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Looking for a workout girlfriend

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Looking for a workout girlfriend

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The most accurate definition is the simplest one: IF is merely alternating intervals of not eating fasting with times where you are allowed to eat. Or, to use IF parlance, you alternate a fasting period with a feeding window. The length of a fast depends on which intermittent fasting protocol you select—and there are several.

The fasting period on specific plans can range from 16 hours all the way up to 36 hours with several stops in between , and each of those specific plans will have benefits. The exception for most people is sleep.

Breakfast is sort of a hot topic in the IF world, and in fact seems to be the first point of contention for people looking in on intermittent fasting from the outside. Intermittent Fasting proponents tend to say no…which flies in the face of much of the dietary advice coming from every authority from Registered Dietitians to MDs. In fact, many people are often scolded by their physicians for skipping breakfast—particularly people who are embarking on a plan to lose weight.

There is some credence here, by the way: The espoused theory for the results was that the higher caloric intake early in the day led people to snack less often and lowered caloric intake overall.

If eating breakfast is the first step to weight loss, then clearly something else is going wrong. More evidence seems to support the breakfast idea, though. Of course, proponents of the breakfast theory are quick to suggest that most people are simply eating the wrong breakfast, as quick n easy meals like Danishes and doughnuts, which can lead to weight gain.

The only real argument that breakfast crowds have is insulin sensitivity. As a very basic note on what this is and why this matters: Increasing insulin sensitivity almost always leads to more efficient dieting. Getting back to it, supporters of eating breakfast declare that as insulin sensitivity is higher in the morning, eating a carbohydrate-rich breakfast is going to have the greatest balance of taking in a large amount of energy without the danger of weight gain.

This brings us back to IF. Or more specifically, insulin sensitivity is higher when glycogen levels are depleted; as liver glycogen will be somewhat depleted from your sleeping fast. Intermittent fasting takes that a step further: Insulin sensitivity is also increased post-exercise due to further glycogen depletion in addition to other mechanisms , and so I feel it makes the most sense to compound benefits by training in a fasted state and then having a carbohydrate meal or shake, maximizing the already potent effect of your para-workout nutrition.

Remember, the more important part is the length of the fast, not the time of the fast. Skipping breakfast just happens to be the easiest way to implement a fast. A discussion that mentions skipping breakfast—or any meal, really—will invariably lead into a discussion of meal frequency, which leads me to my next point. It seems that over the past years, hundreds of diet books have been printed, and no two were identical.

In fact, some of them have been in direct opposition to one another. Similarly, carb conscious plans generally call for products like yogurt or cottage cheese to be used as portable sources of protein, but many plans to reject dairy products altogether. Despite the incredibly disparate natures of so many of these diets, the one thing that has been consistently suggested in most books published over the past 20 years is the frequency of meals.

In fact, the reputed benefits of eating small meals more often have never been scientifically validated. You see, TEF is directly proportional to caloric intake, and if caloric intake is the same, at the end of the day, there will be no metabolic difference between eating meals or Intermittent Fasting guru Martin Berkhan has summarized this study, its meaning, and the effects of such things quite well, but suffice it to say that it seems people who eat larger meals less frequently take in fewer calories and are more satisfied doing so.

My clients who practice IF eat 3 meals not counting a post-workout shake , which they consume on days they train with weights. Obviously, above and beyond the debunking of long-believed myths, there are numerous benefits to Intermittent Fasting that make it so popular.

In addition to feeling hungry less often, and more full when they do eat, these people benefit in terms of practicality and logistics. And speaking of caloric restriction: That is, a cell will turn to its own damaged proteins for energy.

All told, this phenomenon—which, again, stems from caloric restriction—can generally help prevent both disease and age. For something more specific: Additionally, GH tends to offset the effects of cortisol, which is in part related to belly fat storage; so it seems likely that fasting can help you lose belly fat, at least indirectly.

Well, if you need another benefit, fasting reduces inflammation as well, which can have implications for improved immunity as well as increased fat loss. Intermittent Fasting , gives you a breakdown of the most popular intermittent fasting protocols. John Romaniello is a level 70 orc wizard who spends his days lifting heavy shit and his nights fighting crime.

You can read his articles here, and rants on Facebook. February 1, at 6: August 23, at June 21, at May 5, at July 23, at July 22, at 7: April 4, at 6: April 1, at March 28, at 8: March 17, at 7: March 13, at 2: March 4, at January 22, at 7: January 19, at 7: November 21, at 6: September 29, at April 28, at April 15, at 3: February 19, at February 16, at 3: February 10, at February 1, at 2: January 27, at 4: January 27, at January 16, at 6: January 11, at 5: December 23, at December 18, at 5: November 22, at 8: November 13, at 4: November 10, at 9: November 8, at 4: October 23, at 8: October 18, at 7: September 26, at 2: September 19, at 1: September 15, at 2: September 12, at 8: September 6, at September 6, at 1: September 1, at August 25, at August 21, at August 19, at 2: August 18, at 5: August 6, at 8: July 31, at 3: July 19, at 1: July 9, at 7: July 9, at July 1, at June 29, at 9: July 1, at 4: June 26, at 5: June 25, at

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July 10, at 8: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Posted by John Romaniello.

