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Granny Rancho Cordova with benefits

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District Conference at Rohnert Park on April , Welcome to our Rotary Club! Two Weeks in a Row? Are You Kidding Me? What a third quarter this has been Following last week's induction of Jennifer Chiappone , Clarence once again amazed his fellow conspirators by inducting Becky Harvey into our Club today, but more on that later.

The meeting started off in the back room at the ol' factory get the double entendre there? President of the Month Sean Twilla opened the meeting by recognizing the greeter Mike Passof and then the Pledge leader Brud Dufficy and Song leader Gary Spainhower , all of whom performed in exemplary fashion. Your reporter failed to catch the 'quote of the day', but if he had, it probably would have been best said by Dorothy Parker , who once opined, "Brevity is the soul of lingerie.

Yep, we had a few. Beside our guest speaker and about to be newest member, we were graced with the presence of Paul Schweiger from Central Valley Community Bank yes, the same bank as Jennifer 's Here's a couple of 'em. Speechifying starts at 3: This is fun and all we have to do is throw eggs all over the place. We normally start working about 8: April 7 - District Leadership Assembly at Inderkum High School in Natomas - this is key for next year's officers and recommended for those who have never gone but want to get engaged in any of Rotary's myriad activities.

More details will be forthcoming, likely from Ross Johnson. This is one of the best venues we have for the conference and we should all plan on going. It's fun, picturesque and the air is thin There may have been more, but your poor reporter's ink ran out at about the same time as his enthusiasm.

About this time, the Prez called for the weekly drawing and although your reporter did not hear the amount at stake, he estimates it to be a lot, and that's just an estimate. When the ticket was drawn, it turned out to be Navin who got the nod to stick his hand in the coffee pot.

Sadly for Navin and his family, he scored but a lonely white golf ball for his effort. We all feel your pain, Navin Welcome back, my friend. Suddenly it was time for one of the more painful, awkward moments our Club hands us from time to time: Next Mike Passof was targeted for not having a Rotary pin on yesterday in the presence of two other Club members, who remained nameless I think it's time for the ol' waterboard trick We had a few: President Sean chipped in at his pride at being Club President for the second time some pundits wonder if he'll get it right this time In what seems to becoming a habit, Sergeant Clarence remained on his feet and invited Becky Harvey and Dr.

Clarence gave a nice resume of Becky' s career culminating as a realtor at Lyon Real Estate and neighbor of Merlin 's why does Merlin get to have all the cool neighbors? A very interesting presentation on a subject of which I suspect few of us were aware. At the end, after some fumbling, Eva got the book and the room cleared as if the Jolly Green Giant has just showed up and declared that he wasn't a vegetarian anymore.

We needed one of those Federal Census workers today: Packed house, good food, better conversation In any event, 'twas President Brud 's swan song as President of the Month for February and your poor reporter believes it was a pretty good month, crab feed and all.

Today's meeting got off to a good start with Neil Orchard greeting, Neil Orchard leading the pledge and songmaster Gary Spainhower doing his usual vibrant job of leading us in song. The quote of the week was from Mark Twain , who, had he thought about it, would probably have opined, "Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend At this point came the customary introductions and we had a bunch: Next thing you know, everyone was gobbling down some swell soup and fresh bread.

Final tally due out before long. Texas Hold 'Em - we're looking for a trail boss The Rancho Cordova Golf Classic is on May 5 and we are participants, so dust off your clubs or your excuses. This is a hoot set in a gorgeous setting There was probably more, but Clark Kent dropped his pencil and missed it.

At this point we got to enjoy one of those most pleasant events that have been populating our year. When he finished bloviating, Jennifer gave us some of her background and then in a new twist, Clarence asked each member to come up and congratulate her, which seemed like a good idea worth repeating in the future.

The weekly golf ball drawing was next and Treasurer Tracy asked lame duck President Brud to pick the lucky ticket, which turned out to be Clarence 's. With that, it was time for the Sarge and this time Sergeant Sean rose to the occasion and opened with the standard pin and badge infraction question.

Following Pat , Ross Johnson pitched in for the fine Olympics we all recently enjoyed. Bob Adam then noted that he had just gotten a new roof on his place just a day before last week's sudden rain, so he paid. When Gary Spainhower paid for missing the volunteer 'event' at the Carmichael Crab Feed, it reminded several back-biting Rotarians that they had missed seeing your poor editor at the same event, so naturally he paid.

Before anyone could adjust their shorts, Ross MacCarty got up to warn everyone that federal pressure on lenders, just passed in Washington, DC, was going to result in rising interest rates and so now might be a good time to refi, if you've been putting it off. That's your economics lesson for the day. It was indeed a big check, estimated to be at least 24 by 48 inches and only a few of us could have accommodated it in our wallets, let alone presented it to our bank without laughing Walt went into the history of the Food Locker and congratulated the Club on it partnership in support of the food program.

He talked about the two main challenges the Locker faces every year: He noted that they recently passed the 6 million mark in meals delivered to needy residents, a number which surprised a number of folks in the room. He noted under intense questioning that the Locker hands out meals and food at Thanksgiving and Christmas to approximately to people per day, which results in to Cordovans getting nutrition assistance during the holidays.

Nevertheless, as all good things come to an end, it was President Brud 's final act to thank Walt with the book and the room cleared as if the Titanic had just anchored in the parking lot. Good meeting and good job, President Brud. I hope you remembered we were scheduled to be dark today, following the Crab Feed, yes? What a great Crab Feed it was Sommelier Neil checks the wine as Steve Forseth checks his tax return to see if he can afford to bid No, You Didn't Miss a Meeting. No meeting this week, so just some pics from the Crab Feed.

I hope y'all had fun; I did It's Crab Feed Season What an interesting day, just when you thought it was safe to go back into your tax refund Well sir, it started off like many before it: Following Jerry was none other than perennial favorite songleader Gary Spainhower leading us in God Bless.

At this point, President Brud asked if we had any visitors and we had a bunch: All good things come to an end and it was the advent of the weekly announcements that brought all that pleasant conversation screeching to a halt. Here's a couple, just to whet your appetite:. Be sure you have your task in hand so that we have another successful fund raiser. The Club Speech Contest has been moved up to March 6: Easter Egg Hunt in Hagan Park is the day before Easter; this is a fun thing; you should come out for it.

May 5 is the annual Rancho Cordova Golf Classic, run by Julie Belka and we're going to have a booth and we need golfers for the event as well. CarolAnn Forseth pulled Merlin 's number from the basket and you can see from the picture below just how well Merlin fared going for the orange ball. Hard cheese, my friend. First a few happy fines drifted in, followed by an inquisition as to who had brought and not brought wine for the Crab Feed: Merlin then paid for the fine white golf ball he had extracted from the pot and suddenly the Sarge made a sharp turn into trivia, asking various movie and sports-related questions.

