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Looking to fuck me too mature adult dating Dresden

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There's is however a certain criteria I am seeking for. I'd still like to.

I'm waiting for a friend, possibly long term relationship is we get along, I'm really laidback into all types of music and I have excellent conversation.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for stopping by my profile. A few things about yours truly:. I'm a straight, white British Male in my early twenties. Evolution, Kim Possible and reruns of Spider-Man: The Animated Series on a Saturday morning, but not old enough to have seen the X-Men animated series of the early 90's.

I'm what Americans would probably call a History Major at University, specifically studying Ancient and Medieval History, with a side of Politics back in my first year. If I disappear suddenly, more likely than not, I am doing an essay of some sort or my dissertation. Politically speaking, I'm left of centre by British standards so, by American standards, I'm practically a Communist , a social liberal and a feminist in the truest sense of the word: I believe in equality of the genders and I believe that it's the responsibility of everyone to make sure it comes about.

I think everyone, of any gender, race, colour, creed and orientation should have equal rights. I say this because, while I don't drop the moral anvil on people, it is something that features somewhat in my writing. Though, to be frank, this site is only marginally to the right of Tumblr and I haven't really encountered any problems thus far. As for me, my good friend militaryhistory said:.

And as for my writing style, I'll let the inimitable Thunder Stag say it:. You're like an onion. An onion that writes fanfiction. He also once remarked on an idea I shared with him, " it fits your philosophy of 'why throw a stone and get two birds when you can throw a frag grenade and get a flock. This layering of things does, occasionally, get to the point where I get obsessed with my own cleverness, but I try to avoid that.

If I suddenly stop writing, it's not that I've necessarily abandoned the story, it's more that I've written later bits and got distracted. Or I've got a new plot bunny and wandered off to do that. Or I've gone somewhere without internet access for an extended period of time. All three happen on a fairly regular basis. Those who recognise the pen name from days of yore - , yes it is still the same person. I reviewed under this pseudonym, albeit 'anonymously' for around 4 years. I may not update for weeks at a time, however this is either because I have writers block or cannot update for various reasons.

I almost exclusively write crossovers, though there are a few single fandom pieces in my work. Ironically, they tend to be my best work. In other words, they will suffer - a lot - but be happy in the end.

After lots of psychological and physical trauma. Sometimes mystical trauma is thrown in for giggles. Further to this, I write characters as people. They are not paragons of perfection, far from it. Even Steve Rogers has flaws. And to me, this makes them all the more interesting, their achievements all the more astonishing and them, in general, all the more amazing.

Because when you strip all the powers, skills, rank, etcetera away, you have people. People who make mistakes and learn from them. However, I will not simply drive apart a couple based on a stupid misunderstanding for the purposes of drama. If you do that, you tacitly acknowledge that you have no idea whatsoever about how to make people in a committed relationship interesting, and that is a considerable indictment on your writing abilities. Okay, the Shadowsverse is as dead as the metaphorical dodo.

I haven't updated it for four years, partly because it got eaten alive also metaphorically speaking by the Child of the Storm universe. Speaking of which, both now have TV Tropes Pages. Unfortunately, I can no longer hyperlink to them from here, so you'll have to search Child of the Storm and The Wizard in the Shadows on TV Tropes if you want to have a look.

Child of the Storm has also generated a couple of pieces of fanart, including a few commissioned pieces of Harry, Carol, Wanda Maximoff and Harry Dresden, in Helena-Markos' gallery on Deviantart. There's also some more conventional fanart, including a spoileriffic piece about Harry don't look if you haven't read up to chapter 72 of Child of the Storm , in Kefalion's gallery, also on Deviantart. I'd link directly, but as I've found, that doesn't work.

Well, I used to be a lot more Now, well, I won't beat about the bush if I tell you things need changing, but I don't flame. I only review to support people or to tell them how to improve and to occasionally go squee over how good they are we all do it. Anyone who says they don't is a lying liar who lies. Therefore, I feel I should mention that flames, reply or otherwise, will elicit a nasty response. Do not try me. I am probably older, probably smarter and definitely nastier than you, and when I am pushed, I push back hard.

Scott Fitzgerald, a man who knew where it was at. I'm the tin dog. He'd been having a bad day. There is no throne. There is no way in which you come out of this on top. Because when they come, and they will, they'll come for you. Because if we can't save the Earth, then you can be damn sure we'll avenge it. It is the privilege of lesser men to the light the flame. Stories on indefinite hiatus: April , The Watch XI In fact, all Discworld, Primeval and Temeraire fics are pretty much abandoned.

Sorry, but my interests have moved on. Discworld I might come back to in time. Genius, Billionaire, Playboy Reformed , Philanthropist. It says so much about him and so little. Sure, he's all of the above, but he is far more. This is a guy who has issues to spare, whose snark was largely conceived and operates as a defence mechanism, who really cares for people, just happens to be very bad at showing it. He can be a dick, yes, but this is a man who will go all the way for people he cares about.

If he sees someone he considers his being hurt, woe betide the person doing the hurting. He's arrogant, sure, but that masks the strength of will that can move mountains. This is the guy who, in the comics, chewed out Odin for sitting back and doing nothing, then when the Allfather assumed he was asking for divine intervention, he retorted brilliantly.

I want your workshop. That and while I am nowhere near as smart and have had a far better home life, I can empathise with him on a number of levels. Possibly the biggest break out villain in history. He has style, charm, snark and brains. It's hard not to like that.

In fact, it's very hard not to compare him to his mirror image, Tony. He's sympathetic, yet he's capable of horrifying brutality, he's vulnerable, yet he's capable of taking people apart with just words, well chosen words. He's like an Asgardian or technically, a Jotun Hannibal Lecter, with a more sympathetic side. And that latter part is arguably what makes him so dangerous. You can't help but feel sorry for him, but you can't let up for a second.

I can see more than a little bit of myself in him, like Tony, so that makes it easier to empathise with him. But he's still evil. That said, I think he's capable of redemption, and that's the path I'm taking in Child of the Storm. But the thing is, even if he breaks free of his madness and comes to love his family again, and treat humans with respect, his madness will have left a mark.

He is still exceptionally dangerous, still deadly, and there is still that hidden capacity for cruelty, rage and destruction. Loki knows this and keeps it under careful control. But he's also a wild card still in that he will do what he feels necessary to fight the good fight. He is still Loki. His deeds were his own - Thanos did get his mental claws into him, as I see it, but all he did was accelerate Loki's madness down the path it would previously have taken. All he did was make him madder, faster - and he has a lot of repenting to do.

But he'll do it his way. And he will follow his nature, for good or ill. It's very easy to like him, because he's warm, open and a very smiley personality. That's part of the reason that the worst accusations levied at him in fandom post Thor that I've ever come across are that he's amiably moronic well, some have painted him as a violent bully, even after his character development, but I tend to ignore them.

Which is, in my opinion, wrong.

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Ancient Relics by TeenMuggle reviews Merlin Emrys has been waiting thirteen hundred years for this moment to arrive. Can he fulfil the destiny that is required of him? Will Harry learn to trust this mysterious stranger?

The fate of the Old Religion and the entire wizarding world depends entirely on them. AU for the last part of Deathly Hallows. Set after Series 4 but written before Series 5. Follow the journey of Rand as he gets pushed along a different road. Wheel of Time - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: Dark Summer by Lucinda reviews Willow's uncle Sev comes to visit for the summer with a student in tow, and there is trouble.

Continues with her trip to Hogwarts in Dark Fall. House Arrest by roxypony reviews Why the Avengers can't have nice things. They're bringing the party to you. Unfinished Business by the ersatz diplomat reviews On the anniversary of her best friend's death, Karrin Murphy meets someone she didn't expect to see in Graceland Cemetery.