Want More Awesome Shit? Sign up for our newsletter and get automatically notified when we post new face-meltingly rad articles. What is Intermittent Fasting? Which brings me to my next point. The Most Important Meal of the Day? About the Author John Romaniello is a level 70 orc wizard who spends his days lifting heavy shit and his nights fighting crime. Comments for This Entry.

AnotherUser Thanks for a great article. I've always been tall and skinny, with a super-high metabolism which let me eat like a horse and not gain weight, but in my 60s, I'd gained about 5 stubborn pounds that my usual regular exercising wasn't helping me lose. The 5 pounds dropped right off in one month. My main goal in trying IF was to wean myself off of my after-dinner snacking, which was simply a bad habit. Even though I ate healthy snacks, the calories still added up. I had thought I'd go back to 3 meals a day once I kicked the nighttime snacking habit, but I'm finding that eating at 11 and 5 works so well for me, I'm planning to continue eating this way.

I no longer have the ups and downs from yo-yo-ing blood sugar levels, so I feel better and have more energy. I hit the gym in the mornings before eating and have no problem doing my cardio workout at all.

I do snack on some nuts or yogurt between meals if I get hungry, but only between 11 and 5. Kelly Clinefelter Not to beat a dead horse here but if IF having a comeback? I didn't know about it 6 years ago and I am just getting into it now. Wondering if anyone from then is still doing IF? I had used alternate day dieting a long time ago, and lost, and have kept off 20 pounds.

That was difficult socially when a low day conflicted with an event. This is sooo easy. I love breakfast, so I have a big breakfast at 8: Before eating, I always walk my dog and on alternate days do abs and light weights, so the 8 minutes prior to eating is routine.

I was shocked the first morning when I was not hungry when I awoke. I have a hearty, moderate sized lunch at As a teacher this fits into the healthy after school snack mode. Fuhrman fan and follow his food choices.

I am doing this for health and longevity and to pare my BMI from 29 to Mohinish Nirwal I can imagine my hunter fore-fathers fasting when they were not able to make a killing Just purchased ESE program. Thanks for recommending it. Everyone has been telling you for years that you have to eat several small meals a day to keep your metabolism up.

But how many of us have time to eat more than a few times each day? However, as with anything, try it for yourself. HairDiva50 I am a woman and I am concerned about not being able to achieve my goal. I started last week and I lost 1lb this week. I am feeling very full after eating a very small amount of food. I am fasting 16 hours 8pm to 12pm. I feel pretty good. I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible, no sugars 1 coffee in the morning with cream ; but water and tea until my fast is over.

I also am only able to exercise during my fast 4: Is this ok as well? Fat Loss Meal Guide ozgarcinia. Intermittent Hearing Loss imatinnituspatient.

Fat Loss Meal Before Bed spirulin. How to Prep Your Body for a Photo Shoot […] specifically, I find that a combination of intermittent fasting, macronutrient and calorie manipulation, density training, and the strategic application of the […] January 22, at 7: Intermittent Fasting FAQ […] a quick one for you today.

Given how prominently Intermittent Fasting is featured in my programs, and how often I discuss various Intermittent Fasting protocols […] January 19, at 7: Ty C Technically, no one ever truly skips breakfast Olga Gusseva I remember, when I was following the diet plan by one nutritionist here, once I asked how the program will end and how I suppose to keep my weight.

He said "We'll have about a month of "keeping the result" program after. And then you'll just continue eating 3 meals and 2 snacks, but without restrictions".

I was like "I'm not going to eat 5 times a day for all my life! Guess why I never saw him again. Seth Davies yeah, he usually recommends using BCAAs in between your workout and the time that you break your fast April 28, at Amber Musial Smith How would you suggest making intermittent fasting work if my crossfit workout is at 6am?

Still fast before, after up to 1pm? Is It For You? There are many things that are great about it. I decided to give it a whirl some […] February 19, at The Gastronomic Adventurer […] would I want to do that? This article by John Romaniello is a good overview and the benefits of this practice. IF is a common method […] February 16, at 3: Berlin Is it ok to run half an hour or an hour while fasting?

You see i run in the morning when i wake up, trying to do the fasting and my workout is at night, first solid meal at 1 pm. Is it ok to run while fasting? I'll appreciate some advice February 1, at 2: James Mayo is it ok to eat once a day every day? James Mayo i fast everyday. Seren Dipity I loved your article and how you simplified and clarified many myths.

