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Looking for someone interesting 1830

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Looking for someone interesting 1830

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China was ruled by the Daoguang Emperor of the Qing dynasty during the s. The decade witnessed a rapid rise in the sale of opium in China, [2] despite efforts by the Daoguang Emperor to end the trade. By , opium sales climbed to 40, chests. Lin also closed the channel to Guangzhou Canton , leading to the seizure and destruction of 20, chests of opium. It would end three years later with the signing of the Treaty of Nanking in The latter asked for the help of the Dutch , who intervened from and helped the Adats defeat the Padri faction.

The conflict intensified in the s, as the war soon centered on Bonjol, the fortified last stronghold of the Padris. It finally fell in [6] after being besieged for three years, and along with the exile of Padri leader Tuanku Imam Bonjol , the conflict died out.

The British government appointed a series of administrative heads of British India in the s " Governor-General of India " starting in The Government of India Act was enacted to remove the East India Company 's remaining trade monopolies and divested it of all its commercial functions, renewing the Company's political and administrative authority for another twenty years.

It invested the Board of Control with full power and authority over the Company. In , the British East India company replaced Persian with local vernacular in various provinces as the official and court language.

However, in the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent, Urdu instead of Hindi was chosen to replace Persian. In , William Henry Sleeman captured "Feringhea" in his efforts to suppress the Thuggee secret society. Sleeman's work led to his appointment as General Superintendent of the operations for the Suppression of Thuggee. In February , he assumed charge of the office of Commissioner for the Suppression of Thuggee and Dacoity.

During these operations, more than Thugs were hanged or transported for life. Upon his death in , his year-old niece Queen Victoria acceded to the throne. Queen Victoria took up residence in Buckingham Palace , the first reigning British monarch to make this, rather than St James's Palace , her London home. Britain had four prime ministers during the s. Wellington's government fell in late , failing to react to calls for reform. In Grey retired from public life, leaving Lord Melbourne as his successor.

Reforms continued under Lord Melbourne, with the Poor Law Amendment Act in , which stated that no able-bodied British man could receive assistance unless he entered a workhouse. Peel's failure to win a House of Commons majority in the resulting general election January made it impossible for him to govern, and the Whigs returned to power under Melbourne in April The Marriage Act established civil marriage and registration systems that permit marriages in nonconformist chapels, and a Registrar General of Births, Marriages, and Deaths.

There were protests and significant unrest during the decade. In May and June in Wales, coal miners and others rioted for improved working conditions in what was known as the Merthyr Rising. William Howley Archbishop of Canterbury has his coach attacked by an angry mob on his first official visit to Canterbury in In May , the People's Charter was drawn up in the United Kingdom , demanding universal suffrage.

Chartism continued to gain popularity, leading to the Newport Rising in , the last large-scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain. In , James Pratt and John Smith were hanged outside Newgate Prison in London after a conviction of sodomy , the last deadly victims of the judicial persecution of homosexual men in England.

Duc de Broglie briefly served as Prime Minister , with many successors over the course of the decade. The first two Canut revolts occurred in the s.

They were among the first well-defined worker uprisings of the Industrial Revolution. The word Canut was a common term to describe to all Lyonnais silk workers. The First Canut revolt in was provoked by a drop in workers' wages caused by a drop in silk prices. After a bloody battle with the military causing casualties, rebellious silk workers seize Lyon , France.

The government sent Marshal Jean-de-Dieu Soult , a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars , at the head of an army of 20, to restore order. Soult was able to retake the town without any bloodshed, and without making any compromises with the workers. The Second Canut revolt in occurred when owners attempted to impose a wage decrease.

The government crushed the rebellion in a bloody battle, and deported or imprisoned 10, insurgents. In , France invaded and quickly seized Ottoman Regency of Algiers , and rapidly took control of other coastal communities. Fighting would continue throughout the decade, with the French pitted against forces under Ahmed Bey at Constantine , primarily in the east, and nationalist forces in Kabylie and the west.

That government instituted the Centralist Republic of Mexico by approving a new centralist constitution " Siete Leyes ". From its formation in until its dissolution in , the Centralist Republic was governed by eleven presidents none of which finished their term. It called for the state militias to disarm, but many states resisted, including Mexican Texas , which declared independence in the Texas Revolution of During the s , other provinces separated.

Many key discoveries about electricity were made in the s. Electromagnetic induction was discovered independently by Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry in ; however, Faraday was the first to publish the results of his experiments. This discovery was essential to the invention of transformers , inductors , and many types of electrical motors , generators and solenoids.

In , Michael Faraday 's published his research regarding the quantitative relationships in electrochemical reactions, now known as Faraday's laws of electrolysis. Peltier discovered the Peltier "effect" , which is the presence of heating or cooling at an electrified junction of two different conductors.

In , John Daniell invented a primary cell in which hydrogen was eliminated in the generation of the electricity. Historians believe that the first cholera pandemic had lingered in Indonesia and the Philippines in The second cholera pandemic spread from India to Russia and then to the rest of Europe claiming hundreds of thousands of lives.

Russian soldiers brought the disease to Poland during the Polish—Russian War — The epidemic reached western Europe later in In London, the disease claimed 6, victims; in Paris, 20, died out of a population of , , with about , deaths in all of France. It reached the Pacific coast of North America between and From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Births Deaths By country By topic. Daoguang Emperor and First Opium War.

Dutch East Indies and Indonesia. Company rule in India. Belgian Revolution and Siege of Antwerp Rise of nationalism under the Ottoman Empire. French conquest of Algeria. This section is in a list format that may be better presented using prose. You can help by converting this section to prose, if appropriate. Editing help is available. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

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Jul 31, The s was a decade marked by railroad building in America, Opium Wars though he was often derided as someone on the fringe of society. The abolitionist movement changed its tactics and began seeking to speak. Andrew Jackson's Message to Congress 'On Indian Removal' () off their savage habits and become an interesting, civilized, and Christian community. Jul 18, Census data, news headlines, and pop culture images and information related to the decade of the s.