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Looking for a confident white or hispanic guy

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Looking for a confident white or hispanic guy

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Looking for a confident white or hispanic guy

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This study is the first to investigate whether and, if so, why Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites in the United States differ in the variability of their lifespans. We use U. National Vital Statistics System data to calculate lifespan variance at ages 10 and older for Hispanics and whites, and then decompose the Hispanic-white variance difference into cause-specific spread, allocation, and timing effects.

Most of the remaining Hispanic-white variance difference is due to greater age dispersion spread effects in mortality from heart disease and residual causes among whites than Hispanics. Thus, the Hispanic paradox—that a socioeconomically disadvantaged population Hispanics enjoys a mortality advantage over a socioeconomically advantaged population whites —pertains to lifespan variability as well as to life expectancy.

Efforts to reduce U. We conclude by discussing how the analysis of Hispanic-white differences in lifespan variability contributes to our understanding of the Hispanic paradox. Racial and ethnic differences in mortality in the United States are wide and well-established. In the U. Hispanics exhibit higher life expectancy relative to whites despite their substantially lower socioeconomic status SES. However, considering only group differences in life expectancy misses an important aspect of health inequality: Life expectancy captures the central moment—the average—of the distribution of lifespans in a population and is a common summary indicator of between-group mortality disparities.

Lifespan variability, on the other hand, measures the dispersion—the second moment of the distribution of lifespans—and captures within-group disparities. Comparing across population groups, higher lifespan variability reflects greater inter-individual inequality and uncertainty in length of life Edwards and Tuljapurkar ; Shkolnikov et al.

Elevated lifespan variability in one population group versus another also indicates potential for public health interventions to reduce mortality inequality by averting premature mortality and presents challenges for individuals and institutions to allocate funds for retirement programs and later-life health expenses Edwards ; Peltzman ; van Raalte et al. Not only would Hispanics live longer, on average, but they would also do so more homogeneously across group members.

Although variability in age at death has been inversely associated with life expectancy historically, research indicates that rising life expectancy does not necessarily compress variability in individual lifespans in contemporary societies.

Such findings challenge the idea that the distribution of age at death is automatically compressed by rising life expectancy so that, with respect to health disparities, the study of group differences in lifespan variability is now as strategic and important as the study of group differences in life expectancy. This study uses U. National Vital Statistics System data to examine the magnitude of Hispanic-white differences in lifespan variability and their cause-specific underpinnings.

We decompose the Hispanic-white difference in lifespan variance at ages 10 and older into the contributions of 1 cause-specific variability in age at death spread effect , 2 the number of deaths attributable to each cause allocation effect , and 3 variability in cause-specific mean age at death timing effect Nau and Firebaugh Elevated lifespan variability is consistently demonstrated among disadvantaged populations relative to their more-advantaged counterparts.

For instance, researchers have shown socioeconomic differences in lifespan variability in a number of countries with SES measured with a variety of indicators, including educational attainment Brown et al. The unequal distribution of health-enhancing socioeconomic resources across U. For instance, one-quarter of U. At the same time, the SES-mortality gradient is less pronounced among Hispanics than among whites Turra and Goldman Although lifespan variability tends to be more dispersed among low-SES groups, the association may be weaker or nonexistent among Hispanics, as the Hispanic paradox would predict.

Similarly, Nau and Firebaugh In contrast, variability remained stagnant among whites. Most recently, Firebaugh et al. They found that much of the variance difference between the two groups is due to greater within-cause variance among blacks relative to whites. Despite 30 years of research on Hispanic mortality outcomes see Markides and Eschbach , for reviews , only one study to date has considered lifespan variability among Hispanics Go et al. Their results suggest that Hispanics in California had the lowest life expectancy as well as the largest standard deviation in age at death, and whites were characterized by much higher life expectancy and lower lifespan variability.

This study serves as a benchmark for our estimates of Hispanic lifespan variability using current national-level data. One reason to be skeptical of the results of Go et al. For , they reported a nearly year life expectancy gap among males These Hispanic life expectancy estimates are extremely low given that other studies examining Hispanic mortality in California and other southwestern states around that time found evidence of a longevity advantage of Hispanics over whites Markides and Coreil The Hispanic-white difference in variability warrants specific focus because of persistent questions about the observed Hispanic paradox in adult mortality and because Hispanics now represent the largest U.

Additionally, in contrast to the analysis here, Go et al. Although Hispanics exhibit lower age-adjusted all-cause mortality rates relative to whites, 1 patterns vary by age and cause of death. A Hispanic mortality advantage is not evident at all ages; adolescent and young adult Hispanics exhibit higher mortality risk relative to whites Eschbach et al.