I am 8 days in to it and it's working well. Fasting Savvy […] Now, a bit about IF. IF is the practice of restricting calorie intake for a certain period of time.

This can be just skipping certain meals or even not eating for as much as 24 consecutive hours. Another common method is fasting for the majority of the day and eating your daily allotted calories within a hour window.

You can read more about IF here. Jason Carlin This is a pretty rough sentence: CB As a male, how many calories do you need to eat on this IF plan? Do Cheat Days Work? Intermittent Fasting - Roman Fitness Systems [ In that article, we covered a definition of IF, as [ Coach JC Good stuff! You recommend Athletic Greens. Do you take this in the am? I noticed in your book you mentioned during your 16 hours of fasting to drink water, tea or coffee Will taking the greens in the am be ok or screw up the fasting?

Thanks November 10, at 9: John Romaniello, my other coach, has a great summary of IF principles for beginners; purists may quibble with some of his broad definitions but the basic message is spot [ John TravelChocolate Hi Roman, My most convenient meal to skip to accomplish IF is breakfast, and my most convenient time to exercise is around breakfast time. This would prevent me from having a post workout meal.

To IF for 16 hours, I need not to eat until about another 6 hours. Any thoughts on this "conflict"? Tracy Pardue I drink green tea, or an herbal tea. No suger September 15, at 2: In fact, it's very important that you drink lots of water.

Your body will be breaking down fat and glycogen while it's fasting and it needs lots of water to make that happen. Joseph Piscitelli I always love your articles, informative and to the point. I 've been doing IF, when ever I need to tighten-up. Works quickly, for when I need to cut-up my abs. My Self-Development progress update Roman Korver [ Self-Development So far Roman Korver [ Genesis Elijah It's funny how paths cross I'm on this IF ting hard right now July 31, at 3: Laura Luzbeth Coria Goodness, what an awesome and thorough piece of writing!

You're a must-read, Mr. I felt pretty amazing and I sweated profusely like never before! Lots of good reading on the subject - Engineering The Alpha is a great one. Jimmy Showtime Lean gains changed my way of life for the better. I love my super big meals with no hunger pangs that I got from 6 wimpy calorie meals. Kyle Reynen would it still be considered a fast if i make myself juice in the morning? Roman Author Breaks that fast. Intermittent Fasting Blu3yy's - Fat Blaster blog [ Intermittent Fasting and [ Intermittent fasting articles Strength Training and Conditioning [ Aaron Brodkey Is IF meant for teenagers as well?

Do you see any issues with a 17 year old such as myself implementing this? Jaime First, I have a question: I am really enjoying Engineering the Alpha. As a woman, this is very enlightening. Maybe you wouldn't want to presume what a woman is looking for or trying to achieve, but I personally would want to look very fit, very sexy, and have a very nice bum and a six pack. I like your way of thinking, and I don't necessarily want another woman's perspective.

I'd actually rather hear what you have to say. I love how you've expounded on the benefits of IF. Years ago, I thought I would try it myself. I had remembered how in high school, I never had a problem with how I looked, but never really ate breakfast, and I also knew I was prone to getting extremely hungry within an hour after eating breakfast whenever I did, which would only lead to an early lunch, which led to snacking, which led to more eating.

So out of my own curiosity, I started skipping breakfast. I didn't do anything else besides not trying to go crazy later in the day, which was easy enough , and within 2 months, I had lost 17 pounds.

At that time, I took it a step further and also skipped dinner, so basically I was fasting for 23 hours every day. I lost a lot more weight at that time, but I ended up stopping because I was finding it difficult socially when everyone else was eating at dinner time, and I wasn't. I'm so glad you've broken it down for us so we can see why IF is good and why it's good for me to eat dinner! I think in general, my body naturally wants to fast until the early afternoon, but this is finally the backup I needed to keep going with this.

Oh, and another thing, IF makes me want to drink more water, which is a very good thing, too. DEEZE thanks for explaining to me why I am the way I am, iv been fasting for years thinking I'm killing my self turns out its why I can maintain my shape for long periods when I'm next exercising.

Thanks again Big Dutty Deeze. Brent I personally have had greater success with far less effort with IF IF is simply great and can't believe i didn't try it earlier in life June 10, at 2: Intermittent Fasting FAQ [ Jackson Clarke The Birch of the Shadow I believe there may possibly be considered a several duplicates, but an exceedingly handy checklist!

Several thanks for sharing! IF has improved my quality of life immeasurably. Some good reads on IF: I made myself vulnerable. Half an Effing Chicken Alex Chang What kind of IF would you recommend to people who train every morning? Alex Chang What are your thoughts on supplementation during IF? Like "fatloss pills" or L-carnitine?

