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There are certainly some downfalls to renting under Section 8, but for my husband and I the positives far outweigh the negatives. Particularly in these tougher economic times, we are enjoying the benefits of Section 8 and here are 5 key reasons why we will continue to leverage this government funded program:.

I receive my rents either full or a large percentage from HUD on time every single month via direct deposit into my business checking account. The money is there. There would likely be higher and faster appreciation in those nicer areas, but we always look at appreciation as icing on the cake anyway. Perhaps not every city has a list a mile long of Section 8 participants with vouchers who are seeking housing, but ours certainly does.

Filling a vacancy is a pretty quick process once your property has already been inspected and approved for the program. These are just a few reasons why I believe investors should take a very good look at the Section 8 programs in their respective cities.

The horror stories that you may have heard could happen even with non-Section 8 tenants and I feel that with careful screening, landlord references, and a general attitude of respect for your tenant and pride in the condition of your property, you will reduce the probability of experiencing your own horror story. Shae Bynes is a real estate investor in Sunny South Florida. On her blog, GoodFaithInvesting.

Everything you say is true. As long as you screen your applicants and this goes for all applicants, not just Section 8 I can verify there is no difference in quality of the people, or the condition the property is kept or left in. Every one of my top 3 was a Section 8 tenant — out of thousands. Wow, I know you must have hundreds and hundreds of interesting stories!

Had to purge the brain, so started to blog about it. What advice do you have for new real estate investors who are evaluating properties that have current section 8 tenants with really low rents? Even now my family which consits of me my wife who is disabled my daughter and son have such a difficult time renting and finding properties that are safe.

I always wonder why the rent from the state is different from rent I would earn myself. Why are we so discriminated against?

We are looking to move now and are still having a hard time because it seems easy to get to the inner city where all the drugs and crime is. I dont want my kids around that.

I applaud your words and your faith thank you. I am shocked at the level of savagery they will go to to avoid paying their utility bills but of course they will pay their cable bill. We took a chance on one more recently. We held the house over a month for her while HUD took their time oking it. Then we only got For all the kindness we showed her, she lost her voucher because she moved in an ex con, they both defecated in all rooms for meaness before they moved and tore out the screens in the windows.

She was there only a month and we were nice to her. She was the last we will take a chance with. There is no upside and the damage they do is horrendous. It is truly a shame that tenants like the one you had for a month that defacated on the floors ruin it for people like me who deserve nice housing.

I am a single mother of 2 boys that are both very well-behaved and they are both in the gifted program at school. However, I am on the waiting list for Section 8 and will be for a couple more years. I am getting my B. I pride myself on keeping a clean home that smells good and looks nice.

It makes me feel good to be that way. I have a house I would like to rent to a section 8 what steps do I need to take or contact I am new to this thanks. I second the fact it is a shame that some of the section 8 voucher holders ruin it for the rest of us who are so extremely grateful for the assistance this voucher gives us. I speak for all the disabled persons who absolutely must accept help from section 8 in order to live on the income social security disability provides, which is not much, especially if you do not have children, or they are all grown.

The disabled did not choose this, it was forced on us due to the condition of our health. It is so hard to find decent housing in a safe neighborhood that accepts section 8 vouchers due to the stigma that some voucher holders have given section 8. If I owned property and were renting it, I would feel safer renting it to a section 8 holder due to the strict rules voucher holders must follow in order to keep their assistance.

Granted, there are those who will never appreciate help when given to them, and you can eliminate this type by just asking to visit them where they currently live, this will show you how they keep house and care for the home they live in, and will give you a good idea how they will care for your property. A disabled person with a section 8 voucher will not likely move either, it is difficult and expensive to do this when disabled, and usually have help from the county and family in caring for their homes.

Property managers and owners should be open to decent section 8 voucher holders. Section eight is a full time job for this people. We should all look to the sky.

But we all have bad days , even you miss kindness , try to not let that one moment , put a bad taste in your mouth. That could of been anyone of us ,, be kind jules. Looks like you entered a close bracket after the number 8. WordPress interprets that into a smiley. I have had trouble with the housing authority. Make sure you have your ducks in a row with them and document everything.

I have had to send in paperwork 3 times because they lost it the first two. They still owe me several months rent. Reason 32 to have reserves. That said, I still enjoy the benefits of sec 8. One powerful benefit is landlord protection. If you have proof a tenant is not taking care of your property, you can use the housing authority to straighten that tenant out before problems get really bad. No tenant wants to lose that sec 8 voucher.