Set after Ghost Story. Rated for language and violence. Dresden Files - Rated: The Black by saintjimmy84 reviews Sometimes to heal a broken soul all you need is a bit of Space. Four years after the war, Harry Potter seeks an ending by throwing himself through the veil. Instead, he finds a beginning. No longer a oneshot, due to popular demand. A second prophecy and meeting of the two throws both teenagers into one of the hardest tasks they have ever faced.

Now the boggart isn't even a boggart anymore. That which holds the image of an Angel, becomes itself an Angel. With Friends Like These by inactivatedaccount reviews A broken god crashes onto the roof of Stark Tower, and Tony and Steve are horrified by what they find.

As Loki's story unfolds, the Avengers discover what really happened when Loki was taken back to Asgard, and what he has endured for the past year. A powerful enemy emerges to threaten Asgard as Loki struggles to recover in the care of those who were once his bitterest foes. Children of Time, Ep 1: Smith and Holmes by Wholmes Productions reviews Two men: Both alone in exile, yet not alone. Both geniuses, yet blind to what they'd had until it was stripped away. Both capable of the highest acts of mercy Their paths are about to cross in a remote village, long ago and far away And the universe will never be the same again.

First episode in a crossover series. Roll Call by LJ9 reviews Slices of life with the team. Thor and Steve go out on the town for St Patrick's Day. SmallvilleX Evolution Year 2: Crusade by ben reviews 3 months after he vanished Clark returns and the X-Men soon find themselves facing off against old and new foes alike in the search for the 3 Kryptonian Stones of Power. Harry Potter and the Unlocked Knowledge by kmfrank reviews When Harry returns home to Privet Drive after the fiasco at the Department of Mysteries, he finds that Voldemort's possession released the Horcrux inside of him.

In addition to the companionship of "Tom", Harry has his knowledge, and must learn to use it Harry Potter - Rated: Of course, they just had land smack-dab in the middle of an alien invasion, didn't they?

And what's with all the people in funny costumes? In that moment, stretching into endlessness, he faces the Doomsman - and the choice of his life.

Fate beckons on the sound of an endless symphony. Maggie by Morwen Tindomerel reviews She's little but she's smart, and she remembers more than the grownups think she does. K - English - Chapters: A tale from the World of Weirdcraft.

Because I have no self-control. Road of Sacrifice by LadyVisionary reviews As the war against Voldemort continues, Buffy struggles with what it means to be the Slayer, while the Order has to do its best to find light in the darkness. Can a prophecy change the tide or will its existence result in more tragedy?

A Crime Fitting the Punishment or Dumbledore's Monster by Diresquirrel reviews Albus Dumbledore gets an unexpected visitor in his office one late summer night.

The Headmaster finds himself talking to a monster he never knew could arise from his actions. Pessimal reviews Hogswatch is a time when people return from afar to the happy bosom of their loved ones. Failing this, they might make do with their spouses instead. Reviews and comments are welcomed. Stork brings a Stark by ninjanervana reviews Pepper's pregnant with Tony's baby!

How will she break the news to him? How will Tony and the others handle a new baby on the way? Read about Pepper and Tony navigating the road to parenthood. Similar to A Bouncing Bundle of Thunder. Post Avengers Avengers - Rated: A Fresh Perspective by dr4g0ngrl reviews De-aged! If that doesn't say it all, Merlin is turned into a child by ex-druids bent on raising "Emrys" to be their weapon to free magic.

Plot is actually just an excuse to write Merlin-as-a-kid fluff. Set during S4, after episode whatever, when Elyan is Enjoyable without having read the others. Five times Eve Moneypenny seriously wonders what is going on with the new Quartermaster, and one time she finds out what it is. Having kept him as a private familiar since then, recent developments have made it necessary to charge him with a new duty and a new name: Concerning Wizards by Morwen Pendragon reviews Fate hated him, Death obviously has something against him, and now he is awake in a green land unlike what he left and is determined not to care this time.

Don't Waste It by Sarah reviews Sooner or later, every character gets their shot at a second chance. This is Peter Pettigrew's. He may not deserve it but he certainly wasn't happy with how things ended up. The only question was how to get a better future without having to possess the kind of bravery that the lack of had sent him running to Voldemort in the first place In a desperate attempt to stop Voldemort and find the remaining Horcruxes, the bedeviled trio is led to track down the help of the Slayer.

Grim Hunt by ashmanonar reviews Sirius Black is on the loose! Who better to hunt him down than the only practicing Wizard Private Investigator in Chicago. But nothing is ever simple for Harry Dresden Now he has the chance to collect one of his own. Fixed Points by Sarah reviews It all started with an innocent question from Brian leading the Doctor to consider the possibility that perhaps there is still something he can do for Amy and Rory.

In the past, the pair have to decide what kind of life they would like to lead and take steps that may yet bring them home. A fixed point is a fixed point but what exactly did they see? Post Angels in Manhattan. Steve is a gentleman, Bruce has superior taste in ethnic food, Clint and Natasha eat as only Clint and Natasha can, Tony is the worst host ever, and Maria knows when to step it up to Defcon 1.

Commentfic for avengersgen on LJ. She took the last one after walking in on the groom's party organizing a kidnapping raid an hour ago. Avengers Adventures in Babysitting by ninjanervana reviews The Avengers are taking turns babysitting Thor and Jane's son.

Let's see how they all take to the littlest Avenger. Fluff chapters featuring the whole gang. Wesley, late of Angel Investigations, seems a perfect candidate.

Chat Room Conversations by rattychipmunk reviews Basically the team taking a break and having fun conversations on instant messenger. Humourous antics and drama occurs. Rated T for possible future content. No Series 4 character and set updates so far. But that didn't mean just anyone was allowed to defeat them.

Or, five times Loki helps the Avengers. Survival of the Fallen by Telcontar Rulz reviews The world has changed; vampires and mutants now walk side by side with human beings and things have not always been smooth. After the turbulent events of the past few years, Marie goes to Louisiana to stay with her cousins. Meanwhile, a storm is brewing. Xander has hit the road after graduation and is dead set on seeing as much of America as he can before heading back to Sunnydale.

Little does he know that he will not only get his wish but that he will soon view the world Buffy X-overs - Rated: A bouncing bundle of thunder? How will Thor and the other avengers handle the news? Fluff story, set after the Avengers. Dedicated to my best friend who inspired me to write this: Katie Thor - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: First Impressions by Schmo and Sushi reviews Young Thor is introduced to the new prince - and doesn't quite know what to think.

Written in honor of HaloFin K - English - Family - Chapters: One afternoon in Rivendell by A. Pessimal reviews A short that came to me fully-formed after reading a debate about Celebrian in the nest of the Orcs and how far the fanfic writer could go in visualising her torments.

Death's Knight by Heather Sinclair reviews AU Death of the Endless offered Harry a way to save his friends and a few billion other people while he was at it. He has to use that Master of Death title that's hanging over his head and give up almost everything he's ever known.

But there are perks. Oh yes, dating a Kryptonian can be challenging. Temporary Teammates by Whispering Darkness reviews Not many people knew that the most powerful wizard in the world lived in America. However, Director Fury made it his business to know these things, especially since he seemed a prime candidate for his Avengers Initiative.

Unfortunately, the wizard in question didn't quite agree. Post-Chosen, Post-Goblet of Fire. Inheritance by BlackBlade reviews It all started with my grandfather, or rather, it may have started with me and then my grandfather. It's complicated, I have a weird life, you see. Anyways, I think it started with a pocket watch or maybe before that Support Group by Lucillia reviews There's a support group for a select demographic of people, and it's just got two new members.