Or any supplement with no calorie at all?? CherylR Like Jakefor3, I've had good success with big breakfast. I haven't fasted that way yet but due to our natural circadian rhythm and what hormones are released in day and then the ones at night, I'm convinced that breakfast is crucial. Very light lunch certain macros and even lighter dinner other macros. No IF for me. I know it works for lots of folks but I still would dispute that the hormonal balance is out of whack doing it. Most of us don't eat breakfast for a reason serotonin mostly making IF attractive, and some of us have ravenous cravings at night also serotonin.

Obviously, if you take away a meal, such as with IF, you're gonna lose or maintain weight. It is VERY hard to eat so much food in the a. But I'm also a girl, so that could be why I think this way. Why am I putting on weight?

Jhana cut out the carbs. None of the lean stuff, fat is good for you. Intermittent Fasting [ Ive done this before but only did it for two weeks. Sohee Lee Fitness [ I decided to give it a whirl some [ If you want more information about what IF is then this is a good starting point Intermittent Fasting I have amended my plan slightly to 14 hours between last eating and next [ It not only covers all aspects but also breaks the common myths revolving around IF.

I have a question though. Does the body get accustomed to a diet pattern? And should we keep changing it? I was on Warrior diet for about months and I had to stop because after losing about kgs during those months, I didn't see any further weight loss even after I continued the WD.

I recently started ESE diet and have been on it for almost 2 weeks now. So I was wondering if the switching from WD to ESE is going to make a difference or my body is already used to the effects of fasting? Mbnichol Given the findings regarding insulin and leptin levels, would you assume this would be a good way to take off those extra lbs a 55 YO woman has put on in the last years? Amy Musick Thank you for the information!

I have read many of your articles on your site and I'm so excited about what I have learned! Matt i have been against IF since the first time i heard about it. After all I trust your work and you have never led anyone astray Leonardo4 what IF sequence might be best for overweight people with type 11 diabetes?

Thanks March 6, at 6: Hillary Coates Thank you for the "light bulb moment" here! I have been on a mission to lose 15 pounds for over a year now and got to thinking after I read this. The time in my life when I was at the lowest body fat was when I was in school. During middle school and high school I never ate breakfast and almost always chose to do other things with my lunch break than eat.

I was never obsessed with food and never felt hunger. Now I'm eating meals a day, doing cardio until I'm going to die and I'm miserable and obsess over counting protein grams.

I watch the clock for my next meal because the tiny one I just ate was not enough to do anything but wake up my tummy and leave me wanting the rest of the missing meal. All of this because I have fallen prey to the lie that my metabolism will drop and I will lose muscle.

I'm going to go back to my roots and start eating like I did when I was young. Thanks for the great info. Ryan Karas Incredible article!! Intermittent fasting has greatly changed my training, results and rate of progress. Thank you Roman for the educating article. Check out my Facebook page www. Guest if i need to stop eating for about at 16 hour window and eat for only about 8 hour window then couldn't i have breakfast at 8: Cookie Hello, I am super experienced in a few different forms of intermittent fasting.

Technically, your above plan would work. However, you would see greater results from skipping breakfast as the body burns fat rather than sugar carbs , or protein muscles first thing in the morning. If you wait to fast till after dinner, your body will first need to digest all the food you ate, which would take you to about bed time, where you will be sleeping, and thus not active, and not taking advantage of fasted activity in the morning.

It has a lot to do with your sleep cycle as well. So if you worked the graveyard shift like am , you should keep to a similar cycle - wakeup in the PM, skip your first meal, eat around 3am, then again around 7am Your largest meal should be your last one, as you are about to go to sleep and your body will use the fuel for recovery, rather than storing it for later use in the form of fat. In my first experience with IF leangains , I lost 20 pounds of fat, while simultaneously putting on muscle scale went down 10 pounds in about 6 weeks - effortlessly.

I also follow a very low carb diet, and I think it definitely makes it easier because I am never hungry. You noted that many people eat like this and don't lose weight - I think you're refering to eating all your food from 8am-5pm - if that's what you were referencing, I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that they are not losing weight simply because once you have been eating all day, when 5pm rolls around and it's time to stop, you simply don't - something will get ingested before ten pm.

Additionally, in the end, a calorie is still a calorie, and if you eat on a "normal" schedule and you're not counting them and staying below deficit, the weight will not budge. On the other hand, with IF, you can only stuff so much food in your mouth within that window, and while it might be easy to go overboard with the calories initially, eventually you will be much more in tune with your body and weather or not you're really hungry.

When I was doing leangains, I wasn't even completely fasted in the mornings - I still drank 2 cups of coffee no sweetner with heavy whipping cream before my first meal. The fat in the heavy whipping cream helps keep your body in fat burning mode upon waking when you're low carb dieting I don't know what it does for you otherwise , also to assist in the morning transition of not eating breakfast, you could have a tbsp of coconut oil which would do the same thing. I also tried to do one 24 hour fast each week back then.