They will often shape up. My wife was handling the paperwork with them and we got the green light — a verbal contract a few days before the written contract. My wife made the mistake of letting the tenant move in, then a previous landlord complained and they suspended the tenant from the program pending investigation.

My friend who had a contract and had been renting to a section 8 tenant is still owed a months rent. The tenant and contract are long done with but the balance remains. I dont know all the details. In my experience it is the different City housing authorities that you need to worry about, not the tenants. Get a good competent housing authority and you will be happy. Get a bad one full of incompetent staff and you will be very sad.

I have yet to venture into real estate investing but I can tell you as a Realtor I take several call a week sometimes a day from potential clients looking to rent using a section 8 voucher. Unfortunately the pickings are slim here in Charles County Maryland. I wish more landlords were as opened minded as you are. Yeah, I really do think that the program gets a bad reputation and that many investors are concerned about property damage, and other issues.

I think is a good way to have someone rent your house and get a guaranteed check every month. I just need to look into the program and requirements more. I am looking at renting my property with individuals that under the section 8 voucher. I am doing a lot of research on this, but there is a lot of negative responses on the net. If you would like to send me any information, I would greatly appreciate it. I agree in general that whether a tenant will be a good one or not does not equate to whether they are a Section 8 tenant or not.

I was told that originally, but have since learned first hand that that is not the case. I have had at least five Section 8 tenants totally trash my different houses, and Section 8 basically said there was nothing they could do, and issued them a voucher to go trash the next house. One purposely damaged the house because Section 8 at the time was only issuing moving vouchers if it was considered an emergency.

She was in the middle of her lease, but decided she felt like moving. They proceeded to do things like stand on and rock the new toilet until it was literally ripped out of the bathroom floor, and then proceeded to call the Section 8 inspectors and the City. They suceeded in getting the house kicked off the program and also condemned! That was only one of many things they did. I do like getting my checks automatically in the mail each month, but please be aware that apparently not all Section 8 programs are created equal!

Thanks for your comments, Dawn. I guess it makes sense that not all housing authorities are created equal. In my experience in Lafayette, IN the section 8 folks are very helpful for straightening out a bad tenant. I had one tenant that was being very rough on my property. Only 6 months into the lease the carpets needed cleaning, a few walls needed repainting, a window sill was torn up and a cabinet door was torn off.

So they took care of most of the damage that they could do on their own and then reimbursed me for a few of the repairs that we hired out. Section 8 reps came out to reinspect the property after the repairs were made to ensure compliance.

I was very pleased with this outcome as normally I would have to evict and then pay for the repairs myself. I just had another closing thought since it looks like section 8 varies from area to area. Just contact some of the larger property managers in your area and ask them how secion 8 is to work with. They should be able to tell you what their opinion is and give you a recommendation.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent To Section 8 Tenants

I also think it VERY unwise to have anything above a few, if you must have any. When you rent to HUD, you have put a middleman between you and the tenant and you have lost a degree of control of your own property. They are going to side with the tennant. That is who they are working for with your tax dollars. I can see no upside at all to renting to them.

Most tear the place up, The rent is below market value, no, or very little deposit, so when they tear it up, the money comes out of your hide. The only thing left to argue about is a steady rent check. I have found after talking to many other landlords, a good strong lease takes care of that.

If you do, you have to start the eviction all over again. Have in your lease, how much they are libel for a foot for damaged carpet, knocked out windows, etc. That way when you go to court,you already have a final damage amount before rehabbing. I found this out the hard way. Give your phone number to neighbors and encourage them to call you if they see anything bad going on.

So you know most of the hud tenents? My girlfriend has been on hud in the same place for six years now,,shes a working teacher and takes excellent care of her place. One of ten renters are decent she said. Watch when the section 8 tenant wants to move make sure the utilities are up to date.

If not send a letter to the caseworker indicating the tenant is not in good standing. Ask me how I know. Shae, for some one interested in building a rental portfolio that includes section 8 tennants, where do you start? Is there a link you can provide with info about who to contact? My experience with government agencies is not so good. My wife and I were foster parents to our grand children.

It was like after we suffered all of the humility and jumped through the hoops to get certified, we dropped off the face of the earth with DHS here in Little Rock.

I know the two departments are not related. But, I hope they are not managed the same. I do have a funny story about qualifying a tennant…..