Just a short little piece. I hope you guys like it! I don't own anything. What Love Can See by Aleine Skyfire reviews When the Avengers get dumped with the responsibility of rehabbing Loki, it's the long-suffering Pepper who actually handles him. She expects it to be tough, but she didn't expect to pity the psycho godling.

From Dust to Flesh: But the Auditor inside 'Lady Myria LeJean' soon discovered that the flesh shapes the mind as the mind controls the flesh, and learned why living is so hard to set aside. Cover art by shiolein. Except that he isn't, not really. The Doctor agrees, but only if he gets to take custody of Loki and try to redeem him. One-shot written for a group "One-Hour Fanfiction" challenge.

Mortal life seemed as though it would be far more interesting. But this isn't about her. What remains for the bereaved but need and anger? Yet, things are different despite all that he thought he knew. How will he come to terms with who he is as his world is turned upside down? It said Rose Tyler When the Sidhe Hit the Fan by breelikethechiese reviews Jack and Harry go back to the Dresden-verse and from there go into the Nevernever to close the rifts that are throwing all sorts of mutated fae around the universe.

Rated for future chapters it's Capt. Gryffindor's Lion Company takes employment with Robb Stark. M - English - Chapters: What if the Wardrobe Lucy Pevensie stepped through hadn't led to Narnia? What if it had led to Middle Earth, to the Shire? The Pevensies are drawn into the battle for Middle Earth. Will they survive to see their world again? Of Monsters by Spinner Dolphin reviews Spike is killing humans again.

He finds that he doesn't care. The Sleeper Awakens by JA Baker reviews A man with a past and on the run from the Alliance hitches a ride on Serenity, but his very presence seems unusually upsetting for River Exorcizing Old Memories by Jedi Buttercup reviews I woke to the unusual sensation of soft, warm flesh draped over my chest and thighs, and the slightly more familiar din of tiny dwarves with hammers pounding away on the inside of my skull.

Olive by Virtuella reviews The daughter of a wealthy Esgaroth merchant finds her life changed by encounters with the mysterious Elven King - but not all is as it seems. Spoilers for "Changes," ignores GS. Harry Dresden returns to life, lands in the Nevernever, meets Buffy Summers, Xander and Dawn, who help him return to Chicago, then with his hunt for his killer.

Ignores S-8 comics after "Time of Your Life. Quirrell, and the world's only private consulting detective. Tripping by the ersatz diplomat reviews "It's not flirting.

Rated for language, unintentional drug use and offscreen violence. Warnings for absurd premise, creative anachronism and mentions of David Bowie. Out of the frying pan, and into the fire. River Tam had learned the meaning of the phrase when she was little. Now that she's met Harry Dresden, she's gained a whole new insight on it. Vague summary is vague. Finding Harry by SweetChi reviews Xander decides he wants to meet Harry, the son of his deceased godfather.

Torn by Neurotica reviews AU. An escape from Azkaban has called for drastic measures to be taken. Five-year-old Harry Potter is taken from his relatives' home and relocated with two of his parents' remaining friends. T - English - Mystery - Chapters: Life Lessons by foxeye10 reviews A collection of lessons the Discworld characters have taught us. The Dragon Journals by Contraltissimo reviews Penny for a dragon's thoughts?

The movie as chronicled by the beasties themselves. A Strange Fate by Karina reviews Once Arthur and his knights descend into Marius' dark dungeon, they find a third survivor who was deemed a horrible monster, feared by the Romans.

How can this being help change the course of the future for Arthur and his knights? Chap 10 is here! Drabble Discworld - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: And that's only the start of their problems. Elrond; Thranduil; Caleborn; Celebrian; Galadriel. Rated T for innuendo Lord of the Rings - Rated: Twist Ending by CapitainIAmNotARobot reviews I'm sure everyone writing a difficult story has wanted to end it like this, though maybe not this exact situation, at some point.

Rated T for mentions of violence Doctor Who - Rated: Will he want to? Death, Taxes, and Magic by Dr. Platypus reviews How does a wizarding school with a German name and Slavic students and teachers end up at a secret location in the far north of Europe? Here is one possible explanation of the geographical oddity that is Durmstrang Institute.

Quill reviews Chronomancy is not illegal, but it walks a razors edge Well, apparently gods and family still can, as he finds out when he accidentally ends up in Asgard. Norsekink crack prompt fill. Crossover - Star Trek: Kirk, Loki - Complete. Dark Star by Galadriel reviews When Torchwood encounters an everyday case with far from everyday suspects, they need help they can trust. Fortunately, Ianto had an extraordinary flat mate when he was at university. A Collection of Moments by SilverInkblot reviews A depository of some longer drabbles with special emphasis placed on minor characters.

The second stage of the mall life form was the most interesting. Monday Morning by sssarahdove7 reviews What would have happened if Thomas' Hunger took an interest in Molly, and Harry wasn't there to stop him. Fortunately for him, the Marauders distract Lily and decide to have a little fun.

Set in AU where Harry's parents live. What's Past Is Prologue by Pitry reviews The ancient and peaceful people of Messaline need a mythological hero to save them from the terrible Daleks. Harry Potter is looking forward to being the sidekick on this one, but the universe has ideas of its own.

Just Add Water by the ersatz diplomat reviews "Murph nodded, as if this was a perfectly logical explanation for why her friend, the wizard, was covered in purple goop. Back in Black by the ersatz diplomat reviews "Sometimes, having a faerie godmother is kinda neat. When she's not turning me into a dog. Dresden, The Leanansidhe - Complete. Diary of the Trials and Tribulations of Saruman by Hilary Thomson reviews A chronicle of Saruman's progression into evil, from the original diary.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat by the ersatz diplomat reviews "My apartment smelled like cordite and burning hair. Smoke was still curling out of the open trapdoor to the lab as I dialed for help. Quit looking at me like that. The Most Deadly Alliance by Emachinescat reviews A deadly alliance has been made, a terrible deal has been struck. When Harry and his friends find themselves in ancient Camelot, they and their new friend Merlin are faced with a terrible evil that is intent on killing them all.

Nobody's Child by Kizmet reviews Superboy is deaged. Young Justice - Rated: Frigga and Odin learn this the hard way. Boromir's Return by Osheen Nevoy reviews Boromir awakens from his death and finds himself in an unexpected situation. Basically book universe with some AU bits, but inspired by Sean Bean.

Complete, after nine years as a work-in-progress. Flashback by Sarah reviews Rory, Amy, and the Doctor go back to Space Florida and who should they meet but Rose and Mickey, temporarily separated from their Doctor? Oh, this is SUCh a bad idea but Amy just can't leave well enough alone. Time for an impromptu reunion. A Study in Batesian Mimicry by Twist reviews "Vetinari, for the second time in his life, looked at what some might have called his reflection.

He wouldn't call it that, if only because normally his actual reflection breathed along with him. Of Amnesia and AfterEffects by Linxcat reviews She returns later and sees how small he is, swaddled in duvets; he is only just thirty, taking the shape of a barely teen.

She dabs his face with a cool flannel, just as she has done for each of her dear ones, her survivors. Crossroads by Sarah reviews When Lex issues his ultimatum after the second meteor shower, Clark realizes just what's at stake and decides that he should really tell him, especially now that he's practically human.

If only he could just spit it out Revolves around The Parting of Ways and Utopia. My thanks to the readers I got in May!

M - English - Drama - Chapters: With apologies to O. Rated M for content and naughty language. How exactly he does that, however, is up to his discretion.

Mix of movie-verse and mythology. Sit In by Literaria reviews Not entirely surprisingly, Merlin ends up in the dungeons again Feeding the Multitude by the ersatz diplomat reviews "You know, when I signed on as a Warden, I thought there would be more riding undead dinosaurs, less making burritos.

I could do this at home. Steamy Hari-Kari fluffiness to follow Four Mourners by Michael Weyer reviews They were of different times, different places, different faces. But one woman was enough to bring them together.