I would eat lunch, and then not eat again till after lunch the following day - this was easy for me and again I think it's because of the low carb diet.

I have since stopped doing that because I have been more focused on my training and performance. BTW, the fat in the morning in addition to keeping your body in fat burning mode helps you feel full even though it is only a little bit. Another shocker for you: I eat about grams of fat a day and still lost body fat while putting on muscle.

If you want to talk about it more, feel free to find me and message me on facebook - my user name is cookie bigness, or you can contact me through my blog: I would like to give it a shot before determining if I can actually do an IF program.

Tea Really interesting stuff. One cup in the evening, on in the morning? I recommend this for everyone. Terradancer Hi Roman, really informative article, thanks! I naturally never like to eat when I first wake up- -stems from wanting to do yoga or aerobics before I ever eat, and often it is quite late before I first eat. That feels right to me, but I had thought that one should consume protein before lifting weights?

It's interesting that by not eating beforehand, I would boost my GH I'm definitely interested in trying. Oddmozzie I have started IF by skipping breakfast - at first I thought I would be hungry all morning but it is not the case - this was a big surprise, as I have been a breakfast guy for these many years, I'm 60 yrs.

I have a banana and 1 oz. Nina I have a question I've not seen posted below I think. If I don't get my workouts done first thing in the morning, there is NO time to fit them in later in the day. My day is structured around my family and once they are up and moving, there is no time for me to check out of "service" to get my workout in until they are back in bed.

So, how do I get to take advantage of the extended GH release from exercise in a fasting state which I get now AND the longer benefit by skipping breakfast unless I skip my post-workout nutrition?

My workouts are at 6am every day - brutal, I know, but otherwise they just don't happen. So my post-workout nutrition would been to be on board by 7: Can I truly just back up my window of IF and eat from 8am - 4pm and fast from 4pm - 8am? Will that truly work? Thank you in advance for your help, Roman! Cookie Nina - I do great with no post workout nutrition. I am 5am workout person and don't eat till noon.

When I initially started IF, I was always drining BCAA "shakes" before during and after my workouts, but I am currently very happy with my muscle size and strength, so I usually skip them unless I am starving in between the workout and first meal rarely if ever. You don't need to give your muscles protein immediately after the workout. Growth and repair happens while you sleep - as long as you give your body what it needs before you sleep, you'll be fine.

If you are interested in building muscle, the BCAA's will be all the post workout you need, and I highly recommend Scivation X-tend specifically watermellon madness-yum for growth, stamina, and recovery. Just want to mention also that I always feel stronger and more focused training in the fasted state.

Congrats on your HUGE weight loss! Feels good doesn't it! Also, I commented somewhere above regarding keeping your feeding window between - please see if you can find it! Good luck with your ongoing fitness and nutrition endeavors! Leafandryly Can IF also help with muscle gain? I have no need to lose any fat I was 4.

Cycle carbs and fat along with calories, keep protein constant 1 gram-male. I should be more careful but don't have time to figure it out and that's what it unfortunately takes for me , but I'm almost ripped: Kim Breske What is your suggestion for doing IF for people who have hypothyroid and get light headed when they don't eat for longer periods of time? Flexibull One quick question I am confused on that I hope you can clear up.

What do you propose for the individual who works out first thing in the morning between am start time in respect to skipping breakfast as their post workout meal? My close circle of family and friends SAY they eat breakfast - you wanna hear what it is?

You know Americans eat like sh! Meat raises acidity in the body which as you know is inflammatory - I know I know, CLA in it is good. Getting back on track, have there been any studies using IF in controlled studies that tout its merits for fat loss or is this all theory? Tom I have used IF for some time now and find it super effective at getting me or keeping me not only lean, but it also allows me to maintain strength and muscle endurance.

Here's how mine works: Sunday night I eat a "cheat meal" of whatever I want at 6pm almost always Naked Pizza! I fast until 6pm Monday. Tuesday I fast until lunch, then 4pm fruit, 5: Wednesday I skip breakfast, but have an 11am apple, then normal for the rest of the day.

Thursday, Friday, Sat I go with 3 meals two light snacks of low glycemic fruit. I train hard with multiple modalities. Additional benefits include increased energy, I always have a nice feeling of "well being" when I fast as well and as I mentioned I have no issues with losing muscle strength or condition, however, I would not attempt to increase muscle strength on this program.

As we all know, there are no definitive answers: Tweak here and there to personal liking and benefits! NCtjc I tend to fast once or twice a week, but the longest I have ever gone was right about 30 hours.

I usually do it when I am working, either at my job or out in the yard, so I burn a lot of calories, without eating and I end up taking in less calories than if I did not fast.