A young man walked up to us and announced he was ready with a deposite to move into my house. Then he asked me what he had to do to qualify. But, with some you just know. The numbers you give under point 3 look pretty awesome. As an aside, it is always interesting to read about and make comparisons between the similarities and differences between real estate investing in Canada and in the USA. My market is not the norm in U. It has gone through some serious declines not as much with rental rates, but certainly with property values and while long term prospects are good for appreciation, I expect in the short term the buying opportunities at these low values will be plentiful.

Part of the reason why the section-8 pickings are so slim in Charles County is because it takes entirely too long for the inspector to come out and inspect the property.

Apparently they only have 2 inspectors for the entire county. We called on the 19th of the month, the inspector came out on the 3rd of the next month, we failed the inspection 3 days ago and have no clue why or what failed. We have been calling to get a copy of the inspection report and have received nothing.

The blank inspection report is completely online, but the items that are considered failure items seem pretty basic and straight forward; apparently they are not. We will just has to see what our report says, whenever we receive it. This is our first time and not a very good experience at all. I have a good idea.

Shame on this website to allow you to write an article. Jon — I have a better idea. Josh, excellent reference document to show the HUD values across the country. However the 1st link you sent me has no information on it.

What city is this in? I can figure the rest out from there. It says it right there in the HUD data set. I believe this information is the most that Section-8 will pay. It does not mean that the tenant is necessarily going to pay it. I too find it hard to believe. Perhaps we should all start investing there. Oh I forgot to mention. I think what Shae was trying to point out is that wherever you are you can get above market rents with section At least that has been my experience.

Hi Robert…yes, that was the indeed the point. I gave an illustration of my local market in South Florida, but in my conversations with investors in other markets, it seems that the HUD rates are competitive in their areas as well. Aside from those tied directly to the apartment, where the tenant is qualified and gets the assistance only for as long as he lives in the apartment, and then it goes to the next tenant upon move-out , depending on when the funding was obtained by the local municipality, how much was available at funding, and other variables, the amounts differ.

The amount was a function of money available at the time the program was implemented, as well as the market rents in the area at the time the money was funded. You might also want to try something for that itching.

Love love Section 8! As a real estate investment firm, we have to protect the investments of our clients… so we typically seek working class section 8 tenants. Check always follows shortly. And like you stated, because HUD typically pays more, the value of your property will be worth more as well.

It makes random changes to inspection requirements each year. A smoke detector every 10 feet? Popcorn makers in all the kitchens? I just bought a 2-unit in a lower income area for 65k. What part of Central PA are you from? Your Section comment aroused my interest to say the least…then to find out you might be getting those numbers close to my area!! Thanks for putting yourselves out there, Shae and Mike!

Another thing is to become versed about the Payment Standards and the utility allowances. It will make you faster and more confident with your offers. I have excluded many people by doing this. What would be you definition of a war zone? Are there specific numbers to that definition such as murders per people? When investing in lower income maybe higher crime area, do you have concerns for your safety while visiting or going to maintain the property?

If yes, what steps do you take to increase your personal safety? I used to live in an apartment complex behind a section 8 building. Do you think I should get more experience on the free market before I deal with section 8? Hi Ralph, congrats on purchasing your first duplex! You may want to first talk to some others who do Section 8 in your area to find out what their experiences have been — as many have indicated in the comments, not all HUD offices are created equal and some may be more of a headache to deal with than others.

Then you can make a decision, but my personal experience has been that the pros outweigh the cons. I am considering doing Section 8 in Memphis TN. Does anyone have any comments on the HUD group there? Any experience with Section 8 tenants in Memphis? Being on section 8 can the tenent put the utilities in someone elses name? A family member or friend for example?

This is a great conversation. She had a good landlord reference and was a superb housekeeper. She was also demanding and belligerent, but generally took good care of the house. However, she had no fear of losing her voucher and got a pit bull despite the no pets policy. She also moved in her mother and brother against the lease policy. Despite the clockwork rent check, I was glad to see her go. I bought that book, the Section 8 Bible, and found some items very helpful and others way over the top.

I define war zones as asking my contractor if he would go there for repairs. Aly, thanks for adding to the conversation here! I just gave my tenant notice. According to my research, if she WERE section 8 it would take 3 months to do the same thing. I think Section 8 really varies by the area. Some areas seem to be good, but other areas not so good. As many have stated some section 8 agencies are better then others. We also have towns with Section 8 housing. I have seen more problems with the town run ones.