In memory of Elisabeth Sladen. Scenes from a Hogsmeade Pub by B. Aiming to start a new life in muggle America Harry moves to what he thinks is a small quiet town to start over. His destiny has just begun. M - English - Supernatural - Chapters: Talking in Her Sleep by Determamfidd reviews Hiccup's been away for six months. When he finally comes home, he's And they're not the only ones Harry Potter and the World that Waits by dellacouer reviews A shell shocked but triumphant Harry Potter decides to leave his world behind for another.

Someone should have told him that AUs can be really, really different. The Movie - Rated: Brothers by DB reviews A transporter malfunction de-ages Kirk. At six years old, no one is safe from his charm.

Kirk, Spock - Complete. I suck at summaries Features Thranduil and Original Characters. Rated PG for language and adult concepts. A Chance Meeting by The Wolfman89 reviews Two men who appear much younger than they really are meet by chance and have a discussion about their unnaturally long lives, setting of a chain of events none of them expected.

Read and review if you please. Magnolias and White Roses by The Lonesome Rose reviews Two strangers meet in a cemetery to visit their departed loved ones. Pintel and Ragetti, Kraken Slayers by J. Maria reviews They weren't the best of pirates, they weren't the worst. They were just really weird little sidekicks.

But there was no way in the nine hells they were Kraken slayers. Family Tree Series by Lucinda reviews An assignment to research her family tree locates an unexpected relative for Willow. Crossover with X-Men the movie. Changing the Odds now completed. Harry returns to his original time to find the wizarding world changed due to his actions in the past. Not only does his family and friends await, but so does a new prophecy. Reading AD first is required to understand!

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by Goldylokz reviews After a decent but unprofitable day at the office, Dresden is having a hard time living with his left hand handicap. Good thing he has great friends.

Murphy, Mouse - Complete. A year at Hogwarts without constant whispering, life-threatening situations, or Voldemort. By taking a trip to when Marauders were still faithful and Um, make that one out of three! Century of the Anchovy by Bluer Sky reviews When a mysterious campaign circulates to elect Vimes to the Patricianship, an old city law forces his hand.

It soon promises to be the election of the century The Lonely Doctors Club by Onedergirl reviews Two doctors meet in a pub and find out they have quite a bit in common. The year is approximately , and Aziraphale is getting steadily drunk in an unfamiliar pub - and then Michael shows up. Good Omens - Rated: Complications by Brownish reviews Harry Dresden's luck holds true, and Corpsetaker picks a more convenient body to hijack.

AU, beginning at the climax of Dead Beat. Escape to Darkness by kmfrank reviews After Voldemort's resurrection, Harry awakens to a cold stone floor. After years of toiling with a "reformed" dark wizard willing to aid his revenge, Harry escapes from Nurmengard and finds that the Wizarding world has changed Seems things aren't so different after all.

BA 10Rose Crossover - Buffy: Pirates of the Ring by Aelaer reviews Complete. Jack, Gibbs, Anamaria, Will, and Elizabeth sail to Middle-earth; their presence can only have a direct impact on its future.

Jack Sparrow - Complete. Alone, Silence, and The Watcher. I was thinking about both of them while they were written, and now find it hard to tell what is for who. Obliviate is Never Enough by joshlamont reviews Hermione, prepping for her world-wide horcrux-killing tour with Harry, must first obliviate her parents' memories to keep them safe.

Unfortunately, depending on your point of view it doesn't quite go as she'd planned The Rebel and His Cause by Gabi Howard reviews His Queen is dead, his country in ruins and John Watson is left in the unenviable position of trying to patch things up under the eyes of an immortal dictator.

Takes place after "The Journey's End". Rated T because I am paranoid. I've Been Trying to Say by ablondeinaunionjack reviews In the city of Ankh-Morpork, everyone has their little secrets, but what happens when they spill out? Everything except the plot whatever that might be belongs to Terry Pratchett. Broken to Bridle by lionesseyes13 reviews A series of scenes spanning Owen's squireship to Lord Wyldon.

Protector of the Small Quartet - Rated: An Evening at the Circus by Loyal Eskamoe reviews In which the Doctor makes a spectacle of himself, Donna Noble lives up to her name, and a young boy is offered the chance to have one more night to remember.

Harry insists on sleeping in their bed! M - English - Humor - Chapters: The news is not good. World War Z - Rated: Five Times Rory Met Jack by RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley reviews because waiting two thousand years and being plastic you're bound to meet an immortal time traveller at some point in your life Doctor Who - Rated: Pessimal reviews Doctor Whiteface contemplates the past. Even the stoniest Fool has a heart.

Humanity has declared war, and now Heaven and Hell's best and brightest must band together to — oh dear. Crowley, Aziraphale - Complete. New Leaf to Turn by slavetothepen reviews Dudley Dursley lived a very normal life. But when an all too familiar letter makes an appearance on his son's 11th birthday, Dudley must seek the guidance of a cousin he hasn't seen in 19 years.

Who else but Harry Potter? Why and were by A. Pessimal reviews Werewolves have had it their own way for too long. They have ceased, for instance, to be able to consider that where there's a will, there's a were-animal. Until the new diplomats arrive from Howondaland Cards on the Table by Anonymized Artichoke reviews The Joker is still leaving his card at crime scenes, but someone else is leaving a King of Clubs.

But when they've been foiled, there is a Two of Hearts and a Jack of Hearts. Slash open to interpretation. What if there was a coat that once belonged to Captain Jack Harkness hanging up at Ethan's shop? What if Xander wore it that night? Two years after Sauron won the war, his Orcs come to a Shire under Saruman's dominion. The hobbits who dwell there are caught in the middle. Patron Saint by peppymint reviews On what would have been the last night of his life, Xander receives a visitor.

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Part 2 of AWOL quartet. K - English - Drama - Chapters: Pirates of the Caribbean - Rated: Rated for violence and Vala OOCness. Spike gets the chance to change a few things Buffy: Ghosts of the Past reviews Sequel to Child of the Storm. Harry's life has changed a lot over the past year, what with the return of his father, Thor, murder attempts by everything from HYDRA assassins to Elder Gods keeping him on his toes and making a few new friends.

And guess who they're after A Patchwork Knight reviews Bucky Barnes is a patchwork doll made of scraps. His search for more scraps to fill in the gaps is slow and frustrating at the best of times. She claims she is in county court, Blah,blah, blah. She is flying to singapoure with her sister for a day, blah I am mad at myself, not her, its what she knows, she claims to be a school teacher with night hours, im a fu king idiot!

All in all, I had the best sex in my life, so im not bitchin! Things money wise were mutual Its not an indo woman thing, we all cheat, bule,indo, ect I am an Indo woman married with an expat, introduced by my friends from uni.

At 24 yo was still virgin and with him I lost my virginity. He said the sex was good, we married, having kids, etc. And he still went to Bats and CJ after married, dining at Hyatt with his 'ayam's. Finally I divorced him, couldn't stand being treated as one of her ayam, whenever we went out.

Then I met another expat, as handsome as Ben Affleck, so faithful and no ayam. I'm Alejandro Valendaz, from Spain.

I have a very beautiful Indonesian gf, not from a rich family. She knows what my job is, how much money I make but that doesn't make her thirsty of money, such a sweetheart! We made a deal, this is her idea that whatever stuff I wanna buy her O Only on special event like birthday: She needed about 20 minutes to order somethin before she told me this , "You know how many kids suffering from hunger out there?

And you're taking me here, wasting ur money for something that we actually can get somewhere else cheaper than this. Not all Indonesian girls like that. There are still many good Indonesian girls if you know where to find them.