Bob McBee flubbed the movie question and your poor correspondent got the sports question correct. Our speaker today was Dr. Chase Armer "Doctor, it hurts when I deduct this! The upshot seemed to be that if you're in the right spot in terms of how your income is reported, you're in good shape and if not, well, it's been nice knowin' ya.

Chase gave us some tips on how to legally avoid overpaying taxes, including making charitable gifts out of IRA distributions and timing your property taxes so as to maximize their tax offset.

All in all a very interesting presentation, which resulted in quite a few questions at the end, as you might imagine. Two people are hereby published for the purpose of joining our Club: Well, This Was a Busy One Well, sir, we may have set a new world record: The quote for the day was from Will Rogers, but your poor reporter couldn't hear it in the back,so here's one from our favorite British wartime Prime Minister: We had a slew: Heather is a nurse in the burn unit at the Med Center downtown, and claimed that she didn't know anyone in the room, save her mom.

In any event, we all began pigging out on some fine Eyetalian victuals and before long it became time for the weekly ritual: Ross Johnson gave everyone a page detailing the upcoming Crab Feed that can be copied and handed out to prospective crabby people. Paul Schubert reminded us of our commitment to help out at the Carmichael Crab Feed the week after ours. We're looking for a Texas Hold 'Em chairperson to partner up with Community Council for a spring time frame poker tournament.

See Paul if you can take on this important job.

Sacramento Home Builders | Granny Flat Law | G.J. Gardner

Way to go, Bob. Mike Passof 's daughter got her second college acceptance letter I hope it wasn't to that 'School of Hard Knocks' that Mike attended. Tom Blinn paid for being run off the road in Gold River, wrecking his car "Honest, officer, that frickin' tree jumped out in front of me At this point we'd normally be recapping our guest speaker, bit I'm told by generally reliable witnesses that said speaker did not show and it is my understanding that the room cleared as if Hilary Clinton had asked one of us to be her campaign chairperson.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Off to a good start More about Larry at the bottom of this newsletter. In any event, once settled, everyone began partaking of the fine minestrone soup and conversations began to proliferate like nuclear weapons.

Naturally, as Club presidents are wont to do, President Clarence got up to rip off a few announcements. Here's a few of 'em:. Club board meeting Wednesday night at Clarence 's it's going on as I write this and the adult beverage concession appears to be a big moneymaker, judging by the sounds and the volume Club Charter Night is going to be on the 27th of this month, most likely at the Marriott. This is a do not miss event, our Club's birthday party, if you will.

We need everyone to sell tickets and if that's not feasible, to ask local businesses to sponsor the feed. Carmichael Rotary Crab Feed is a week later, on the 24th, and we need volunteers to help work their feed, just as they do the same for us. Last dictionaries are due out on Thursday and if team captain Conrade Mayer calls, be prepared to come over to Cordova Gardens Elementary and help out. See Conrade for details.

I can tell you that the excitement was almost unbearable as a number of unprintable epithets were hurled at Brud , who managed to hold up just fine under the pressure. In medieval times he would be called "Brud the Lucky", far from what he was called at the meeting. With that little business out of the way, it was time for the Sarge to rear his ugly head. As my aunt used to say, "It's time to grab the bull by the tail and face the music.

The Sarge then turned to happy fines and Club Secretary Sharon Ewing almost couldn't contain her excitement when she announced that President Clarence has asked for her hand in marriage. Next Ross Johnson paid for his joy at having completed his part of the dictionary project and asked everyone to take home some lemons I'm not sure about the connection, either and suddenly the Sarge turned to an old standby: He asked a series of questions about the projections of a futurist in San Francisco, who predicted six items of modern living that would be extinct within 10 years.

Art talked about ClubRunner which provides the software for this newsletter and then went on to talk about the Club's webpage and Facebook page,suggesting that we can create a Facebook page for each of our events if we want to get the word out. Larry Potter has been submitted for membership by his sponsor, Tracy McLinn.

He is a former Rotarian, having previously been a member of the Lodi Sunrise Club for about 4 and half years. If you have any objections to Larry 's induction into our Club, let the Club Secretary know by next meeting.

In a strange twist of fate, the Rancho Cordova Rotary found itself living in the past, as Rotarians gathered for the inaugural meeting at the Spaghetti Factory and found to their astonishment Rotary Hall of Famer PDG Clarence Parkins in charge of the meeting. It seems, with the departure of Club President Brett Schreiner who is going back to school, the past-Presidents got together and figured that they could run the Club for the remainder of the year in Brett 's absence.

More on the details later. His brief explanation of what's going on put everyone at ease and before long we were pledging our allegiance to the flag under the capable tutelage of Bob Adam and then Gary Spainhower swung into his signature piece, God Bless America and everyone settled down to masticate in public. Of course it didn't take us long to disabuse him of that notion In any event, we all sat down to consume mass quantities and then Ray was invited up front to bring us up to date on what's going on around the District.

Here's a couple to nuggets:. If you are internationally minded, you should go. February 9 and 10th is going to see a Rotary Peace Conference on Vancouver Island, if you're in favor of peace. Sadly there were too many balls in the can for any expectation of gain and Pat 's big chance went a wanting The disappointment in the room was palpable as Pat muffed his shot at the prize Luckily the bloodletting was brief and the patient was dizzy but unbowed at the conclusion.

At this juncture Ray Wyatt jumped into the middle of the melee and fessed up to successful cataract surgery he didn't perform it; he received it The Sarge then noted that dictionary transfer medium for Team Chapman , which has historically been PDG Clarence , was strangely late to the party this morning at Cordova Meadows Elementary and carried nary a book into the school.

Clarence noted that he was busy working on his slide presentation all morning and was understandably late Moving on, the Sarge then queried the audience to see who had received Christmas presents over the holidays and almost everyone foolishly raised their hand and the Sarge suddenly struck asking all the raised hands to dip into their wallet and fork over a couple of bucks in honor of the folks who cared enough to actually buy them a present.

About this time Chase Armer chipped in for becoming the most popular guy at all the raves he goes to, now that folks have found out that he may be the only guy in town who understands the new federal income tax.

Well, sir, the program for the day was led by Clarence , assisted by a number of his well-informed lieutenants, and the theme was, "What is our plan for the rest of the year?

Team duties have shrunk; teams are no longer responsible for locating guest speakers, but are still charged with room setup and teardown. This rapid reorganization is the result of a few committed Club members getting together and formulating a plan that will carry the Club through to July, when PPP and PE Paul Schubert takes over and puts his imprint on the - 19 Club year.

The board asks every one of us members to step up and help out when asked in order to make this somewhat unexpected transition as smooth as possible. In the course of the presentation, attendees were handed a calendar of events that we know of at the moment and those events are recapitulated at the bottom of the newsletter if you want to see what's coming up.

As far as this reporter can tell, that pretty much wrapped up the meeting and Rotarians departed the premises as if the sheriff had just showed up Well sir, this had to be one of the most interesting meetings so far this year.