Like favoritism over who is next in line and I had to write the state when a disabled man was passed over many times. It was straightened out after that. I have never had trouble finding an apartment because most landlords check with your last landlord anyway. It is a very stable way to get the rents each month in a floundering economy. Still there will be bad apples and as a landlord you really need to check on references.

If you have a quiet bldg rent to older folks, If you have college students keep it filled with young people. Same goes for children because they can be loud. No pets will save you a lot of rehab work but if the tenant proves to be responsible a neutered indoor cat is no big deal. I have a small Boston terrier and he is good company for me and I take care of him and his poo every time he goes and it goes into a lined can and then out with trash.

They should not use section 8 tenants because landlords are required to have a yearly inspection and everything needs to work.

You need railings on stairs and no broken windows, toilets, appliances, outlets, fire alarms etc. I had to move because my landlord would not replace old windows that you could push on and they would fall out of the house!

He eventually replaced them after having a few tenants that did not pay their rent. All in all I think it is a smart way to go for landlords provided they check references. It is also good for the community because section 8 landlords have to keep their rentals up and have the money coming in to invest in their properties.

My landlord only has 2 rentals and anything that breaks is fixed ASAP. I pay my rent early every month and keep everything immaculate so we both do our part. They are still making out getting that 1, rent check from Section 8 for a junky rental not worth half of that. Renting to the Section 8 sector can make a lot of sense, despite the horror stories out there. No method of investing is hassle free unfortunately, particularly when it comes to renting out property.

As has been mentioned, some areas are better than others, and some will change over time — for first timers entering the market, research is the key — and plenty of it! I have a client here, in Corona, who wants property for section 8 renters only. He has a number of properties in another county but wants to expand. I would say there probably is a better client to rent to but… I do see his point. The target area will be Norwalk and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Can anyone here give me some suggestion? Usually how many people you need to interview to find a good tenant? Since the S8 voucher can be used in any town, if I buy a property in Bridgeport, it may not attract the good section 8 tenants, right? Any input will be appreciated.

With Section 8, you want to check with the last landlord the person stayed with to see how they treated the property. This is a great article! This was written before I became a member of BiggerPockets. So, this was new news to me. I will be taking my 3 hour class and receive my Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher the same day on Nov 10th. How and when will I know how much I qualify for? How can I get approved for the maximum amount, if there is one? Wish you the best!

Shae — You nailed it with this article… lots of great responses too. Some people jumped the gun by letting people in early. Hi Shae first I would like to thank you for posting such positive experiences with sec. I am a section 8 tenant been on the program since I ported from NC in to Va it has been a nightmare trying to find housing. But the properties that are listed under section 8 its like a rat race to contact the landlord.

I just want to thank all the landlords that have said positive things about their section 8 experiences because not every one on section 8 is a bad tenant. There are actually some people who value where they live! I just wish more landlords would take a chance. I always wait until we have toured the house..

It makes you real to them…and not just some image they have conjured. Makes sense to me, Michaela! Some of the commentary here is disappointing, but I also understand that experiences shape perceptions. I grew up in a Section 8 apt. It is the only answer that has any heart. I went to a half-decent school in a pretty town and I saw intact hard-working families all around me. I also sensed societal compassion that formed a trust in my government.

This value of community involvement cannot be underrated. It is the foundation of sustainability and progress. The wealthy to working-class people surrounding me taught me through example and an awareness of opportunity. The other poor people nearby, disabled, veterans, single mothers, etc. My mother only complained for a few months about how the landlord was slow to make repairs before she did fix-ups on her own actually improving the apt.

I spent one whole summer when I was eight plucking vicious weeds and throwing out rusted swing set parts broken down with my own little hands and a screwdriver, and planting grass seed, and I was glad to do it for nothing but sweat because I lived there and I had pride. My well-off neighbor saw my work and mowed my little pet lawn ever after.

Thanks for sharing, Sophie. A good friend of mine told me a story a few months ago about an investor friend of hers that bought a large apartment building in a low-income neighborhood and totally turned the place around. Got to love the section 8 Housing. Spend half your life saving your hard earned money to afford a house slightly away from the riff- raff in town and section 8 comes along and moves them in right next door so they can put a couch on the porch and their trash in your yard.

Could not sell my home if I tried. So your inflating rent prices because section 8 i. You should be real proud of yourselves. Keith — You can find a slew of resources about Section 8 in our BiggerPockets resources area. I hope that helps. Hello, I am new to the section 8 family: I have just been issued my section 8 voucher and I cannot find a decent place for my children and I to live.