Many whom study abroad will have not good job prospects unless they have a good net work by them selves or family. Foreigners have a great time because of the slavish mentality of the Malay people. I have pretty much broken all the rules in reguards to the type of indo women i married.

Im not a dick by the way i just try to keep life simple starting with my own weaknesses jealousy etc i got that shit under control Many bule in Indonesia especially Jakarta and Bali expected to much..

I am an Indonesian that loves clubbing , drinking, going to different bars,cause it is nice for once u can be ur self regarding gender or religion. I met my husband in the most craziest club in Jakarta, married for 12 years now. Please don't judge to easy about Indonesian girls. When I come to Jakarta without my husband , I still loves oing to bars and drinks even by myself Let me talk about what is going on with me right now.

WanChai bars have lots of prostitutes from Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand and others. Everything same other places around the world. Except on sunday afternoons when the famous maid parade happens. HK has thousands of Indo and Pineys girls working as maids from mon to sat. Sunday is dayoff for most of them and lots of girls go to wanchai bars for fun. Some ask for some money because their salaries are really low and they like to buy sexy clothes, make-ups, frangrancies, etc.

I met a girl there and we had a good time dancing and drinking. But for first time in my life I got drunk tequila is poison, I did not know that. She took care of me. She paid a taxi and took me to my hotel. Hours before she told me she lived in a village in Indonesia, her mother died when she was born and her father told her always be honest. Last weekend I came back to HK to met her again.

I wanted some answers about what happened that afternoon I cannot remember some events as I was drunk. She asked employer to get day off and we met at 8am for breakfast.

We went to bar for few drinks and after lunch we spent the whole afternoon at my room making love and we chat a lot. She told me about everything that happened in her life. She got married at 15 but the husband was not nice to her. When she gave birth he took her son sent her back home. I feel this girl is building some deep feelings about me. She dreams about having another baby but she wanna a good man to be the father of her baby.

She took my picture and said: Everyday I can see my dream husband. I think she is falling in love. I am feeling something too. She asked me if I would like to be father again in the future. Then she told me if this happened we could go to Indonesia because life is cheaper there and we could live anywhere, not just in Jakarta. She looks like a good girl and I think she is being honest with me.

The only thing that concerns me is the fact we met at a naughty bar. I am not sure if you can marry a girl that used to go to the bars for fun with guys instead marry one that never did it. Sorry about my english Portuguese "Brazilian" is my primary language. Stay away from all Indonesian girls that live in the Indramayu area. They are all liers cheats and double crossers.

You cant trust for anything small or big. I just check them and there families out. If they are from low level society it just wont work out. I'm Indonesian girl,has been married to'Bule" for 30 years, I never cheated on my husband for money or other man.

I came from a very good high class family I hold my tradition. Look for a girl like me in Indonesia. Not in the Bar. I'm a guy from Holland but born jkt. Last year i met a girl Stadium, later that holiday i went back for her, we exchanged numbers and since i arrived back Holland, we have daily contact, first on BBM, now on FB. I never sent her money! She quit her job stadium and now she's a singer in a bar. Last November we went together to Bali enjoyed 2 weeks together, had the most amazing time together, joking, eating, talking, One crazy night party Bali and back in jkt she showed me the normal n simple life in Indonesia.

In the beginning i was also very careful, because i know the stories, but i felt this was different. But although Keep your eyes open! I think as long as they don't ask for money and there's no one direction communication from only your side, it can be true.

Follow your heart, not your dick! Good thing to mention is that in most relationships in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, cheating is accepted. They marry to build an institution, not because they are madly in love. Arranged marriage is very common in Indonesia.

Even though the girls would say she wants to be in love. Her idea about love is different, she doesn't go for that special person, she goes for someone she and her family is ok with and who can support her. That is why Indo girls marry older Indo men for example. And cheating or visiting prostitutes for Indo married men is 'normal'. Ask anyone with a corporate job how many of his colleagues love to go to karaoke and use the prostitutes there.

The moral is different here, especially Jakarta. Don't expect people to be faithful. And seriously have safe sex. I know a few of young people who got HIV here both bule and Indo and a lot got herpes here. For the record I am a Caucasian single woman who doesn't date in this city because of the lack of morals regarding to love.

I met my jakarta 21y old girl from dating service. She gave time in beginning, then she was bule bars constantly when i was in north europa. She said she like to go bars, cause of the good music, yea right. Many times she used to call from toilet, taxi or other privat place. She carried her code locked BB everywhere she went.

She had many foreign trips when i was home country. She used to swear all her biggest lies by her mom and family even. Then we met in jan in bali. I gave her tab to play she liked. Many times she found to have privacy, to call other bf's somewhere out there. She had most likely many man in same time on a round. When I got home from holiday, she asked me to pay her school cost, 11 juta. I said, well, lets see. Phone was left open. She sweared to her family it was one night stand, even he was the one she probably going to rip off n long term.

So she just changed to an older guy, who can throw some money to her.. I kicked her and said i leave u bitch. She cried me back 3 days, how much she love me, cant leave without u. Even sametime he was holiday with other bf lol. I took her back, gave second change. She started to use also second email "because i dont wanna use primary one, dont send it any messages!

Just couple weeks after she said she truly love me and cried me back lol!!! That girl was knowing what she do. She was good doing all cheating and all. But if u have instinct that all is not ok, normally that is the case. But even write like this, its left me broken heart, i hope no one would feel the same ever..

I'm a bit sad that these types of women exist because they give interracial relationship a bad name. So good topic really i like any post talking about Genital Herpes but i want to say thing to u Health not that only Unfortunately it has been my 12 year experience to know that regardless of any professed desire to leave 'the life' behind, results are nothing but heartache and destruction.

As open-minded as I am, racially, religiously, etc. I'd like to thank Marc for his sharing about his love life with his ex Indonesian gf. Because he love the girl genuinely, but the girl love him for his money, not his heart.

Well, I've read all of the opinions about his writing. All of you're talking from your different point of views. From the Indonesian perspective vs the foreigners perspective. So there's no conclusion about the writing. We're Indonesian girls are looked different physically than western girls, but we have the same thought as western girls or other girls do.

Especially with the development of Information Technology nowadays. Maybe we have a different lifestyle with western girls, because we live in a country that still uphold our cultural values, named TABOO. Not as what Anonymous Caucasian says: Well, you talk as if Indonesian people doesn't understand about love and honesty. I don't know how do you get that wrong thought in your mind, but you work here, feel the atmosphere of Indonesia and you are given a chance to earn money by working in this country.

How can you say that? I don't know whether there are more true people at Aussie than in Indonesia.. Honestly, I dislike a cheater. If you fall in love with an Indonesian girls, please do check, whether she is a fake or not.

Whether she loves you or she just need you as a 'walking ATM'. And read some articles about them. I found out that the prostitutes usually come in a group, with a shemale. Usually you can recognize them from the way they dressed themselves wearing too sexy dresses, too mini skirts, or showing their boobs too much etc Nah, the shemale works as her pimp or inform him which guy will be their prey that night. After that the girl will dance or act attractively or maybe she is exaggerating her body move to flirt that 'prey'.

Sometimes they will come to the 'prey' then do a kind of 'dirty dancing' hahahaha So don't get drunk guys, cause everyone looks gorgeous in the club, maybe coz of the lights of the clubs, but especially when you get drunk Well, I myself go to clubs with my friends or family.

We like to dance and make fun of each other.. And I think some Indonesian girls do too Coz we like music and get together with friends or family. Sometimes we do drink alcohol but never get drunk.

Coz you don't know the people that you met at the clubs, though I am an Indonesian girl, I must beware about it too. Just to take care of ourselves from what we can't control. So you must control yourself too. I understand how Marc and other guys feel after being cheated by their Indonesian gfs. But it doesn't mean that you can generalize that behavior to some Indonesian girls I have some friends who are interested in bule westerners but they are afraid because there's a stereotype in Indonesia, that westerners need sex before marriage if they wanna have a serious relationship with their couple But I have a friend who told me, that his husband can wait till they got married before they do sex.