At any rate, we began supping after the preliminaries and the minestrone was, as usual, excellent. As Presidents are wont to do, our Prez jumped in with announcements in order to interrupt what had been some pleasant conversations and he began with a few surprise announcements not on the board.

The Prez is off to become a student pursuing a degree in the medical field. When your poor reporter has more details, he will no doubt pass them on to you, kind reader.. The rest of the announcements were no particular surprise, beginning with the smile. Note that we will be dark for the next two weeks in honor of the holidays and will be re-forming on January 9, You can show up anyway, but your lunch is on you well, to be fair Crab Feed - February 17 - sell tickets or round up a sponsor or two.

January 8 - the Ross Johnson Jazz Band is joining up with an Australian orchestra to play a free concert in Rancho Cordova and it's free Naturally, next came the Sergeant, this time in the person of Ross Johnson , aided in his quest by bagman Jerry Smuts. Ross started off by fining himself by way of thanks to the Twilla 's who had supplied much of the food and comestibles at the Club Christmas party at the Johnson 's place last Saturday.

Paul Schubert paid for being sick and missing the party and suddenly the Sarge started asking folks about happy dollars in their wallets. Marvelene chipped in as did Pat Orelli who was re-elected to the board of the Dante Club. President Brett was happy as was Secretary Sharon.

Neil Orchard confessed to a Redding trip and paid and finally Ross MacCarty fessed up to being late and not wearing a badge and that, as they say, pretty much wrapped things up. The intuitive reader may note a certain lack of context in the above report. It's true; it's hard to hear everything going on from the back of the room Before anyone could catch their breath, PP Sean got up and strode purposefully to the front of the room and called for a vote on the proposed slate of Club officers for next year.

Well, someone called for a vote after PDG Clarence moved that nominations be closed and surprise! Congratulations to all selectees. Well, with the demise of the Sarge and the vote, it was time for our guest speaker.

Doing the intro today was none other than Ross MacCarty , who many feared might wax poetic, but he did himself proud giving us some background on our guest speaker, Maria Almes , who is the Chief of Volunteer Services at the VA facility at Mather Field.

Maria gave us some background on her career and then went right in to talking about the plethora yes, you heard it here first of services that the VA provides to former service members.

These include, but are not limited to to, nutrition assistance, clothing, shelter assistance, transportation services, long term care services and suicide prevention. All of this takes place within their operating area which extends northward all the way to the Oregon border. Maria mentioned two things they need: A very engaging talk by an obviously committed program administrator. Trying out a new format; tell me what you think Quote for the Day: We had a visitor today: Robert Gillespie from the Roseville Rotary Before the eating was through, the Prez got up and began the announcements and here are the highlights:.

I think there was more, but I was elbows deep in shrimp salad and didn't want to get schmertz all over my tablet. The meeting was moving along quite briskly and so we turned to the Sarge, Ross Johnson , who was assisted today by bagman Mike Passof.

To his credit, the Sarge started right off by chipping in some bucks for something having to do with the Ross Johnson Jazz Band recent concert. He was followed by PDG Clarence Parkins who noted that he and Sharon were going to miss the Christmas Party by going to some obscure football game in Arizona, which clearly brings the man's devotion to Rotary into question.

Brud added to the haul by crowing about something related to dictionaries and for his daughter running in the recent California International Marathon Pat Orelli was recognized for something having to do with the Community Council's tax return and then your humble reporter paid a flagrant fine for his hometown Chicago Bears recent victory.

PP Sean paid for his son's positive reaction to some medication he has begun taking for treating his scarlet fever. Tracy threw in something for something couldn't hear Navin must not have been able to take it any longer so he threw some dollars in for having gotten a motel room, or something to that effect.

Your poor reporter didn't get all the context Marie talked to us about her past and what had led her to abandon her earlier life and go into fitness at an age when many seniors are beginning to take life easy. She talked about how getting fit has many benefits that, to many of us, are not intuitively obvious. The obvious ones are that you feel better and are more capable of performing physical tasks , but she also described the positive mental, social and emotional benefits.

Yes, he did, I kid you not Anyway, that was about it and President Brett gave her the book and the room cleared like a moonshine still with the revenuers closing in.

Off to a Good Start. As last week, we got off to a pretty good start, with Greeter Navin handing out badges at the door What a pleasant way to start a Rotary meeting. It was followed by President Brett getting everyone in line for their opening duties: The quote for the day was from Oscar Wilde , who I believe once said, "If you bend over and touch your toes, I'll show you where the wild goose goes" or something to that effect, I forget.

Maybe someone else said it Anyway, the feeding frenzy commenced and slowed only slightly when the announcement parade began. Club Christmas Party is on the 16th at 4: However, about this time PP Sean Twilla arose to announce the slate of officers for next year's Club leadership; the names included:.

Somewhere in the melee, the Prez found time to bring Tom Blinn forward to induct him into our august organization. Tom , a former member of the Sacramento Rotary and a Rotarian dating back to is a retired health care administrator whose single largest mistake was moving into Gold River and finding himself in close proximity to Clarence 's place.

Tom has had an interesting career and life and it behooves you to engage him in conversation when you can: Indeed it looks like we are this close Then suddenly, with no warning, Clarence , who serves as the Club Foundation Chair, invited charter member Dr.

Way to go, Merlin ; your Club is proud of you. With that little piece of business out of the way, it was time for the weekly Ray Wyatt drawing and this week, Brud Dufficy pulled Bob Adam 's number from the basket, but sadly for Bob anyway it was all for naught as a lonely white ball appeared in Bob 's hand following the 'dipping ceremony'. There apparently being no pin infractions to report, he shot right off into Happy Dollars and a few folks ponied up: Clarence was overjoyed at Marshall playing in the New Mexico Bowl against the Colorado State Skeeters or whatever and naturally Chapman had to fork over some sad bucks for the terrible team his once vaunted Chicago Bears have become in recent years.

There were some birthdays: Brud Dufficy celebrating 40 years of wedded bliss. At that point things got nasty as the Sarge resorted to the old reliable backup It turns out that the following folks apparently know next to nothing about the Winter OIympics: Finally, the Sarge, in a break with long-standing tradition, nicked new member Tom Blinn on what he called 'general principles.

Crab Feed is on February 17 and some jobs still need filling, but Paul did a very nice job of outlining the requirements and lining up team leaders. There will be more as we move forward,but don't hesitate to contact Paul if there is something in particular you'd like to do.

Anyway, at the conclusion of his presentation, the Prez called an end to the festivities and the room cleared as if a juice bar had just opened across the hall. I know what you're thinking Just got the computer back from the shop this morning, and as it's Friday night, this will be both late and short. We're Dark Next Week! It was a full house, as they say. Overwhelmed by the influx of Rotarians, the Spaghetti Factory set up extra tables and our final count was 23 folks in the room, including some folks you're about to meet.

Our greeter for life? Anyone ever seen this man open his wallet before? Dust and dead moths fell out Our song was led in exemplary fashion by Doc Dufficy 's son, Brud. There was a quote for the day and we sat down to eat mass quantities. In the course of sitting down, the President noted that former member Pat Murphy was with us, as well as Rotarian-in-waiting Tom Blinn.

