invisible you might feel. Instead of thinking about what these girls might think, try to be the best cheerleader you can be. If the other girls see how excited you are about cheerleading, they might be even more eager to befriend you. After all, those girls are there because they love cheerleading, too. I tend to worry a lot about things. In situations that make me nervous, I try my best to stay calm and take deep breaths.

Push through those jitters and start having fun instead. Cheerleading is all about spirit. A huge smile may be even more useful than a back handspring! Worrying won't help you—in fact, it will probably make you feel worse. Instead, just go with the flow and make the best of being the "new kid" on the team. Remind yourself that this is a great opportunity to make new friends.

Find your inner confidence. Go up to the other girls and introduce yourself. Ask questions such as, "How long have you been on the squad? Remember, everyone is new at something at one time or another. Don't let fear stop you from doing something you want to do. Just look around, find someone who seems nice, and talk to her. You could wind up being good friends. Tell yourself, I'm going to make friends, and cheerleading will be a lot of fun.

The more you say it, the more you might believe it, and your nervousness might disappear. A couple of months ago, I joined a cheerleading squad, and I didn't know any girls. I found out that everyone is usually too busy focusing on the routine to have time to say anything unkind.

Whatever you do, enjoy cheer! If you think about it, every girl on your squad probably has been nervous about something, such as being new or learning a hard routine. Feeling nervous is normal.

The important thing is to have fun. Just go to practices and be yourself. What if the girls don't make fun of you? What if everybody thinks that you are awesome? What if you make new friends and have fun? Instead of picturing what might go wrong, focus on having a great time. Don't worry about the girls not liking you—there's bound to be someone on the squad you'll hit it off with. Before you start cheerleading, keep your mind busy. Read a favorite book, hang out with a friend, or make up a silly dance routine.

Before you start cheerleading, try to connect with a few girls from your team. You could invite someone over to your house or sit with her at lunch. It might help you to know someone before you start. You joined the cheerleading team because you enjoy cheerleading, not because of the other girls on the team. Love what you do and have fun, and friendships probably will follow.

It doesn't matter what the other girls think if you're doing something you want to do. You can't control whether these girls will like you or not, but you can control yourself. Do your best at cheerleading, and be friendly to your teammates.

You're in control of you! When you walk into your first practice, imagine that you've been on this team for a long time and that it's something you're completely comfortable with. This will give you a boost of self-confidence. I didn't know anyone when I started a new dance class. Just like you, I was imagining the worst. At my first class, I just focused on being nice and friendly. I walked in with a smile on my face and made some jokes during breaks with the other girls.

Soon we were all laughing and having fun. Chances are, if you are kind to these girls, you won't have a problem making friends. Tell people, "I may be blonde, but I'm smart. Who told you that hair color determines the intelligence of a person? These bullies have one main goal—they want to see a reaction from you. If they tease you for being blonde and you don't say anything, they might realize that the comments don't bother you.

When people laugh at you, sometimes the best thing to do is to laugh with them. You could say something such as, "Wow! I didn't know that my hair color affected my brain. You learn something new every day!

The next time someone calls you unintelligent for having blonde hair, say, "Actually, what's not very intelligent is believing a stereotype like that.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, feel sorry for the kids who believe this stereotype, because they are missing out on being friends with a smart blonde like you! Hair color has nothing to do with how smart you are. Remember the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover. Keep up those A's! I have blonde hair, and I also happen to be in the gifted group in my class. I've been teased for my hair color, too. A response that I like is, "If you had blonde hair, how would you like it if I teased you?

Every person usually faces some form of stereotyping at some point in her life. If someone insults you because of your hair color, stay calm and point out that intelligence isn't based on how you look but on how hard you work. Ignore these bullies' taunts. You are who you are, and what you look like on the outside doesn't match what's on the inside. Try your best to stay positive, and if you need more advice, talk to a parent or another trusted adult.

Respond to these bullies with, "My hair color doesn't define me as a person, and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop saying that. If you don't sink to a bully's level and tease her back, then you're automatically smarter than she is. Try your best not to respond with a rude comment. The next time someone bullies you about your blonde hair, just say, "You know, not only are stereotypes untrue, but they're also mean.

I can relate to what you're talking about. I cover my head with a scarf as a symbol of my religion, and many people have talked about me behind my back. When someone teases you in a stereotypical way, just say, "I can't wait to prove you wrong," and walk away.

If someone is teasing you about your blonde hair, just say, "Thanks! I love your hair, too," and then go about your business. The bully probably won't know how to respond. Don't let these kids know that the teasing is hurting you.

Instead, keep your head held high and focus on what you're good at: People have teased me about my blonde hair for most of my life. My advice to you is this: If someone makes fun of your hair color, firmly say that you don't appreciate her comments. And always remember to believe in yourself. Know in your heart that you are smart, and even though it's unfortunate that stereotypes exist, you will always be an intelligent, strong, and beautiful person.

Instead of pushing food around, just take smaller helpings of food. Taste them, and if you like them, ask if you can take some more. There's nothing wrong with trying new foods. Give each new food a chance. Don't take a bite and decide immediately that you don't like it.

I used to hate beets, but I gave them another chance and now I love them. Eat at least a couple of bites of each food on your plate, and make sure to say thank you when you're done. You don't have to like everything you eat, but always thank the cook. Try to focus on the foods that you do like.