Isn't it a stereotype too? So guys, if you still love the Indonesian girls, the way they smile, treat you, and love you etc Go for it, and be careful As I know you are lucky if you get married with a good Indonesian girl, cause they are a funny one, and they will treat you nicely, polite, sweet and be true to you, till the end of her time And keep on praying, you will get the best Indonesian girl, if you involve God in finding your soulmate in Indonesia I recently met a girl in a bar in bali.

Did a second trip back there to spend more time with her and get to know her. She wanted to put her dodgy past behind her and not go out and find Western man anymore and she wanted to have a future with me. Anyway I sent her a text when I was back in aus and pretended to be someone else and she was still going to dodgy clubs. Feel stupid but have learnt my lesson. My advise to all the single expat men is: Don't make it complicated then it is, if you want to get laid just go to Alexis classy sexclub.

Keep it strictly business , no feelings just having some 1,5 hours of quality time To be honest actually im looking for a expat to be my genuine bf dont laugh at me ,so thats why i bumped to this site.

FYI im not a kind of girl who loves to hang out to the bars etc. If one of you dont mind to know me more,i'll show you that such of signs "the cheating indo girl" arent totaly right. Such a lengthy discussion. I just would like to sum up all of the comments by stating the simple but SAD truth don't read if u are not prepared: Asian culture demands Man to be responsible for the Woman, thus like it or not, no matter how independent,rich,educated,beautiful, a woman is, it is in their innate nature to look for a man who can and will take care of her needs and wants.

Let alone the poor, dependent, ugly, foolish women out there. Im sure to some extent, the Western culture believes in this concept too, but movements on gender equality, feminism and freedom on just about anything, have somewhat made the Asian culture seem alien to them. So Please try to understand this simple advise before u decide to engage an Indonesian gal, for whatever purpose there is, PEaCe.

Basically wherever there is a big wealth gap. I had 2 failed marriages where I paid a huge price for falling in love. The second one really hurt the most. I wish I could say it won't happen again but I'm a hopeless romantic and I wish I wasn't.

I hope, next time, I can spot the signs before its too late. Ha ha LoL funny article, you bule guys think like a king who wanna rule the local chicks and use them up with your charm prospects The rules u have to spend what you will get, there is no free rides. Don't think about being cheated by local chicks here if you already cheated from your fat ass wife back home. Have you ever heard that forein man sell his wife as prostitutes after marriage.

Those things are happen in front of your nose. I am an Indonesian girl But it's sad to say that, you are unlucky if you dated an Indonesian girl you got from a bar They will always be fake and never love you for all you are, they always use you for your money and prestige And the worst thing is when you expat guys who is christian want to move from another religion because only for this mothafuqah who sucks all your soul If you want an Indonesian woman, just search for the intellect one, not the dumb, and beauty is come from heart, not the sexy stuff Open your eyes dude.

Indonesian girls are wonderful creatures, just go in with your eyes wide open! And if you marry a real beauty , keep em open! Kinda funny and ironic that all the self-proclaimed "educated and well-financed" indo girls here got offended by the article, and demand the writer to "stop generalizing" because not all indo girls are gold diggers and the symptoms mentioned can also be valid any girls of any race Me personally, I think the writer's problem is that he's looking for indo girl to begin with.

Not a good idea, since I think most of them are sluts in disguise. Bules will have a blast literally many times because most local girls worship them. Hi , I'm debby 19 years old ,indonesian I just seeing this article..

But the truth is if indonesian. Means the girl really mean it to you.. She expect money , that means she expect to live with u ,their expect to change life with western guy.. All in bad way ,, if u want to hv a good relationship with indonesian , must be mature and have job.. Honestly I'm young I'm widowed , I admit ur article.. But u shud know , indonesian hope their life to be better.. I guess This article good for share , what western looking for here.

You are just an indonesian hooker with a good sucker skills, you cheatting with any one, you doesn't deserve to be a wife.. Hi im debora 20 y. To all the Indonesian girls who read this comment. I certainly don't consider the majority of you as "Good Time Girls".

However, in the western society it's accepted women will go out for the night, usually with a group of female friends. These girls are under-mining All Women, All over the world. Many have climbed the ladder to high levels in their chosen profession. Women are good at multi-tasking. Don't come back at me with a comment about the lack of wealth in Indonesia.

So all you Indonesian women out there You don't have to degrade yourselves. Then think, would you be happy with this man? But one day he may turn the tables on you! This comment is to reach out to all of the blue collar, low life, and uneducated responders to this thread.

We are speaking about human beings here, not perceived property or people that can be exchanged or exploited. Having spent many years in Indonesia, I am sickened by the brainless US oil worker androids, and others, that believe they understand international cultures and philosophy.

You are an embarrassment to the United States, and moreover, to the human race. Why not spend some time in Antarctica, where your contributions will be totally ignored? I think all these attempts to generalize Indonesian women are, honestly said, based on a complete lack of understanding of "real life" in Jakarta.

Surely, if your universe is limited to BlokM, then perhaps - even though I would have to say that I have met considerably more nice and normal Indonesian women there than the opposite. And outside the bar-scene, for sure, I cannot at all for one split second recognize the reality of the original article.

The fact is that where I come Indonesian women in general are kind, fun, sweet, intelligent, open-minded and all the good superlatives we can find. As a matter of fact, I cannot honestly think of a better place for ANY man to find high-quality female companionship of whatever kind. Dear, not all Indo girls are like that, I'm an indo woman, and i only do clubbing when it's company events or when my black american husband is with me.

I like clubbing but clubbing in indonesia isn't the same as in states. And i never go out clubbing by myself or with my girl friends here in indonesia, hell NO!! A good advice from one of the comments: They for sure not after your money, they probably make more than you do lol And if all goes well, take her to the clubs with you. Maybe one of the guys was you? Think these symptoms can be found with guys also.. The minute they lie to you, kick them to the curb. There is about million more of them in Indonesia and the vast majority of them make western women look like fat cows.

I love the women on here who judge and look down at the girls in the club, undoubtedly they have have ex-bule bf's that got sick of their lame performance and went and got a good one at the club! Clubbing is not as accepted in Indonesia as in the West. Therefore, clubs -definitely the ones with prostitutes- are not where most Indonesian girls want to go to or be found.

You can find and learn to know them at work, cinemas, sports clubs, church, social organizations, and so on.

I'm a men,love to clubbing and spa too I agree to some extend with you mate, but not completely. Some of them have job and go to this clubs just: Unlike in China, Vietnam and some other countries, where they ask you for the money first and leave your room when you are "done", you know in Indonesia usually the girl will stay in your room unless you tell her, that you are busy and she must leave.

And that does not change the money, if you agreed earlier on the "tip". Many of them just dream of and later become the most faithful wives, despite the tens of "boyfriends" they've had in their past.

But as I said in the beginning, your tips are basically correct. If you play "love story", she will perfectly realize, that sooner or later will you'll go back to your family and she shouldn't loose her other "options" for a living. Not all of indonesian girl who likes to go clubbing does that.. Based on your story, those girls are a hookers.. You're just unlucky to met a girl like her.. I hope you enjoy jakarta and find a nice, smart, polite and trusted girl..

Im an indonesian girl btw.. Many bule just like having sex. And they deserve to spend a lot of money. Remember, nothing free in this world. Agree with some of the comments above if you meet a girl at a bar who goes home with you straight away then Still, one heads up - I got caught by a girl who got pregnant within weeks of our meeting not at a bar, she had just split with her married boyfriend.