More on Tom in a minute. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jerry 's wife, Vicki and the Foote family. This Saturday at Please go if you can. December 1 we're bartending at the city's holiday party. If you didn't sign up for it, see President Brett. You'll get a reminder when you show up and none of your friends are in attendance.

Next was the traditional weekly drawing and this time it was Paul Schubert 's number that got called, but with more than 10 balls in the can, we all knew it was long odds. I'm almost surprised he didn't go for our delightful server, Mo. Before beginning his pillage, he thanked President Brett and Secretary Sharon for putting up the banner over the window.

Once we get the height right, the room should darken enough that we won't be able to see our food, but the slide shows should be magnificent. First on the Sarge's hit list were PPPP Paul Schubert pin infraction - an easy one and then Ross Johnson paid a pin fine for apparently picking up his mail at the post office in his bathrobe sans pin Ray Wyatt fessed up to taking his badge home the previous week to have it polished, and man did it ever glow I believe it was 'Happy Birthday', but you couldn't tell from either the lyrics or the melody.

PPPP Paul paid for winning that fine white golf ball and for being in Sand Point, Idaho, the previous week apparently on purpose and that seemed to motivate Neil Orchard to pay up for last week's trip to Hawaii.

Ross Johnson admitted to getting most of the notes correct at the recent orchestra outing and suddenly the Sarge turned his attention to his archenemy, the Illinois grad, and asked how their football team had fared. This meant that it was time for our guest speaker, who was introduced by Bob Adam as Laura Drath , who works at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery. Laura gave a very interesting and insightful presentation on the hatchery, as well as the surrounding environs and described the processes used in managing salmon and steelhead populations in the river.

At the end, President Brett gave her the book and the room cleared as if Attila the Hun had just entered the establishment.

He has an interesting story and you could ask him about it. We are glad to have him on board. Induction is scheduled for the meeting following Thanksgiving. What an interesting meeting First off we had Clarence greeting folks at the door and he's just about got all the names down now. As the meeting started, it was Jerry Smuts who was called on to read the 4-Way Test and Jerry 's Indiana public school education served him well in that capacity.

Next up was young Brud Dufficy who got us off to a roaring start with the Pledge and then, when Chase Armer was observed absent, it fell to Bob McBee to pinch hit leading the song, a task he took to like a horse to a glue factory.

The thought for the day came from former congressman John Doolittle , who was once apparently quoted as saying, "I never saw an election I didn't enjoy fixing More on Faith later Suddenly, inexplicably, the Prez kept right on going, moving right into his favorite topic: I never win, but I guess I could improve my odds by at least buying a ticket Faith , who is attending American River College is pursuing a degree in sign language and she reassured the Club that our money is well spent on her education.

Then as fast as a Lamborghini, the Sarge suddenly started reaming his friends in the audience, aided by bagman President Brett. PDG Clarence was next on the 'Oh crap' list for being a felony interrupter as well.

Jerry Smuts was next, crowing about his annual Oregon trip and for the fact that his daughter had sold something propriety prevents me from speculating as to what it was she was selling Brud donated just because we had a guest speaker who was going to talk about distilling alcohol and naturally Bob McBee wasn't far behind..

Chapman paid for the dismal record of his Fighting Illini football team, at the same time calling into question the quality of Marshall Middle School's football opponents.

Ross Johnson was still rejoicing over Army's win over Air Force and he paid. Merlin was ever so proud of his son for winning a trip to Holland and fattened the pot for it. The Sarge put on his humanitarian hat and went to some non-fine questions. Treasurer Tracy was first and didn't even know the year Rutherford B. What has become of our public school system? Finally and not a moment too soon Pat Orelli missed the date of the inaugural edition of the London Gazette by only about years and that was that Greg gave a very engaging talk about how he began the enterprise and alluded to the plethora of regulations that control the distillery industry.

The reams of state and federal regulations would seem to intimidate a lesser man, but Greg 's Gold River Distillery has been growing since inception and we wish him all the best. A well done presentation, at the end, the Prez gave him the book and the room cleared as if Catherine O'Leary's cow had just entered the restaurant. Well, here's the main way Well, it was an unusual meeting to say the least, but then that's what makes Rotary so engaging.

As Forrest Gump once famously stated, "You never know what you're gonna get Not long after that, we heard the Prez recite some obscure quote from author Stephen King, who once apparently opined that it was better to be rich and weird than poor and normal or something along those lines I don't 'zackly remember Tom Blinn , who up until recently was a member of the Sacramento Rotary Club but has retired and lives in Rancho Cordova and is looking for a new Rotary home.

Welcome Tom ; we hope you'll come back and see us. We smartly moved on into announcements and there were the usual ones with a new one or two mixed in:. Interested in International projects? Our Thanksgiving Food Locker project is on November 20 all morning and we can use some help with handing out food We're tending bar at the R. City Hall Holiday Party on December 1 and need bartenders; a signup will be going around.

New one Dec 10 is Rotary Night at the Kings at the new arena downtown. This could be a fun event; you should go. Way to go Sharon! The Sarge began by nicking President Brett for forgetting the scheduled Foundation presentation and the Prez paid. Secretary Sharon was invited to chip in some of her winnings to the Club and a C-note to the Rotary Foundation, a fine which she obviously paid under duress.

Your poor reporter got hammered for the dismal record of his hometown Chicago Bears as well as his alma mater, the University of Illinois. Suddenly, surprise of surprises, the Sarge ponied up some cash for his vaunted Herd from Marshall Middle School who lost a game the previous weekend probably not enough pocket money to bail out their key players Heard the joke about the 'Herd"?

Tracy , looking tres chic, paid for her holiday attire and finally the Sarge backed into the 'Happy Dollars' part of the session, a concept as foreign to him as paying his taxes. Marvelene chipped in on the two year anniversary of her pancreatic cancer surgery and got a big round of applause. Way to go, Marvelene. Ray actually threw in for failing to win the weekly drawing for the first time in recorded memory.

This is the part where things took a turn, so to speak In the apparent absence of a real guest speaker, the Prez introduced the Club to a game of "News Conference' or something like that.

At the President Brett 's request, Ross MacCarty was asked to leave the room while the members decided on a recent news story that we could imagine Ross being involved in. That story turned out to be the one where the two lady sailors got stranded in mid-Pacific and weren't rescued for several months: When he was brought back into the room, Ross was asked a bunch of questions by the audience about his non-existent experience and he had to figure out what the news event was.

At long last, he sorted it out. Last on the day's' agenda, Ross Johnson got up and talked about some recent and upcoming events and invited us all to get involved. November 4 will see a veterans' event at the VA facility at Mather and we're encouraged to go, by way of thanking our veterans for risking so much for us.