I work, have been on my job 8 years and I am also a sophomore in college studying Computer Science, and have a good rental history. I am used to struggling paying a month without the help of section 8 for years, and have lived in some very nice places. I appreciate this blog maybe more landlords will read it an be more openminded. As a tenant on Section 8 for the last 3 years; I find it unfair the reputation we get.

So in the middle of the school year; my kids had to be uprooted and relocated. I would appreciate if there were more screenings done on behalf of the landlords. As tenants, the section 8 program screens us heavily — I feel the same needs to be done for landlords.

I was told there was no help with moving fees nor the rent I had paid up front and on time. However, there is a new law that helps tenants section 8 or not that if your landlord forecloses you may still have the option of renting the home til your lease expire. Hi I am new here , my first time renting the house I have been live there for 8 yrs, what are good and bad between section 8 and pay market??? Please, I heard sec 8 when they write down on the application only 4 single mom when move in 7 people , how can we stop it.

I think its a conspiracy and they do this on purpose so to lesson the people on its program! I am thinking of investing in a duplex with two very nice upgraded 5 bedrooms in Los Angeles and was wondering what my chances would be in getting section 8 tenants. My fear is that there will be very few people who have 4 or 5 bedroom vouchers.

Would you say my fear is justified? I am a section 8 tenant and finding a place is difficult. I also like the ppl who are willing to allow a smaller rental amount for a bigger place. But at least it something.. AGAIN thank you for sharing this post to shed some light for us tenants. If there was no section 8, rent prices would have to be lower.

You would just have to deal with whatever the market dictates. Tough breaks, but true. Unfortunately, the hugest of huge numbers of people who use these programs are not having a hard time — maybe not in your area, but check out the real urban areas of this country. The only hard time these folks are going through is they have to keep their often criminal incomes undocumented and sneak all the extra non-working family members into living under their same roof.

If there was no section 8 less of us hard-working people would have to compete against government-subsidized tenants for vacancies that can charge waaay above what the current market is dictating.

As a renter in Los Angeles, I lived in a lovely little unit apartment for ten years. I kept it clean, quiet and always paid my rent on time or early. I have excellent credit, but my income has never become high enough to afford decent home-ownership in Los Angeles. My money bought her Mercedes, and my low-overhead simple lifestyle was something I was glad to choose and enjoyed.

Unfortunately, with so many loiterers and disgruntled teens that never seemed to move up and out or get their own places, the neighborhood went from giving the daily homeless cart-wheelers going by a buck or two, to downright grand-auto theft and dangerous behavior all around. The homeless guy even stopped hanging around.

People are standing in groups in the streets, not even on the sidewalk, and sitting on stoops all day and night. How are they affording the rent? My apartment manager, a sweet hefty Romanian immigrant lady who had been strong as a horse, nearly went bonkers within a couple of years and retired due to threats and exhaustion. I could not believe that rents had gone way up in the area in spite of the obvious downfall in quality. I need to make 2. Some of the owners even had the audacity to throw a few hideous-colored ceramic or granite remnant tiles on the tiny, falling apart counters to somehow pretend to themselves they were offering advertised value for that kind of money, which just made me laugh.

Nor was anything well-cleaned before being shown. Looking to stay, I spent about 18 months searching. In Antelope Valley, CA a 75 mile commute , I hear that if I were a homeless parolee, I could get in the front of the line for a section-8 voucher because there are a special certain number of them set aside just for those folks.

Too bad I made all the wrong choices. Like to work hard, save money, and do my best to take care of my own business. For a time went due east and went for a month lease in that area. I watch ten year old boys smoke joints on the sidewalk outside my window, often before school early in the morning. Turnover in the leasing office is non-stop, no doubt because dealing with these non-working loiterers who can still somehow magically afford to live here while the government ties resident managers hands from being able to do much of anything must be a nightmare.

Enjoy your above-market-value profits and timely payments that people like me have paid dearly toward over the years with our meager tax dollars.

Thank you for perpetuating this section-8 situation in these hopeless urban areas by using it to your advantage. And thanks for continuing to support it politically while those of us who have to live amidst the fallout of these programs are watching our quality of life go down the toilet. I feel for you. I have found I can get more from people who are …not.. I know this because I called n asked about it. So you are getting fair market value minus the lights. The larger units, 4 or 5 bedrooms, I feel to be an albatrose.