I pushed for an abortion and she did it. A few years later she got pregnant with another guy she was having an affair with. Point is, it took me a while to realize that the first pregnancy wasn't mine, despite being the basis for our later relationship. Of course she was happy to have an abortion! So be careful with that. With a lovely Indonesian girl now, for 6 years, she's the love of my life, smart, honest, beautiful.

So it can happen, but you have to be careful, the same as anywhere. Frankly, the way most westerners behave towards women here, in ways they would never dare do in their own country, they deserve what they get. Hello Marc, I'm an Indonesian woman. After reading your blog, I could guess that you have had a lot of unpleasant experiences with Indonesian girls. Any problem with your personality? Could it be because you have less intelligence than those Indonesian women? Yes, I do agree that most of nice Indonesian girls won't go to the night clubs or bars.

I would say they won't think of going to such place. But whoever saying look other comment "they must be Chinese. Remember, women and men cheat in every country. So Marc, after 5 years making a life in Indonesia, is this the way you show your appreciation to my country. You have given an bad impression to all worldwide readers. It almost like all Indonesian women are cheaters. Create a blog of Signs that the women in your country are Cheating On their boy friend.

Alright, I hope I wasn't being too harsh, or was I? I had a girl from jakarta, extremely gorgeous.. Ok she had a boyfriend but she was sick and tired of him. Sooo that's when I came into her life. I'm indonesian boy, but lives in Holland. Anyway she fell in love with me, but she wants and thinks it's extremely normal for me to pay all her stuff.

We went to bed several times heck.. I'm not complaining tho. I found out she actually didn't love me anymore after the first 2 days we met. Reason is her ex bf. She constantly texting him on her iPhone wich she kept hidden with a password. They weren't talking about random stuff tho, it was obvious they wanted eachother back.

It has been 2 weeks since I'm back home. Never cared for me afterwards , she didn't even asked me how my flight was I'm a western guy married to a lovely Indonesian girl and have seen first hand the way some western guys treat bar girls,talking down to them. Thing is a lot of these guys can't even see there own feet,fat horrible english men s[peaking to staff and bar girls like shit!! I have actually intervened at times and told these guys that there language was unacceptable,if they spoke to my staff in Scotland like that I would sling them out.

I'm indonesian woman and I'm having a relationship with American guy ,i'm educated and have a good job and sometimes i went to the clubs with my girlfriends, but i never thought about cheating on him, i went to the clubs just for fun and cool down my brain after work ,my boyfriend is a decent and smart guy, and i never thought about cheating on him or stealing his money etc, we always honest about our financial states and he told me from the beginning that he's not a rich man who can spoil me with expensive stuff ,i genuinely care about him and try my best to make him happy.

I have never been to Indonasia as I presumed it will have no night life so have often visited Thailand instead, but after reading your blog I think I must visit it as it seems they are nice things to keep me occupied. Im an Arab and hopefully will try to visit before the end of the year. I as a Westerner i'm quite use to be friends with women but forget it here. I have mixed feelings of pity, frustration and anger as I'm reading the comments. These typical manipulative-expats-obsessed-money-suckers, not only in Indonesia, but in Asia as a whole, give Asian girls and mixed relationships a bad rep I have dated three gorgeous Indonesian girls whom I met in upscale billiards clubs and pubs, not in girly bars.

They were early 20's, never married, never pregnant and still living with their parents. They were romantic and affectionate with me and loved to be pampered. I strongly suspect that all three were in a steady relationship with a local Indonesian boyfriend. Here are some signs that your Indonesian sweetheart may just be your professional girlfriend who actually has a local Indonesian boyfriend: She always replies to your text messages during her workdays, but rarely on her days off.

She asks you to please top up her phone credits so she can communicate with you anytime, anywhere. Could it be because her local boyfriend is coming to pick her up after work with his motorbike?

She walks away from you to take the call but her body language tells you that she is not talking with her mother. Reading all this makes me very very thankful that I've found my significant other who is British and we are very much committed to each other: These whole comments from Indonesian girls are simply just justifying that they actually do date bules for money and don't mind with sex thing! No such thing as platonic romance when you date a bule.

Deep down, you all must have enjoyed the good treats of expensive dining, gifts, Bali holiday every now and then, bla bla bla. Listen ladies, just stay silent and do NOT attempt to give more comments to defend yourself as it will be pointless!

You are who you are. If you like bule, and date him, keep him for yourself and enjoy while you can. If you are not a prostitute, why bother? Hell they all can say whatever, only you and your bule boyfriend who can read between the lines. I never care for whatever people say, I am what I am, no drama! If you are not ayam, then act and think like normal girl. Unless you have the astonishing way of broading your way of thinking, completely out of the box, then by all means, wear anything you want, act like whatever.

In the mean time, if you still don't have such a way, you better think twice to be around bule! I am sick of ladies who want to be around bule but can't bear the consequences! I had an INDO girlfriend from university ,she said we "tunangan" compromise love mereal,etc.. No matter how much money,gifts,attentions, care,etc.. They are just rubish,dont mean all most of them,large majority. She try again and again to keep me,and i kept making mistake to trust her and more and more personal gifts in the mean time she was fucking around thousands of bules,indonesian most of them for money I believe Egois,superficial,cheaters,no moral,no ethics,..

This article was posted nearly three years ago, and people are still giving their comments including me. I can say that I am a normal good Jakarta girl. Number three, I only stick to one man but yes I have lots of male friends and I don't have such a friends with benefit kind of friendship - I am very loyal judging by only having 3 ex bfs two indos and one bule.

Number four, I am independent as I can do things without disturbing my bf's precious time. Number five, I am a full-of-affection kind of girl and hopelessly romantic.

With all those things, I am still no luck finding the guy for me? I always always fall to the wrong ones as they were so deceiving on the first few meetings and they went along with my rules that no sex before everything's clear. Is there anyone can tell me what my problem is? Seriously, I am kind of desperate now to be able to get married before I touch Not necessarily bule though.. It saddens me that your heart has been repeatedly broken To Anonymous posting 13th Feb. If you are so good why have you broken up with other boyfriends.

Maybe the guys see something in you that they don't like. Maybe you sound like a school teacher To Annoy-nymous posting on Feb 14th, this is Annoyed-nymous posting on Feb 13th. Exactly my question, wasn't it? Only you didn't bother to specify what they don't like from me. I have 3 ex bfs, the first ex is my senior back in campus and he is now a lecturer. That didn't work out as I fell pregnant and I didn't want to ruin my future for keeping the baby.

He was furious and we broke up. The second ex was a stock broker and we broke up because he proposed but I thought I was still too young to be married that time, mind you I was just 23 and just started my career. He moved to Bali and happily married with French woman. And my last ex is a Suisse, a Consultant in a top Financial Firm in Jakarta and we broke up because his contract was done and he wanted to take me to Zurich, but my parents especially my mum only approve if we got married first and he refused to convert to Muslim.

Now what else would you want to conclude about me? Do I sound like a school teacher? You wouldn't be here if not because of your education. And where did you get the education? Who taught you then? To Anonymous posting Feb What i deduce is that its not the Guys fault. You have an excuse for each occassion. Well then anonymous posting on 19 Feb, like it was all an easy declination. Well, cut it short. I won't bother to deal with you preaching about whatever you thought you knew, you have no idea at all..

You made a bad comment about me - someone you never know, and now you make me feel full of regret to have commented on this article.. Please admin, delete my comments on Feb 13, 18, and this one too..

To the anonymous poster on Feb Who pissed in your Cheerio's? The lady was stating her case, that she feels comfortable in her situation, educated, and only three ex-boyfriends. You seem to conclude that based on her status as an Indo, she's automatically a slut. Her commentary on her requirements seem to have no problems with me. Sex is a big no-no until the rules are clearly understood. No problem, as long as it is spelled out clearly before the 'fun' begins. Sounds great to me. You, however, need to gargle with a used douche.