See the flyer below. And that was it, and the room cleared as if the IRS had just shown up. If you're interested in the folks representing your Club at last weekend's Foundation Dinner, here's some pics:. The Neil Orchard Senior Center?!?!? Yessir, it was an interesting meeting. I believe, however, it would have gone a lot faster if the Prez had adopted my suggestion to quit showing the slides at the beginning of the meeting that misidentify all the key folks: Nevertheless, it was interesting, with the traveler Jerry Smuts being replaced by Clarence Parkins as Greeter.

In the absence of Gary Spainhower , Chase Armer led us in the song and did it so well that the assembly voted him 'Songleader for Life. Great grandpa Estes was quoted as saying something to the tune of, "Never up, never in Thus the meeting got underway and a series of delightful conversations ensued, interrupted only when President Brett felt the need to kill off any fun anyone might be having at his Rotary meeting. As one has come to expect, it was announcements first and since no one could see the screen, here's a few of 'em:.

Don't forget to use Smile. There is an International Project Forum in January for those who have an interest in making the world a better place. We're bartending the City's Holiday Party and the date has been changed to December 1, and we'll need bartenders and helpers, so prepare for a call from our project chair who will be named by President Brett at a later date.

Yes there was more, including a few by Ross Johnson , but your poor reporter's pencil broke a lead about this time This is what you call a past president's confab With the conclusion of the prelims, it was time for the weekly Ray Wyatt fund drive. The big guy opened up with pin and badge infractions and in Paul Schubert 's absence he was able to spot Neil Orchard sans pin. When the Sarge tried to get Neil to chip in a little extra for his upcoming trip to PDG Clarence shucked off a few tacklers and threw some bucks in for Marshall's win last weekend over a hoity toity girls' academy in New Jersey and Chapman felt the need to atone for his Fighting Illini loss to the Golden Gophers of the University of Minnesota, a pain partially assuaged by his beloved Chicago Bears win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

Mike Passof apparently forgot that today was World Polio Day and chipped in a few bucks. Bob McBee stood up and complained that he had received no whine for his and Diane 's anniversary at the last fining session hosted by PDG Clarence , but at least we got Bob 's whine There were some others, but the reporter's pencil broke again Neil gave a brief yet pungent introduction and Heather got up to tell us about all the activities at the Center.

The Center sponsors over 30 different programs, ranging from travel trips to meals on wheels to HICAP counseling for those who need help sorting out Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits. With that, the Prez handed her the book and the room cleared as if it was the ballroom on the Titanic. Gettin' the Hang of It. President Brett , fresh from his fatherly duties, opened the meeting by asking Paul Schubert to read the 4-Way Test and Paul once again demonstrated the value of a good remedial reading course.

Gary Spainhower was next up leading the song and Gary did his usual terrific job of it. With that, we all sat down to a bowl of minestrone soup mmmmm Before long the entrees appeared, served up by the fabulous Mo and the serious masticating began in earnest.

As always, next up were announcements and they were the usual ones, but there was a new one we need to keep in mind: This can be a nice fundraiser for us, since we get to keep the proceeds and we'll be looking for volunteers to help out in the near future. In addition, there is an International Project Forum coming up on Nov 4 for those interested in getting involved in this worthwhile area of Rotary.

November 20 we are participating in the Thanksgiving Food Locker food distribution. Regarding the Napa fire, PDG Bob Deering i s accepting cash donations written out to the District Foundation, so if you're inclined to provide your neighbors with some much needed assistance, that is a terrific way to go. I had a mouthful of soup!!!

Check with Ross for the location. Not the front table. With that, it was time for the weekly disappointment and this week it was Mike Passof 's turn to embarrass himself by pulling See Chase Armer for an explanation of compound interest, which unfortunately doesn't apply to our weekly drawing Chase Amer 's relatives' house survived the fires and then Ross Johnson was noticed for wearing the wrong 'Ross' badge. Easy peasy, lemon squeezie Suddenly quiet descended on the room as President Brett stepped back up to the podium and introduced our guest speaker, Rebecca Graulich , who heads up the Rancho Cordova Respite Club.

The Respite Club is a resource for locals who are caring for elderly family members who are suffering from dementia and her program allows caregivers to bring their charges into the Respite Club to spend the day while the caregiver is able to get some 'me' time away from the demands of providing care to their parent or spouse or other family member. It is a terrific program and Rebecca has spoken to us before.

She mentioned that statistically the top three caregivers are in order: She is obviously very knowledgeable and focused on her mission of providing an avenue for caregivers to get some relief.

An excellent talk, Rebecca got the book at the end and the room scattered like ping pong balls in a tornado. We Had a Busy Day Today. For the Governor's visit, we moved back to our old haunts at City Hall yes, dear reader, we're back at the Spaghetti Factory next week. President Brett had taken a day off from fatherly duties and led the traditional bored meeting before the real meeting and when the real meeting began, we almost had our designated greeter, Ray Wyatt , at the door.

Paul Schubert was tasked with reading the 4 Way Test from the slide, a job he has perfected since completing that remedial reading course he signed up for last summer. Jerry Smuts was the designated pledge leader but was not in attendance, so the job went to Ross MacCarty , who did a fine job.

Gary Spainhower had not yet made his appearance, so President Brett called on Ray Wyatt 's dulcet tones to lead us in God Bless America and Ray once again excelled at his assignment.

The quote for the day came from Babe Ruth , who once apparently said, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it With the conclusion of the preliminaries, the Club and its guests sat down to a fine repast of roast chicken and baked beans, with salad and trimmings, including 'punkin pie' with whipped cream.

Naturally, any president worth his stripes can't allow amicable conversation go on too long and so Brett got up after a few minutes and threw up See the pic to suss out any announcements you may be interested in.

Of course, following said announcements it was time for the weekly drawing and this week's pot almost went to Bob Adam , whose number was drawn by DG Sandy. I understand that Ross was just as surprised as anyone in the room. Paul was the first to get nicked when, surprise of surprises, he had been out in public without his Rotary pin! Sergeant Ross chipped in when he related that his son and his unit had deployed to Afghanistan. We all join Ross in wishing him Godspeed.

Next Clarence was identified as a proud alumnus of Marshall University whose football team had to overcome a lot of CTE to triumph this past weekend over a team from a local car repair chain. The Sarge then adeptly noted that both Ross MacCarty and Marvelene Weier were late to the meeting, and always the gentleman, Ross paid for half of Marvelene 's fine.

Brud was next on the hit parade, noting that one of his daughters who lives in Napa had one of her houses burn in the recent fires in that area of the state.

Next Bob Adam volunteered that he had attended a reunion of his medical school class over in Sonoma and probably not a day too soon, given the recent events there. Since cheapo Clarence was only throwing in a buck, his former friend made up the difference by letting fly a ten spot,and that was it In a last minute effort to steal minutes from the District governor, Chapman stood up and made some kind of big deal about a banner that Beler had presented the week before , and then before you knew it, President Brett got up to introduce our Assistant Governor AG for the uninitiated Ray Ward who arose to introduce District Governor Sandy Sava from the Rotary Club of Sacramento Breakfast.