This helps me keep my weight pretty much steady between and Though I AM trying to build muscle, and am suceeding to a small degree. I am, after all, 57, and do not gain muscle as fast as you younger bucks Paleo Recipes Roman, For a few years now I've found that what works best for me is to eat breakfast and lunch, and then fast for the rest of the day until breakfast the next morning about a 16 - 20 hour fast.

When the strength gains stopped, so did the weight gain, but attempts to incrementally cut calories with independent carb manipulation did not produce weight loss.

Ghee and coconut oil, IMO, are just too good to not eat on a daily basis. Asad I have fated for three days by following eat stop eat protocol. My fast lasts from dinner to dinner once i get a hanf of it them Im sure I will include 16 hour window with weight training.

However, I find that with 24 hour fasting window I do not have anough energy in the tank for rigorous physical actvity Im more or less left with brisk walking in 24 hour fasted state.

These are initial days let' see how it goes. Evem i fast for religious reasons, it starts off in the morning with some sort of meal and it is broken off with some sort of meal at sunset. Now, however I notice that I'm plateauing fat-loss wise. There's some hunger during the day but it's manageable and I usually eat my first meal after my 5 o'clock workout. The first 2 pounds in weeks are gone, and I can't wait to see more! JL Roman, Great post.

I have recently started IF and can't wait to see the results. I just hope I'm doing it right to maximize my potential to get cut. I have recently, in the last year, lost 50lbs with the help of Vic Magary and I feel great Now I'm looking to get lean and ripped. I work from 6: If you have any suggestions, of how long I should fast or when I should break the fast, I'm all ears.

I love reading your posts. JL February 9, at Val Love the info! What do you recommend drinking during the fasting periods? Anything ok besides water?

It doesn't fit with every person out there nor it will benefit all. The fact of the matter is that IF may work simply because of the caloric deficit that is created, nothing more - nothing less. I loved how Dr. Felisnondomesticus What's the matter, you didn't qualify for the guest bed? Your retorts are keeping my interest in this subject matter at an all-time high! Jpapas John, you wrote: John Romaniello Your question makes the assumption that people count calories or plan meals.

Nattie It's pretty early in the a. Do you think hi protein works best with fasting? Am already on low carb, meals daily I rarely get hungry and never eat breakfast. Hallraker i would love to try IF but i have lots of questions about the hows the whys and the whens got any advice on where i can get the proper information to start Intermittent fasting? Two Nutritional Commandments Challenged [ I love it, holy shit. And so much energy on fast days, I always hit personal bests when I'm fasting.

THanks so much, John January 23, at Joe Black I loved the article, just getting into this IF business and looking forward to reading more about it. You had a few typo's in your article, which interfered with the flow and takes away from the message a bit Keep putting the word out there. I think you're helping a lot of people, including myself Thank you for giving back to the world.

I'm not sure if that's irony, serendipity, or just stupidity. And will be mentioned when I write about various methods of IF. Thanks for the lulz, though. Respectfully yours, The Fat Fuck January 12, at Felisnondomesticus Your restraint is as prodigious as your biceps and your knowledge of all things nutrition and kinesthetic.

Its become an integral, rewarding and natural lifestyle choice and cannot recommend it enough. I'm trying to figure out how to work it into my schedule. The problem is that I work from 3pmpm in a "sterile" environment. I only have certain windows where I can be in a 'food allowed" area 6: I workout in the early afternoon, usually around 11am.

I'm hoping in part 2 you could give me some tips on how to make I. If not, I'm hoping you could direct me to the right resources. Jayson Gaignard Roman, awesome post. When I first heard of IF, I was a little uneasy. But you made some great points in your post! Looking forward to seeing the results first hand! Neal Putt A very thorough article, but I didn't see anything about the efficiency of digestion when comparing frequent meals and eating smaller amounts at each meal versus more infrequent meals where a person is likely to eat a larger meal.

Is their a difference in digestion efficiency? By following a period of excess calorie intake with a period of fasting you can stimulate your body into releasing certain hormones that can actually boost your metabolism and increase fat loss. John Romaniello, a NYC-based fitness professional and my biz coach talks about the hormonal response of IF here in his article Intermittent Fasting Well said, good sir.

I'll go without eating for 4 or 5 sometimes maybe a small snack between that time but nothing big I also can go for days without no sleep. I reutinely stay up from 2to3 days with no sleep eat Maude 2 or3 small meals.. To 3 times daily.. I look lie I'm in my late 20s early 30s.. I need to work on my cardio spittle but other than that I know of no human being, no entity, no one that can keep up with this rutine without a major body or brain malfunction LOL.

I'm on my second day I chose to eat between 7am and 12pm then fast for the rest of the day. Only because I like to eat in the morning and I have always hated to eat at night. Does this time frame matter? I wake up going "Nom?! Well, actually, I am a girl. So that should be ok, then. On the more serious note, I've tried IF and it was not at all for me. I get light-headed and honestly feel quite miserable when I'm fasting.