Hayes-Bautista and colleagues identified the Latino adolescent male mortality peak LAMMP as an anomaly of the Hispanic paradox among Hispanic males in California, finding that it was limited to ages 15—24 and was primarily the result of elevated risk of homicide among Hispanics relative to whites.

Eschbach and colleagues reexamined mortality risk of Hispanic young adults in California and Texas and confirmed the homicide disadvantage among both foreign-born and U.

Mortality rates of U. Both the Hayes-Bautista et al. Recent research notes that in addition to suicide, young Hispanics have lower death rates from the emerging epidemic in accidental poisoning deaths, such as overdose from prescription or illicit drugs Chen et al.

Beyond age 50, a Hispanic mortality advantage relative to whites clearly emerges as chronic and degenerative causes of death replace external causes as the leading underlying causes.

Studies have found lower rates of cardiovascular disease and all-site cancer mortality among Hispanics compared with whites, the two causes that account for more than one-half of all U. Several recent studies have identified differential smoking patterns as a critical factor shaping the Hispanic paradox. Lung cancer and respiratory disease mortality, both very strongly linked to life course patterns of tobacco use, are much lower among Hispanics than whites Lariscy et al.

As among Hispanic young adults, Hispanic older adults are not advantaged for all causes of death. Hispanic older adults exhibit higher mortality rates from diabetes and cirrhosis relative to whites Singh and Hoyert , partly because of elevated levels of obesity and heavy alcohol consumption Hummer et al. However, deaths from these underlying causes account for only a small proportion of total deaths.

In sum, Hispanics exhibit an adult mortality advantage relative to whites, although patterns vary extensively by age and cause of death. How might these differences in age and cause-of-death patterns influence Hispanic-white differences in lifespan variability?

Although lower mortality at any age increases life expectancy, the sensitivity of lifespan variability to lower mortality rates depends on the age groups experiencing them. Lower mortality at younger ages decreases lifespan variability, whereas lower mortality at older ages increases variability. Separating young adult deaths from older adult deaths is a threshold age, which lies just below life expectancy in high-income, low mortality countries Gillespie et al.

The higher mortality among Hispanics relative to whites in adolescent and young adult ages below the threshold age could contribute to higher lifespan variability among Hispanics. The Nau-Firebaugh decomposition approach provides an analytic tool for determining how cause-of-death patterns unfold throughout the adult lifespan to contribute to Hispanic-white differences in lifespan variability.

National Vital Statistics System data. Death count data come from the U. A particular strength of our data is that we use postcensal data rather than intercensal data, the latter of which extrapolate population change since the most recent decennial census and tend to underestimate the Hispanic population Passel and Cohn These data were selected because they are current, cover the entire U.

After dropping cases that do not meet our inclusion criteria described in the upcoming Measures section , the final analytic data set includes 40,, Hispanics and ,, whites ages 10 and older in the denominators of death rates, with , Hispanic deaths and 1,, white deaths in the numerators. Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites. Census and vital statistics records, ethnicity Hispanic or non-Hispanic and race are separate items OMB In our study, Hispanics can be of any race.

Non-Hispanic whites are identified as non-Hispanic on the ethnicity item and white on the race item. One concern when estimating Hispanic death rates with vital statistics data is that they may be too low as a result of ethnic misclassification Hispanics reported as non-Hispanic on death certificates.

This issue could reduce the death count in the numerator of Hispanic death rate calculations and thus bias Hispanic death rates downward and life expectancy upward. However, Arias and colleagues Hispanic life tables, Arias applied classification ratios derived from the NLMS to correct for ethnic misclassification on death certificates; results showed that Hispanics still exhibit a higher life expectancy at birth than whites.

However, sensitivity analyses showed that our estimates of lifespan variability among Hispanics and whites are similar to estimates adjusted for ethnic misclassification, giving us greater confidence that our estimate of Hispanic lifespan variability is robust to ethnic misclassification.

Several inequality indicators other than variance have been used to measure lifespan variability e. Conclusions may depend on the indicator used due to their sensitivity to variability at different ages Shkolnikov et al. Compared with the other indicators, variance is particularly well suited for additive decomposition into spread, allocation, and timing effects.

Other studies of within-population variability in age at death rely on modal age at death as the central tendency indicator and the standard deviation above the modal age as the variability indicator Brown et al.