For example, if the cook asks why you haven't eaten much of your salad, you could say, "I filled up on the mashed potatoes. Before you go to someone's house, have a little snack. That way, if you take only a few bites of your meal, you won't be hungry.

Just be sure not to eat a big snack! I decided to trick myself into trying new foods. Instead of saying, "I'm a picky eater," I started saying, "I'll eat anything! When you go to someone's house for dinner, think of it as an opportunity to try new and different foods. I used to be a picky eater, so I decided to push myself to try foods outside my comfort zone.

Now I'm a lot more open to trying new foods. Sometimes people dislike foods because they choose to dislike them. Instead of focusing on what you don't like about a certain food, focus on what you do like about it. All four members are involved in songwriting and production. Garbage have sold over 17 million albums worldwide.

Their debut album, Garbage , was critically acclaimed, sold over 4 million copies, and was certified double platinum in the UK, US and Australia. It was accompanied by a string of increasingly successful singles in —, including " Stupid Girl " and " Only Happy When It Rains ".

Despite critical acclaim, [10] Garbage's third album Beautiful Garbage failed to match the commercial success achieved by its predecessors. Spooner reunited in and released another record, but disbanded in as Vig and Marker's career as producers gained strength. The remixes featured different instrumentation, and often highlighting new guitar hooks and bass grooves. This experience inspired the three men to form a band, where they "wanted to take that remix sensibility and somehow translate it into all of the possibilities of a band setup.

According to Vig, the team drew inspiration for its name from a hostile early comment, when a friend of the band heard recording material, probably for " Vow " and groaned, "This shit sounds like garbage! Initial sessions with Vig on vocals, along with the members' past work with all-male groups, led to the band's desire for a woman on lead. Vig added that they wanted someone who could sing in an understated way, in contrast to "these alterna-rock singers [that] have a tendency to scream ".

When Manson was contacted, she did not know who Vig was and was urged to check the credits on Nevermind , the popular Nirvana album which Vig produced. Later that evening Vig was informed of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain 's suicide. Angelfish disbanded at the end of the Live tour. Manson called O'Shea and asked to audition again, feeling that "it could work out". Manson described her first session with the band as "a disaster", as she had no experience as a session player , and she and the band were "two parties totally uncomfortable with the situation", but the "mutual disdain" from that meeting managed to pull the band together.

The first songs were skeletal versions of the songs " Stupid Girl ", " Queer " and " Vow ", which led to some ad-libbed lyrics by Manson. Garbage sent out demo tapes with no bio, to avoid a bidding war over Vig's production history.

Word-of-mouth on "Vow" took the track back to the US. Garbage had not considered "Vow" for inclusion on the album or even as a single. It climbed gradually over the following weeks, peaking at No.

On August 15, , Garbage debuted on the Billboard at No. Garbage toured for the self-titled Garbage throughout In May, Garbage reworked " Milk " with Tricky in a Chicago recording studio before supporting Smashing Pumpkins on their arena tour until the overdose of Pumpkins keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin. Worldwide, the final single release from the album was the reworked version of "Milk", which became the band's second UK top 10 hit.

Garbage Video , a compilation of the album's promotional videos , was released in November Garbage relocated to Friday Harbor , Washington on March 1, to write songs for their second album. Returning to Smart Studios a short while later, the band found themselves under intense pressure to repeat the success of Garbage. The band decided not to change their formula, but progress musically by pushing their sound as far as it could go—hence the album's eventual title Version 2.

In March, the first single "Push It" became the No. In May , Version 2. In early , Version 2. Garbage regrouped on April 10, The group began work on their third record, and put aside plans for a B-sides album due to the sale of Almo Sounds to the UMG. Manson ran an online blog throughout the recording of the album named Beautiful Garbage.

During the recording of the album, Garbage invoked a provision of its contract to leave Almo, and sued UMG when it refused to terminate the contract. UMG threatened to use Manson's solo contract to tie Garbage to the label. Lead single "Androgyny" was released to radio by the end of August, and its video was released on September Released three weeks after the September 11 attacks , the album suffered from lack of promotion, mixed reaction from critics and fans alike, and the failure of its lead single " Androgyny " to achieve high chart positions.

In October, Beautiful Garbage achieved a No. In its first three months on sale, Beautiful Garbage sold 1. Garbage supported U2 on the third leg of their Elevation Tour. In December " Breaking Up the Girl " was released as a single. Sony Music Japan released an exclusive E.

Garbage started proper work on their fourth record in March , writing "Right Between the Eyes" in 30 minutes. It was a false start. They released a statement that the band had "somewhat overextended themselves" and decided to conclude their tour in Australia on October 1.

MADISON, Wis. - A year-old girl is seriously injured after what police are calling an accidental shooting on Madison's east side. Madison Police were called to the Kwik Trip at East. Jessica Szohr – Menomonee Falls. Jessic Szohr of Gossip Girl fame calls her hometown of Menomonee Falls a “family-oriented small town.”. She started modeling at just six years old. That included print ads for Wisconsin’s own Kohl’s department store, which is based in her hometown. Dear American Girl, I’m the new kid at school this year, and some people don’t warm up to the new kid that easily. I want to make friends, but I don’t want to be pushy or rude.