Sandy opened her presentation with a brief reminiscence about how her car had a tree fall on it the last time she attended our Club and she pleaded with us to leave the dang thing alone this time. She will be letting us know what we can do to help our friends who are in need as soon as the picture clarifies itself. Plant a tree, 2. Promote Peace, and 3. Increase the number of women in Rotary. She also told us about this year's District theme: Finally she hyped the upcoming District Conference, which is going to be held at the Hyatt Regency at Incline Village from May 11 - With that, the meeting came to a skidding halt as Club members headed for the door as if Attila the Hun had just showed up in the parking lot.

It's next Wednesday; see the flyer. This can be a good recruiting tool for us, so if you can go and even bring a guest, that would be terrific. Club Prez Celebrates New Son. This epistle will be exceedingly short since your poor reporter wasn't smart enough to take pictures and notes while at the same time running the meeting. Before we begin, it is appropriate to note why we were not graced with the presence of our President Brett today.

It turns out that the Prez became a Dad for the second time last Thursday, Sept 28th, when the Schreiners welcomed the newest member of their family, young baby Lincoln , into the world.

Mom and baby are doing fine, thank you very much, but little Linc was so eager to start exploring the world that he emerged about 2 months early, nevertheless weighing 6 lbs 8 oz and stretching the tape at That being said, he needs considerable out-of-the -womb 'training' and will be hospitalized for at least a few weeks.

With Mom and Dad taking turns with him, that brought us to the sorry state of having PPP Chapman run the dang meeting again. Our congratulations to the Schreiners Our one guest for the day was former member and treasurer, Beler Watts , who had returned from the wilds of Arizona to go slumming with his old pals. Beler later complained that his 4 rounds of golf every week were eating into his retirement lifestyle, a problem that I suspect a few of us would like to have.

With that, everyone sat down to consume mass quantities. PPP Chapman interrupted the festivities only when it became apparent that no one else would and led off with the usual announcements. Here are the important ones:. She will sit in on the board meeting at Come out if you can. We have filled one table already and there is room for more; if you can go and haven't signed up, contact Clarence. There was more but it got lost in the shuffle since the Club reporter was not taking notes.

Next we held the weekly drawing and since Ray Wyatt was in the crowd, everyone held their breath, expecting the worst. Since we had to have a Sarge, it fell to PDG Clarence to pillage his fellow Rotarians and he did it with relish if not mustard and ketchup. I forget all the fines, although I think we all delighted when the lone Chicago fan in the Club threw in a Takehara for the disappointing showing of his hometown Bears.

If you didn't get to register a preference, an email to Clarence will allow your voice to be heard. Yes, folks, he lives in Arizona on purpose In the Club roster as noted in the handbook , how many active members did the Rancho Cordova Rotary Club have?

Only one response per member allowed and guesses are obviously permitted. Email your answer to PPP Chapman. How Did We Get Here? Posted on Sep 26, What a departure 'radical', one might say from our usual venue. As advertised, the Club met today at the Old Spaghetti Factory in the Nimbus Winery complex and enjoyed a nice and varied lunch as Club members evaluated the location for future weekly Club meetings. More on that later. Because he recognized that a number of Rotarians are directionally challenged, the greeter, PPP Chapman , met most by the front door and led them back to the back room where the meeting would take place.

As folks circulated and moved toward their seats, our server, Mo , came around and took drink orders. And with that, the meeting took off like Forrest Gump running for the University of Alabama. Since we had no slides, the Prez asked if anyone could recite the 4-Way Test from memory and Navin Naik jumped to the challenge and got it all right! Lunch progressed with diners enjoying either a reuben sandwich, or a salad, or mizithra cheese and brown butter pasta.

For instance, in two weeks District Governor Sandy Sava will be visiting the Club on her annual inspection tour and it is of paramount importance that we have as many members as possible show up for that meeting. Following announcements it was time for the weekly golf ball drawing and this time, Gary Spainhower 's number was called and Gary 'took one for the team' and snatched a white ball from the can. Don't recall the prize, but at this point, as Hilary would say, "What difference does it make?

Apparent to all concerned, there was another luncheon going on on the other side of the curtain room divider and it pretty much drowned out much of the rest of the talking at our meeting. Nevertheless, never one to leave a microphone standing alone, Sergeant Clarence strode to the front of the room and began a fundraising campaign the likes of which this reporter hasn't seen since the Payola scandal that rocked the radio world back in the late 70's First up was PPP and greeter Chapman who was proud of his Chicago Bears the previous weekend and he chipped in a Takehara to kickstart the collection effort.

I want my Takehara back With that, the Prez resumed his post at stage center and introduced He laid out the pluses and minuses and there ensued a lively discussion about the factors that bore on the subject.

Pardon my sticking my big nose into the debate, but here is more or less what I gathered from the various discussions that erupted around the room, in 'pro and con' format:. In addition, the Club pays our caterers, Dave and Jan , for a minimum of 20 meals a week and they are undoubtedly not making anything off us and we are getting an average of about 15 eaters per week. At the Spaghetti Factory, there is no room charge and no minimum and meals price out at almost exactly what we pay West Coast Events.

At City Hall, each meeting has one entree, with fixin's and bottled water. Could be going out on a limb here, but the Spaghetti Factory seems like a nicer venue for our meetings. City Hall is nice, but institutional; Spaghetti Factory is more user-friendly and could be used for other events, such as Charter Night.

There will be some start-up costs; we will need to purchase a tabletop projector and screen to support audiovisual presentations. We will need to purchase a few stands if we want to keep hanging banners for the meeting, since we cannot hook them on the walls. There is no 'buyout' required at City Hall; we are week to week for that room we've been using. For a few it's closer; for a few, not. It was quite loud today, with that other group next door. We have been assured by management that this should be an extremely rare occurrence and we should ordinarily have sole possession of the back of the restaurant, since it is normally closed off for lunch traffic.

In any event, once the talking died down, Gary Spainhower offered a motion to try out the Spaghetti Factory for 4 months to see how it works out with the proviso that we can always make a different decision if it doesn't.

Seconded by Ross Johnson , the motion went to a vote and carried by a tally of 7 to 6. With that, Clarence sat down, President Brett reclaimed the podium and pretty much closed the meeting.

The room emptied faster than Usain Bolt on the final leg of the 4 X relay. Another Almost Perfect Meeting. PPP Chapman you think you were disappointed? In any event, the meeting got off to a more or less normal start with the introduction of Scott Lillibridge , a visiting Rotarian from the new blended Rotary Club of Rocklin Roseville Loomis Sunrise and there might be a 'Basin' in there somewhere as well or somesuch. After a suitable interval, the has-been got up and introduced the announcements, the highlights being a reminder about the Foundation Dinner coming up we have a few seats left If you can make it to the meeting next week, do try to, since we'll be evaluating the restaurant as a potential venue for our Club going forward and we want and need your input on the decision to move or not.