By the way, I'm living in Jakarta, and find all sorts of women here. Sure, there are hookers. I want to add some notes, what you wrote is really beautiful, and useful and will help guys especially those under 25 to understand girls better. Descent Indonesian girls don't have sex outside the wed-lock. If you find one who's willing to have sex with you, she must be a prostitute. Or maybe on Buddhist - Hindus temple. Unless if u can find a virgin one outside there, then you can get a good chance.

This does not mean there are no bad ones though. The point i am trying to make is that "you get what you pay for". In the west there is nothing wrong with going to a bar or a club to meet people.

But every culture has it own little details. This has nothing to do with being right or wrong - but we should not judge the west baased on Islamic valuse, nor should they judge us based on thier values too: We are different and should learn what is acceptable in a certain culture what is not before we dove in it.

D , hi bule there are exactly the 10 signs of unhealthy relationship. It does not related to nationality or what. And the basic principle, the ratio of finding good women But again, depend on. Don't be so naive, everybody knows this basic lesson. The most important, I am Indonesian girl and all my beautiful friend, doesn't act like ur story. Understand our culture first, so you will find it easy to get nice good women.

I think bule don't have sex before marriage with his Indonesian girlfriend it's really ruined my perception Specially to know the fact that their Indonesian girlfriend are so ugly hehe. Some bad signs to be aware of, even then you are not sure.

But same counts the other way. I would like to see an article about good signs, like in my opinion: Good women for Good men If you are an honest man then you will find the right girl so if you have a bad experience ask yourself! I have ex-bf from uk but he couldn't respect and spoke rudely every time it was horrible it the reason why I hate to have a relationship with the Western again they can't respect Indonesian culture.

I think we should be engaged even now,.. But she like to dance almost everynight in many bule places. Her job give her a change too, to meet up other bule's. Im confused, why this girl like to hang out in bars and clubs everyday, if she not like to flirting and get attention from westerners..?!?!? Im enough old and have daughter, thats why i would not like to play around anymore..

Pity my daughter love her very much aduh.. I like to trust and all, but there is a limit i guess. Name of Dewi from Bats If you are reading this, leave her. If you want to have fun, go ahead. Contributing to the list. Thise girls or ayams united nation which use the same trick. She gets angry for no apparent reason on your character, expression, jealousy and others. Could be she has other boyfriends where she cannot meet while you are occupying most of her time.

She puts sentiment and loving messages on social chat like whatapps status to gain your trust but somehow, non of the other boyfriends on whatsapp which bbm, wechat or line. She tells you everything about her past on ex-boyfriends but cannot remember the date, duration,, race or even nationality when you ask or confirming answers again on later occasion where you get wrong answers.

She shits you with 1 4. She tells you you are the only boyfriend she has and she promised you not to work or still working where she remains uncontactable at odd hours. She gets frightened of being pregnant with you and requested for screening but yet, wanting to get married, pregnant and stay with you.

When you acting seriously to propose, tons of reason like university graduation, background of your family, need apartment etc. She gets non-stop bbm, wechat and whatsapp.

Reason she has lot of friends which should be boyfriends or fishing in-progress. She never remember anything or forget your birthday, day of met, favor drinks, place, hobbies and give wrong answers. She has too much to remember.

You get what i mean? The security guard of a particular hotel, mall or restraurants call you another guy name. She is always tired even when you are there. She claims she didn't work or go out last night. She says she wants plastic sugery for you. Well, just to hookup new or current guys. She promises tons of things to do with you but not one she could recall or do willingly. She tells you she has a customer she does not like but yet, still chatting.

Unfortunately, answer given I do not like him or never contact. You sent 4 questions and answers 3. She does not give a shit. She cannot stay even 1 day with you in-room. She sleeps while you watching tv and you sleep, she pretends watching tv while messing with phone.

She keeps her phone in a very inaccessible place while sleeping. She sends you picture of her current location to gain your trust. Could be sending not just you receiving the picture. Well, she always messes with phone with you even with friends, family or sick. I would highly recommend if you think something is really wrong and you want to get bottom. Check bbm, photo, whatsapp, line, sms, recent calls etc. D you got the plasure, she got your money.

As said before, for a serious relationship you don't go to these bars. The 'nice' girls don't go there. And if you fall in love with one of these butterflies, you're stupid. She gave a skype name i added and talking skype face to face.

Well, if you met Indonesian woman make sure she is not a hookers. Ask her job, her education. This thread somehow puts me in mind of buying a 2nd hand vehicle. You get what u pay for if your lucky.

Are you that squeaky clean, clean living church boy? Same all over the world dodgy used car sales people are always sucking in suckers. I lived in that city for over a year and the place is a complete and utter stinking shitholeim glad i got out when i did fucking foul dump, it was probably cleaner and less corrupt when the Dutch were running it.

Thank God, i have my German husband. I like him not because he is a presdir in a German company in Germany. I dont even know about it and i never ask him about his salary. Our friendship is based on trust and sincerity. I am from a big city in Java. Hi marc what is the name of the lady in the first picture with all the money?

I would like to say something I have an indo women living with me and I've got to say she's married and speaks to 7 different guys She's sent pictures of herself nude she's always lying always sneaking out the house she has three kids one who is not the current husbands child Yet he takes care of this child, I find her so disgusting.

It's true once a cheater always a cheater I mean atm there's 4 different men not counting her husband. Not all indonesian girl are cheater I never cheat him. I had my principle, when i am in love with him, i dont want to have sex with another men, even i dont know probably he did sex in another country, because i understand every man need sex alot, but i keep my sacred love only to my german boyfriend Eventhough i knew he was an atheist and i am muslim U will never met a good girl in a club in indonesian Do not have high expectation for a good relationship from a woman that one meets in a night club or bar and that is all over the world not exclusive to Indonesia.

Not all the woman are the same. Javanese gals are some of the most beautiful and lovely women in the world, a guy should be very happy to spend time with some of these beauties. I was married to one for 2 years conniving thieving unstable deceitful piece of third world shite money obsessed lying fucked up witch, that was my unfortunate experience of indonesian women filipino women are miles better dont bother with these dirty filth tramps.

My story goes down a different track but the same end result. I'm a bule man, wife Indo. Together 10 years, married for 7. She already had 3 kids and we adopted 2 more. Our love for each other was profound. She had insisted I become a true Muslim from my heart or else.

Her love of Allah was greater than her love for me. I spent ages researching and finding out about Islam and finally I decided I cannot truly accept Islam as my faith. I feel like the empty shell of a juiced orange. So boys, there is another aspect to marrying an Indo girl for you to think about.

I'm staying in Indo anyway because I like it. Well i am 23 years old, well educated, i have my own job snf yet i like to go to bars or clubs because i enjoy the music, never cheat on my relationship, never interested with other people wallets, never have one night stand and i clearly don't do hook-up whatsoever. So stop judging girls who go to bars or clubs, small minded people.

All the blue men i saw with Indonesian girls are ugly, fat and too old! Supermarket or club, educated or non educated all indo girls are gold diggers! It seems it's a cultural thing. You want decent girl get her from your culture from your country. I am an Expat Psycologist working in Indonesia for last 3 years and have seen so many guys just go mental about this. Some of the further and latest tell tale signs are as below.

I have to maintain anonymity for the sake of my clients; but do understand the below well 1. She Wants to create sympathy sometimes by saying is a single mother and has to take care of young kid and needs money. This is most common alongside saying got married early and husband passed away 2. Most importantly will keep fighting on small things and make the guy say sorry and eventually pay like 10 Mn IDR every time 5.

Will be very soft and docile and say she follows you 6.

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