They also move in more people than what they are suppose to have. That is the only way to keep the damage small. I must say most of you are under the wrong impression of people on section 8. Not everyone one lives like there homeless and are unemployed. I had no where to live. I used to rent out to section applicants and some do take advantage of the assistance that the federal government gives them.

I am a good applicant for section 8. Oh and also I am Greek. I hear a lot of remarks on racial issues and section 8 as well. Not everyone is the same. Given that little tid bit, it gives you a look inside the mind set of a lot of them. People who are sullen, depressed, etc. For me, they have broken down into two groups, those that are really trying to help themselves. Then there is the other group, sullen and mad at the world.

They sit at home all day and feel the world owes them something. Since they have nothing else to take it out on, the usualy tear up your place. I think there should be a time limit on how long someone can remain on HUD. There are needy, good people on the list. Let them have to do something and let someone in that is only looking for a chance. To me those that are trying to help themselves, make far better renters. I placed my home on Craiglist and I got one response from a person that has a Section 8 voucher.

Thanks for creating this site. It has truly helped me with my decision. I would be VERY carefull…or they are going to hand you back a pile of sawdust! I am new to renting my house to section 8. I have not looked at the dates or areas of most of these posts, but I am shocked and sickened. People that are on Section 8 are not always trashy people. I do know of a few…in this neighborhood, there was a tenant that was terrible.

They trashed a beautiful home in 60 days. I am a section 8 tenant. My husband is a salary worker, makes good money, guaranteed money, year round. I work full time and we have three great kids that get good grades and do well and are well behaved. We receive a section 8 voucher as working parents and we pay a fair amount of our rent each month and they help with a small amount. We have taken care of every property we have lived in, with a proven track record and good credit on top of that.

I have had phones slammed down in my ear as soon as they just hear the phrase Section 8. The program is wonderful if used right and you carry yourself like a self respecting human being. We are going to be utilizing the next step of their program and will be buying our own home with their guidance and help. We are not trashy people. We are hard working, law abiding citizens.

We pay into the system and receive a benefit to help us raise our family to all it can be. We are not deadbeats that sit at home and play x-box all day. People that judge make it hard on the families that deserve this program. At least be willing to screen individual families and meet people face to face instead of passing judgment because of a program they participate in.

If you are a good renter, that is fine, but understand the people here are speaking from their own experiences, and I can tell you that all of mine are no where near positive. We also have 2 renters at this time that have lived in out places for months and HUD has not paid a dime. That is how I got attacked!!!!

The background check they do is zilch. That is not the reason. It has nothing to do with HUD lol. Then you can pay your own rent like everyone else and not be such a looser. The world, not taxpayers owe you a free ride. Sad but true, if you own the property, you get to decide if people like you can or can not live in our places. Nor can you use proper sentence structure or even make sense.

That post was incredibly incoherent. I guess you are illiterate and probably drunk as well. And you just told me that the world owes me a free ride. And nothing in my life has been free, either.

Jenna You can rant all you want about spelling and sentences…. And who has to ask the taxpayers to pick up the tab??? And in the end, who has to go begging?

I do have more trust in someone who works, can pay a deposit, and is responsible. To you, it will never make sense that someone with a crimial background is more likely to repeat the same crime. Back on the subject of sec 8, my biggest annoyance with anyone on assistance is that they are on assistance for a reason. Their lifestyle or their decisions, are repeated.

I am 24 years old and have learning disabilities and some other problems. But the other Huders think you owe them something and tear the places to ribbons. I felt so sorry for her. Shame on me for neing nice. The woman has 4 kids. Her mother stopped by and told be to watch it. That her daugther was also going to move in her boyfriend and ghis 3 kids.

That makes a total of …9. If you fail…you can be sued! I happen to be disabled, with multiple disabilities, as a matter of fact. Like I said, you will get the tenants you deserve. You would be better suited to being a prison guard or a maybe a republican propaganda slinger. YOU are the loser. Maybe you should spend more time screening tenants than auto correcting or angry blogging. Honestly at this point things are going to happen and like you said in another response to someone 1 of your MANY you have a choice.

We …had… about 40 Hudders renting from us. This one had a 17 page rap sheet. Most of her felony charges she pled out. I sent the whole 17 pages to HUD. Did they take her off the program? No… they gave her another voucher. This is the reason landlords are throwing them out. Section 8 has turned the program into a mockery, The people who should be on it can get on because it is full with people like the one I threw out.