I do sometimes experience that last burst of energy, but it feels more frantic than energic, really. Like my body is trying to tell me something I believe I can hear this little voice saying: I've struggled with my relationship with food, so I should know. I firmly believe that listening to the body and practicing mindful eating oh, just google it already can lead to a leaner, healthier and more balanced life.

Not to mention happier, if anyone is into that. And exercise is non-negotiable. Rich Samera Great read, Roman! I've heard a lot about IF and am curious to see the other types of it. This helped break some of it down for me simplistically. Can't wait to read part 2! Rosspickering Great post Roman, very well put. Ross December 12, at Haleigh Lanham Thanks for the article.

I am training for figure competition and find it impossible to do the small meals thing, so I'm thinking about IF. I'll be looking for part 2. Anonymous Looking forward to the rest of the articles. What will be interesting will be to read how the IF protocols do more than just manage a calorie restriction.

Reading this article I was left with an impression that at the end of the day IF brings about fat loss through calorie restriction. I know it is a bit more than that, and will be looking forward to your take and advice on it. Trumpeter I've been doing IF for a while, now I'm trying out longer fasts.

I'm at hour hours right now and going for hours. I did one recently that lasted 48 hours and it felt friggin great. I have previously been able to maintain a one-meal-day pattern for a week.

So far with all of this experimentation my metabolism isn't suffering I think the plateaus people hit and [usually] mistake for problems with their metabolism is just them needing fewer calories because their now lighter.

Yes I suppose you could say your metabolism is "slower" but that could also be translated, "My body doesn't need as much energy as it used to because it's 20lbs lighter now". Losing 20 lbs obviously depending on your activity level could mean needing [approx] fewer calories per day just to maintain body weight. SO if you cut by calories per day and lose 20 lbs after a year or so you're going to level out 20 lbs lighter and then slow down and eventually stop dropping, but you'll need to stay at that new reduced calorie level to not put it back on again.

Or if your more aggressive and cut kcal per day and lose it in 5 months and then come back up you can't come back up kcal and not expect to regain at least SOME of that weight, but if you only came back up kcal you should be able to hold right about at that 20 lbs lighter weight. So it's all math. Not meal timing, macro-nutrient ratios or miracle supplements.

The only eating experiment that I tried at all recently that went terribly wrong was following the, "never be hungry" advice in order to bulk and put on muscle mass. I put on mass alright it was all fat--by definition if you're getting fat you're not using that energy anyway, so I wasn't using that food to build muscle if it just turned into fat, right?

I guess my point is that there is a lot of nutritional advice out there that is BS. The only science on it and the only thing that MOST people should be worrying about is the calorie deficit. I will admit that there are a FEW other things that do matter, but mostly only to those in the lower ranges of body fat, i. IMO the whole meals-a-day is just more opportunities to get in calories that you probably don't need anyway The advice that you shouldn't mix carbs and fat doesn't make any sense because you're body is storing sugars that it makes from foods , not dietary fat and ultimately if you want to cut body fat you just need to dip your calories lower than you're using and your body will get it's energy from the fats, so what's wrong with storing your food in fat cells for a little while, you can get it back out later, it's all just energy.

Low carb is BS too, protein will cause an insulin response. The only thing that I'll add to that is as you get lighter you NEED fewer calories because it's less work to get your body from place to place. That's the only common "metabolic" slow down.

So people, keep it simple and good luck. I understand why you shorten to Roman - business reasons, but don't forget the remainder. Like you, he is well educated and intelligent; he is not a 'muscle buff' but is a fine looking man about 6'2"". When I 'tune in' to "ROMAN" I am always well, usually happy to see that very handsome face, and think of it mounted on top of that wonderful body.

What more could you want? When I am over physical problems and can exercisr, maybe I can 'shape up' a bit more. At any rate just your being there is an inspiration to me. Please continue to be an inspiration to your followers. PS - pleast lose the chinwhiskers Will December 8, at 7: Collin Messer The thing about IF is that its extremely easy to follow.

I mean heck, tons of people skip out on breakfast anyways, why not design that into your eating plan. I do pm feeding window. The only time I start feeling hungry is between 11 and And I loved moving from a conventional diet to IF and leaning out without changing any of my calories.

I'll get back with the results. My hero, the late Life Extension specialist, Paul Bragg comes to mind. Poetx Hey great read, i found most of the information necessary in this pdf http: For anyone looking for more information its about a guy who tries different variations of the intermittent fasting and its pretty cool to see the way different methods affect him.

Christian Baker Schweet article, I'd like part 2 to offer different methods and their advantages e. Can't wait for the next installment ;- December 1, at 6: Just 'cause I love ya Roman, a little proofreading goes a long way.