Although the modal approach is less sensitive to the age at left-truncation Robine , it primarily measures variability in mortality due to biological aging i. We limit the data to individuals aged 10 years and older given that small differences in infant and child mortality affect variance disproportionally. The number of life table survivors at age 10 l 10 in our data among Hispanics 99, is only slightly greater than l 10 for whites 99, The age-at-death distribution in modern, high-income societies has a bimodal functional form, with a relatively high number of deaths in the first year of life, few deaths throughout much of childhood and early adolescence, and a gradual increase throughout adulthood to an old-age mode.

Including infant and child mortality in the decomposition could inflate differences in lifespan variance through small mortality differences at very young ages Edwards and Tuljapurkar Truncation past infant ages is therefore necessary to analyze variability in adult lifespans. We apply the Nau-Firebaugh decomposition approach to examine differences in lifespan variability between Hispanics and whites.

The decomposition process is developed and described in detail elsewhere Nau and Firebaugh ; see also Firebaugh et al. Briefly, this methodology decomposes differences in lifespan variance between two populations into the contributions of differences in 1 cause-specific variability in age at death spread effect , 2 number of deaths attributable to each cause allocation effect , and 3 variability in cause-specific mean age at death timing effect.

These period-based life tables describe the mortality schedule for a synthetic cohort in which individuals experience the age- and cause-specific mortality rates of A pure spread effect would arise if two populations die from each cause at the same incidence and with the same mean age at death from each cause, but the two populations exhibit different variability in age of death for some or all causes.

For instance, if deaths are more dispersed around the mean for some causes among whites than among Hispanics, then Hispanics would have lower lifespan variability due entirely to spread effects.

Mathematically, using whites as the reference population, spread effects for cause c are expressed as. If Hispanics and whites experience the same cause-specific variance and mean age at death, their overall variances can still differ if one group experiences more life table deaths from causes that occur at particularly young or old ages.

For example, suicide deaths tend to occur at young adult ages and are more common among whites than Hispanics. This elevated incidence of suicide deaths among whites far below the mean age at death would increase the overall variance among whites relative to Hispanics. Allocation effects for cause c are expressed as follows:. Timing effects consist of group differences in the variability across cause-specific mean age at death.

If Hispanics experience similar cause-specific incidence and variability to whites, they can still have less overall variability if their mean age at death from each cause is clustered closely together, and the mean age at death from each cause among whites diverges farther apart. Timing effects for cause c are expressed as. To completely decompose the Hispanic-white difference in lifespan variability, we must include joint effects that represent allocation-spread and allocation-timing interaction terms.

Adolescent Self-Esteem: Differences by Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Age

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First of all Charles, if you knew your history, you would know that you are descended from Africans…. Do a DNA Test, its easily available nowadays she drops the mic. You could have stayed in Europe and the rest of the isolated North. So it would have been all like you. I happen to be a man of color. And I have never even seen a jungle bunny. Where do you find them?

They sound like they would be cute. So go ahead Charles and live in your own small world. Have you ever even left your own home town? A rose is a rose is a rose! NO one cares what you think. What is your point exactly? I am half Korean and black but I identify as black same as Halle.

So keep your issues about black women to your idiot ass self!!! And your point is? Go back to school, get your GED, buy a nice used single wide trailer with indoor plumbing this time, marry your German shepherd, and have lots of little shepherd mixed children. We recognize it, but the fact of the matter is that she identifies herself as Black!!

So why are White people so mad?!! I dont get it!! Her decision doesnt affect you one way or the other, so why does it bother White people so much?!!

Look yall need to research Dr. Yakub, an see where you all were grafted from, an you all will see that whenever you mix a dominant Black gene with a recessive White gene, the Black gene will always dominate that White gene!! She has African descent. America and Mexico has it, whether it be from slaves or the indigenous black ppl.

Actually, there were several wives that are not black but then who really cares if they are black. Are we living in the 21st century or what?!! Guys, please note that some of the women mentioned are not Black or African American. Please be accurate in reporting. Whatever happened to love …. Why do White people get so offended when people who are mixed identify themselves as being Black?!! Its in the genes!! Those Black genes are more dominant than the White genes that the child was made of, so when Mariah or Halle, or President Obama or even Drake look in the mirror, they see those same dominant Black genes as you hateful people, and it cant be denied!!

Thats White Americas problem, always telling lies to themselves an trying to make others believe the same falsehoods as them!! This is exactly why races shouldnt mix, because this is yet another devisive tool and topic that will keep this country racist and oppressive towards each other!!

At the end of the day its up to the individual to chose who they identify as, an White America you just have to accept that!! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Charles Volcher July 17, at 4: Jill July 21, at 4: Martine August 31, at 6: Sam September 16, at Dayan Douglas October 8, at 6:

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