You seem to think landlords are just being mean for no reason. Most have been bit…and are someone to write an article telling some poor new investors this is the way to go…is just plain wrong. They stand to lose everything messing with these people. Untill , ore if, it is ever cleaed up…then we might think it worth while. The truth is it is a money pit. What I understand is that Ms. Shaye took the time to document that the good outweighs the bad in her experience. She has that right.

I see you using terms that are often used by racists and such. Be careful in what you say to people because no matter how in control you think you are in securing your future and present , God has the final say. What do you really do because the Internet has you bound? As a final thought and response to hopefully help you and everyone else out , maybe you should stop contradicting your intentions and actually stop renting to HUD tenants. Is HUD the only way you can continue to try and appear superior?

Just make sure you keep your property in the conditions that you prefer to live in or better. In the event it gets destroyed make friends with your local police department. If I have more rental properties than Shaye, I have a right to say what is my experience. We have between We now have less than 5. The problem was when the police were called, the police never notified the landlords, needless to say, neither did the renters.

When you found out, you might have 4 complaints of shootings, etc, all from the same renters. It is a real problem. Children can be shot. In fact, we DID have a bystander shot. It is a bad feeling to know that a little extra background checking and someone might be alive. Yes, the person involved was on a Section 8 voucher. If someone puts us at risk, they are out.

We are the ones responsible. We are the ones that will be fined if we turn a blind eye. We are the ones that clean up all the dodo left in the floors for no reason. We are the ones that pay for broken windows and walls that holes are knocked in.

There is nothing wrong with choosing the best renter we can and being less exposed to financial ruin. It also might keep a child from being shot. Bad renters are real. You should WANT landlords that care enough to weed out the bad renters.

Again, I am the one that said the program should be reformed. I feel strongly, the retarded, handicapped, elderly, and working poor are ALL that should be on the program. Because you have able bodied people that have none of the above problems clogging it up, most that need it, will never get on it. The truth is there are a lot of people on it that should not be on there, they are the ones that tear the places up, have shoot outs etc.

They give the program a bad name. The landlords only tell what has happened to them. It is wrong to try to tell some novice landlord they can make money with it. They could lose everything they worked so hard an earned.. Our very first tenant was Section 8. She was obsessively clean and the house was always well kept, nicely decorated. She left it clean as well. She only had 1 child, but as others have mentioned, she also invited others to live there and eventually sealed her own fate by getting a pit bull.

She was finished in that property at that point. We would love to have tenants like Ant and Mary, above, but they are far and few between. Mean, hateful, mean spirited. Yes, very hard to deal with. So you are really at risk. When they tear it up, there is not extra money to fix it up.

The Hudders get on the dole in their twenties and there is no time limit for them to come off,. They are real leaches on society. Who has not been depressed. As any landlord after a Hudder gets through with your property. There is a HUGE difference between just being a little depressed and having depression and other issues to the point that you qualify for social security.

I have done volunteer work. I have given my last five dollars away to someone who needed it. You are getting the tenants you deserve. Once, it was on a volunteer basis by way of churches. In my eyes, all taxpayers do forced charity. Your points are strange and self serving. I spent 35 years at a major airline, then the FAA. So I also have a security clearance. I raised a child on my own and worked the entire time with no relatives in the area to help with child care. Many times we had little money, and we did without.

I had to, I felt responsible to my child. We had no choice, like some. The most Section 8 will consider is what you request on the paperwork. To the above people about what to put down the rent as, It is true that you should put down what your normal rent is. Their bugdet has been cut and they are now paying less. Dealing with HUD is a long tedious process that I have found no upside to.

To prove this point, the contract on one of our houses is up. They want to renue the lease for about I have thrown so many of them out and out thousands in rehab, that I will take my time and when it is convient for me in the next couple of months, throw them out. Here, there for few vacancies and rental is at a premium, and HUD is paying less than market value.

Anyone, please explain this to me. In the description, the listing agent declares that Sec. The unit is listed by an agent. Unless of course it is common for unprofessional agents in that area to have such high profile listings in their portfolio. I am thinking about reanting my house to Section 8. I have a friend who is a realtor but I told her I wanted in the lease that inspections would be done every quater.

I think it is un-fair that some Section 8 tenants tear your house apart and move on to the next one. Well, we started a listing of bad tenants. I live in New Jersey and let me tell you, some of these Section 8 teants are a piece of work and along with some dead beat land lords. Our community have a monthly meeting and at every meeting if there is a dead beat land lord, we turn that listing over the our City Counsel.