I loved the first program. I got great results and learned a lot. Bachreric Nice article Roman. Have you prescribed IF with any of your clients who are looking to add lean mass? I see the benefits most definitively for fat loss but in terms of providing enough kcals in such a short window to bulk up seems much more difficult.

You will be glad to know that the idea of stoking the metabolic fire all day is being challenged in some Undergrad. Keep up the great articles! Great info, and wonderful article! I will definitely wait for Part 2. Ray I for one think that IF is a very natural way of eating. Its a battle of will my head versus my stomach. My protein goal will be reached, my carbs are in the right time bracket.

Big Breakfast, Big Snack before the A. No real measuring, storage, transport problems. I eat till I feel comfy then quit. I do log it into Myfitnesspal. Bottom Line Yoda, soon teach me I hope you will! Ray November 28, at 3: Ray Im not sure if it is my computer or what, but the text is showing up the same color as the backdrop.

I had to cut and paste into word to read it. Just a heads up. Hope you can cut and paste this to read a remedy November 29, at 4: Chris Martins Interesting post, to say the least.

I do believe intermittent fasting is a very simple answer to a life long problem for a lot of people. And it works a lot better in our lifestyles than eating 6 meals a day, that's for sure. I can't believe it: S This could save me my wallet and my body still chubby Going to read next part for sure. David Goddard R Roman A great article which makes me feel a lot more committed to the practice of intermittent fasting - just a wee question.

Is the expense of BCAA really justified? Like some of the other folks who have commented, i have a slender build with longish limbs. Hard enough to gain muscle and shape. Ive eaten more food then i thought possible so that now i start to panic at the first signs of hunger pains. Always good to try new things I have never heard of the concept before today. I tend to stay away from such ideas, that so often seem to come and go in rapid succession. I was just realizing how much better I feel and how "more connected" to my body I feel on days I control my food intake similar to what you talk about.

I am looking forward to reading and learning more about the idea of IF. Reedricksr Once again another great article having intrigue and science to support what may be best for the results! I'm looking forward reading about the types of IF and finding the one with ice cream that works best for me: Thanks again Rick November 25, at Please design a plan that includes ice cream November 25, at It also does mean, though, that the simple act eating breakfast isn't enough to help keep the pounds off.

I havn't really decided if it's for me or not in the long run I'm already at a single digit body fat per cent age anyway , but those three days not consecutive, mind you convinced me. It works, and I had no problem hitting the weights, not killing my girlfriend, or studying. It actually felt good not having to bother with food at all. A lot easier than following a strict meal plan for sure. Steve W Hey Roman. I find it somewhat annoying that some readers of leangainz assume Martin somehow invented IF.

I am very glad you put that comment there. Yes he has definitely helped promote it and yes he has evolved his weight training formats around it, and i like his thinking around it, especially for bodybuilders. As far as I know, Art de Vany is the first fitness blogger who really got stuck into this, followed by Robb Wolf. Both of whom strike me as more intelligent - and considerably more humble - than Snr Martin, and neither of whom try to claim that they invented the idea!

They would rather open the forum for discussion and experimentation, than be a retard about the whole thing. Both of whom have also produced written works for publication, whereas Martin has contented himself to date with bagging other people's products, which he tends to do publicly.

Martin, you are doing good work on your blog, why degrade yourself? So, thank you Art de Vany, for first bringing IF to my attention. Onwards on upwards, and the end of that conversation. The point is moot. Roman this is a great post. I have personally found IF to be an excellent tool, but it is not the be all and end all, doesn't work for everyone, can actually be a really bad idea in some circumstances, and no doubt now is about to blow up and become a very publicly discussed tool in the health and fitness arsenal.

Thank you Roman for writing this post, as always with a humorous and un-assuming style. I look forward to your next installments and seeing some of the ways you utilize IF with your clients. Paul Keep up the good work Roman. People like you are the reason we stay sharp. You're becoming a legend. Can't wait to read part dos.

When do you think it'll be finished? Hamzax7 Eat Stop Eat 24 hour fasts twice a week, seperated by a cheat day: D Also sometimes the 16 hour leangains method November 23, at 3: Paul Scott Canavan I'm intrigued by this. I've been training for November 23, at 3: Loni I was wondering when you were going to talk about IF.

You wrote it wonderfully as always with your refreshing sense of humor. I fast a bit more regularly than what twice a week and been doing it for more than six months, I've gotten leaner, and can better tell if I'm really hungery or thirsty.

And my energy levels are great. Looking forward to your next Article on IF! Amber Toth-Carrion Thank you so much for posting this! I cant wait to see part 2!!! The anti-inflammatory and healing benefits of fasting have been touted for centuries. I know we all gravitate to what works for us and supports how we want to eat anyway. I love this method and am having great success with it! Depending on when you last spoke to her, you may be able to find her in alumni groups on Facebook.

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