With that, it was time for the weekly drawing and this time Bob McBee 's number was called by our guest Scott. Strange that they were sitting next to each other There wasn't a member who didn't feel bad for Bob With that, the has-been turned over control of the meeting temporarily to the Sarge for the Day, PDG Clarence , who got to his feet and started some fundraising.

In cahoots with Treasurer Tracy , he began by lambasting an anonymous Rotarian for leaving his drawing ticket at the sign-in table. When he discovered it was Brud , the Sarge confessed to being about to claim that ticket as the winner if it had been drawn, so no fine was imposed.

There being no pin infractions during the week, the Sarge turned to Happy Dollars and he got a bunch: Chapman threw in a Takehara for 1. Marshall winning last weekend. Neil Orchard threw in for a nice trip to Lake Almenor,which included a drunken party aboard a party boat on the lake. Our visitor, Scott Lillibridge , chipped in for his San Diego State Aztecs whomping the Stanford Cardinal over the weekend and then Brud leaped into the fray and commented on the quality of the Club bulletin.

I could never figure out which member was actually reading it Ross MacCarty reveled in the fact that he had been invited to Marvelene Weier 's place for Oktoberfest and chipped in. Ross Johnson then paid for his recent Maui trip. About this time, Bob McBee , no doubt feeling the guilt, paid for the fine white golf ball he had scored in the drawing.

Jerry Smuts , not to be denied, threw in for his Hoosiers recent athletic success. Sorry about your crappy life choices, Merlin. Finally, the Sarge embarrassed our guest, Scott , by asking the time-honored question about the best Club in the District.

To his credit, Scott gave one of the best answers to this question that this reporter has ever heard, but he paid anyway, and suddenly the hemorrhaging stopped. He was introduced by friend and co-conspirator, Mike Passof. His Chevrolet woodie was in sad shape when he purchased it from his brother some years ago and decided to restore it. This is clearly not a project for the faint of heart as it was expensive and time-consuming.

At the conclusion, he invited the Club out to the parking lot where he unveiled a most remarkable vehicle. It was obviously a testimony to a lot of grit and determination, particularly given that the vehicle fell on his head at one point in the restoration. In spite of the replacement Prez, 'twas a good meeting. Almost A Perfect Meeting. The Prez opened the meeting and started right off by finding out if Ross MacCarty could read Chapman was asked to lead the Pledge and due to his extensive military service, the big guy did not disappoint.

The quote for the day was by Aristotle who said something about education Next on the agenda was the announcing.

You can read most of them here, but the one that did not appear, but was announced orally or verbally by President Brett was that we are going to be meeting in two weeks at the Spaghetti Factory for our lunch. The purpose of this excursion is to see if it might be a suitable venue for us. The next item was kind of last-minute, since the winner of last week's inaugural football pool was none other than PP Sean Twilla and he showed up so late that several Rotarians thought he had shown up early for next week's meeting.

The traditional Ray Wyatt drawing took place next and it was President Brett 's ticket that got called. Next up was the Sarge and this time it was Chapman again who is apparently tag-teaming the event this month with fellow team member Clarence.

By Rotary standards, Tracy is an exemplary parent: Ross MacCarty threw in a fine-less announcement that his alter ego, Ross Johnson , had called him to report attending some Rotary meetings in Hawaii Now there's a Rotarian for ya There then followed a quiz the likes of which hadn't been seen Ingemar Johanssen flattened Floyd Patterson.

How may cars were destroyed in Houston by Hurricane Harvey? Mike Passof was close enough 1 in 7! How many legal ports of entry are there on the U. Bob McBee didn't know there were The highest paid NFL player in history? Remember the 'almost perfect meeting? Well, the White team had assembled all the pieces for this groundbreaking event only to be foiled by President Brett starting the meeting a minute late, so he paid and we wait And suddenly, like Hurricane Irma, it was all over Joining Navin onstage was Mr.

Pravin Shelat and he and Navin proceeded to deliver a very interesting talk about a historic Indian figure, Chanakya, who lived years ago and in many ways was the father of modern India. This remarkable man, a contemporary of Aristotle's, codified much, if not all, of India's laws and wrote on a myriad of topics, including economics, politics, social values, etc.

Arguably a brilliant man, he is rumored to be the inventor of modern chess, which he modeled after observing how wars were carried out. I want you all to know how your poor reporter suffers for his craft: This second effort may be a trifle more compact than the original In any event, the White team gofer pretended to be the greeter and was seen almost greeting a few Rotarians.

The meeting got underway with the Prez asking PP Sean to read Mike Passof was scheduled to lead the song, but in his absence, Neil Orchard was cornered and did the dirty deed. Nicely done, I might add. Among a few guests was Pat Murphy who would later become an important part of the days program. With that, everyone sat down and began masticating in public to a fine lunch of shredded beef sandwiches and salad and fruit and dessert and water Nice job by Chef Dave.

Since a Rotary meeting isn't legal unless someone reads some announcements, that was next on the agenda, with the Prez asking members to sign up for the District Foundation dinner on October 28 at the Citrus Heights Community Center. There are a few seats left and it is something you should experience, particularly if you have never gone. With the conclusion of the announcing, it was time for the highlight of the day: President Brett gave us some background on Marvelene and then asked Pat to pin on her very own Rotary pin.

The Prez then followed up by clipping on her beginner's badge and then gave the stage to Marvelene , who remarked on her background and her hopes in joining our august Club.

Well done and well said. Then, as is our custom, a drawing broke out and in Ray Wyatt 's absence, it was Clarence 's turn to have his ticket drawn.

Vince Lombardi once was quoted as saying, "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser. Well, no sooner had Clarence pulled the wrong ball out of the can than it was time for him to go forth and fine his friends and acquaintances, a task he was born to.

Marshall University all-time low felony record attributed to football team: Messed up the 'best Club in the District' question: Not one to give up the microphone easliy, Clarence stayed on his feet to introduce our guest speaker for the day, Dr.

Bill Wittich from the Laguna Elk Grove Rotary, who came to talk to us today about membership - recruiting and retention. He cited some fairly dire stats about the drop in Rotary membership in North America and noted that the average age of Rotarians in our country is Calling for us to look to a younger 40's demographic, he talked about the viability of Clubs who aren't bringing in energetic young folks with enthusiasm and ideas. Not an easy talk to listen to, but it is important and we needed to hear it and your board of directors would like for each of us to take the responsibility of finding new members seriously.

At the conclusion of Bill 's talk, he got the book and room cleared like a bunch of conservatives an an Antifa rally. It Seemed Like a Normal Meeting A red letter day for the Rancho Cordova Rotary, yessir. Soon lunch was served and it was very good, with do-it-yourself chipped beef sandwiches, salad and little cakes, presented by our very own Chef Dave.

The Prez called the meeting to order and asked PP Sean if he could read Clarence was tasked with starting the Pledge and the first fly in the ointment arrived when Mike Passof was a no-show but was capably replaced by Neil Orchard who nailed God Bless America.

Guests, we had a few, the one of note at the moment was Pat Murphy, a former member who became part and parcel of the events that were to follow. With a table full of delicious food available, Rotarians began masticating with abandon in public, no less and it seemed almost too short a time before the Prez called the assemblage to order. And then suddenly it was time for the highlight of the meeting: At the conclusion, Pat pinned Marvelene and the Prez slapped a 'starter' Rotary badge on her.

Marvelene reflected on her history, in particular her interest in community service organizations and then sat down to wild applause. Welcome to the Rancho Cordova Rotary, Marvelene.

Fines, there were a few When the Sarge noted that it was Bob McBee 's birthday month, he asked the lone Chicago Bears fan in the crowd to lead the song, and it followed it's usual discordant path to completion. Brud forked over a few bucks to thank Pat Murphy for being our go-to B Street chair. Tracy handed over some moolah for school being back in session I guess this means no more trips to East Bejeezus for softball tournaments for a while, eh, Tracy?

The Sarge himself said something nice about the Marshall U. Pat Murphy , in a surprise move, stood up and boasted about her recently married daughter now being pregnant and so she chipped in. Finally, Marvelene , even though she was advised she was fine-free for the day, insisted on throwing some cash into the pot and suddenly, that was it.

Bill 's topic, as it often is, was membership, both recruiting and retention. Did you know that the average age of Rotarians in North America is 57? He emphasized how it is all of our jobs to be looking for potential members for our Club. It was not a 'happy talk' but it brought a very large issue to our attention and it is your board's hope that each of us will take the message to heart and begin asking acquaintances to come to Rotary.

Good talk and it concluded with the Prez offering Bill a choice of books to give away to our public library. This will be short, because I'm tired and still have to put my underpants away Okay, now that we've set the tone, let's talk specifics:. Merlin Mauk passed off to Gary Spainhower nice job, Gary.

Weekly Reading of the 4-Way Test: Good food by Dave and Jan: Round up some friends and come on over; I promise you it will be fun. Unscheduled announcement by PDG Clarence: A signup is going around and you should seriously consider going to this event. Every Rancho Cordova Rotarian who signs up and goes will get either a free car wash from PDG Clarence or a hearty handshake from an as yet un-named big shot. In , she married a Swede named Axel Johanson, and had a turbulent year marriage.

In the s, Gray was arrested for owning and managing a brothel and was sentenced to 90 days in the Sacramento County Jail. After her release, she was arrested again, this time for vagrancy , and sentenced to another 90 days in jail.

Following that, Gray began a criminal career that over time became more serious. She found work as a nurse's aide, caring for disabled and elderly people in private homes. In a short time, she started to manage boarding houses. Gray divorced Johanson in and married Roberto Puente, a man 19 years her junior, in Mexico City. The marriage lasted two years. Shortly after it ended, Dorothea Puente took over a three-story, bedroom care home at F Street in Sacramento; she would later rent an upstairs apartment at F Street.

Puente got married for the fourth time in to Pedro Montalvo, who was a violent alcoholic. This marriage lasted only a few months, and Puente started to spend time in local bars looking for older men who were receiving benefits. Puente forged their signatures to steal their money. She was caught and charged with 34 counts of treasury fraud, for which she received probation. Puente's reputation at the F Street boarding house was mixed.

Some tenants resented her stinginess and complained that she refused to give them their mail or money; others praised her for small acts of kindness or for her generous homemade meals. The murders began shortly after Puente began renting out space in the home at F Street. In April , year-old friend and business partner Ruth Monroe began living with Puente in her upstairs apartment, but soon died from an overdose of codeine and acetaminophen.

Puente told police that the woman was very depressed because her husband was terminally ill. They believed her and ruled the incident as a suicide.

A few weeks later, the police were back after a year-old pensioner named Malcolm McKenzie one of four elderly people Puente was accused of drugging accused Puente of drugging and stealing from him.

A pen-pal friendship developed, and when Puente was released in after serving just three years of her sentence, he was waiting for her in a red Ford pickup. Their relationship developed quickly, and the couple was soon making wedding plans.

In November , Puente hired handyman Ismael Florez to install some wood paneling in her apartment. She asked Florez to build a box 6 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet to store "books and other items". She then asked Florez to transport the filled and nailed-shut box to a storage depot.

Florez agreed, and Puente joined him. On the way, however, she told him to stop while they were on Garden Highway in Sutter County and dump the box on the river bank in an unofficial household dumping site. Puente told him that the contents of the box were just junk. On January 1, , a fisherman spotted the box sitting about three feet from the bank of the river and informed police. Investigators found a badly decomposed and unidentifiable body of an elderly man inside.

Puente continued to collect Everson Gillmouth's pension and wrote letters to his family, explaining that the reason he had not contacted them was because he was ill. She maintained a "room and board" business, taking in 40 new tenants. Gillmouth's body remained unidentified for three years. Puente continued to accept elderly tenants and was popular with local social workers because she accepted "tough cases", including drug addicts and abusive tenants.

She collected tenants' monthly mail before they saw it and paid them stipends, pocketing the rest for "expenses". During this period, parole agents went and visited Puente, who had been ordered to stay away from the elderly and refrain from handling government checks, a minimum of fifteen times at the residence. No violations were ever noted. Suspicion was first aroused when neighbors noticed the odd activities of a homeless alcoholic known only as "Chief", whom Puente stated she had "adopted" and made her personal handyman.

Puente had Chief dig in the basement and cart soil and rubbish away in a wheelbarrow. At the time, the basement floor was covered with a concrete slab. Chief later took down a garage in the backyard and installed a fresh concrete slab there as well. Soon afterward, Chief disappeared. On November 11, , police inquired after the disappearance of tenant Alberto Montoya, a developmentally disabled man with schizophrenia whose social worker had reported missing. After noticing disturbed soil on the property, they uncovered the body of tenant Leona Carpenter, Seven bodies were eventually found, and Puente was charged with a total of nine murders, convicted of three, and sentenced to two life sentences.

During the initial investigation, Puente was not immediately a suspect, and she was allowed to leave the property, ostensibly to buy a cup of coffee at a nearby hotel.

Instead, after buying the coffee, she fled immediately to Los Angeles, where she befriended an elderly pensioner she met in a bar. The pensioner, however, recognized her from police reports on television and called the authorities.

The trial began in October and ended a year later. O'Mara called over witnesses. He argued to the jury she had used sleeping pills to put her tenants to sleep, then suffocated them, and hired convicts to dig the holes in her yard. Clymo concluded his closing argument by showing a picture commonly used in psychology that can be viewed in different ways and saying "Keep in mind things are not always as they seem.

The jury was deadlocked 11 to 1 for conviction on all counts, and the lone holdout finally agreed to a conviction of two first degree murder counts including special circumstances, and one second degree murder count. The penalty phase of the prosecution was highlighted by her prior convictions introduced by O'Mara. The defense called several witnesses that showed Puente had a generous and caring side to her.