We have home owners that have moved out of state and their houses are falling apart but yet they want their check every month. I am very active in my community and this a problem we have with some of the land lords, not making any repairs. I belive in New Jersey if you abuse your Section 8, you are off the program for 5 years and that is a long time for being stupid for destroying the property you are living in.

One good reason, I live three blocks from where I own the house. Also renting will come with washer and dryer. Now, when that goes, they will have to replace. With the sunporch and backyard, there is no reason for anyone to be hanging out on the front steps.

Before the tenants move in, they must take a course on how to maintain a clean house and lving in a stablelized community. Also, a listing will be given with the quality of life standards. No loud music playing after A way out for the bigger houses seems to have fell into my lap and it is worth a try for everyone else.

The 2br go as quick as they come, to singles, but the larger ones seem up untill now to be fated to larger families. Section 8 has really made it hard with their 2 or more to a room. These kids are abot Anyway, all young up and comming types. With 4 incomes, they are gonna get ahead money wise. The rent with be nothing for them and I may save my larger houses from being torn up this way. The next wonderful thing that happened was in walked a couple of there Mothers. They were well dressed and wanted to know if it was alright to hang curtins..

Guys, I almost cried I was so happy. These are gonna be good renters and will likely bring me more good renters by word of mouth. I let them know I have 3 full time handy men, also a certified plummer, and a certifed electrician on call.

I think my ship has come in. I want to explore this vein. And truly, rent spent 4 ways is gonna be a wonderful way to get ahead for them. I hope this may be a way out for some of the rest of you. Gail you seem like the kind of person who does not like people less fortunate than you are and you come off as very judgemental of people. My brother rents shacks out, he is a slum lord, and his poor tenants pay him the rent, yet they have broken windows and plumbing problems.

Big deal you where lucky enough to have the money you have to rent property! By the way most landlords I have come across as a paying renter, have been lousy to mediocre, and that is with me paying outa pocket. Stop bitchen and rent to who pases your screen test. Believe me I have rented for 22 years. Paying unreasonable rent when that rent was paying my landlords mortgage, well I would scrape every month to pay rent that was way too high for the condition of my dweling! I was left with all the load, and yeah try getting child support plesse child support is a joke.

Section 8 is heloful for single moms like me,with the specific issues that I have. You do not know all of us, I do anything I can to help people, I just mpneed a little break while I attend school to better myself.

I get small pay where I am at, face it employers do not paymuch, but I assure u, my electric and utilities are always on, never been shut off and we use internet at the library if we need it. So stop profiling and stereotyping poor people. There are wealthy losers who trash things all the time step into reality, beinhpg on HUD does not mean u are a bad person. Update…my 4 guys have been the gift from heaven! They are still keeping the place up and paying rent on time.

An update on my large houses and renting to 4 young guys. These same guys will have been in this house for 2 yrs come this Jan.

They are good kids. They come from good people and they have sent me some of there relatives who have also turned into wonderful renters. I would tell anyone who has bought a large house, several young professionals living together works extremely well.

Realtors will not be the ones defending you in court. Writing a late fee into your lease is not always a good deterrent, as I have one HUD tenant who pays a late fee each month.

Also no matter what they say or promise, never, ever accept a security deposit on credit. It never works out, as they will never pay it. Lose the German Shepherd, Rottweiler, etc. Have your property certified for submetering-low water use. With the property certified, the landlord can bill the tenant for water.

Stop trying to one-up the landlord, you know who you are. Most of us have been doing this for a long, long time, and know how the system works. I too have discount high speed, cable, and an Obama phone. Very interesting comments… Yet no one mentioned that it all depends in the area you live and rent in. If your renting in a area prone to trashy people then you have a much greater chance of being unhappy with your tenants and vice versa.

Do an analysis of the area your in before you make your decision who to rent to. I am a section 8 tenant and a senior citizen and I resent a lot of the remarks that have been made on this page. My social security does not pay enough for me to pay market rent and I lost most of my retirement savings in the crash of My disabled daughter also got her voucher after a 10 year wait and lives with her special needs child.

The house she lives in is very poor, not insulated and has bad appliances. The utilities cost a fortune, more than the rent. She loses a lot of food because her refrigerator freezes everything and her son is on a special diet. The housing authority does nothing and she has to put up with this because of prejudices like those expressed on this page. Neither of us can find anywhere to move to because of prejudice against section 8 tenants. I just hopenone of you ever fall from your comfortable middle class life and have to deal with what we encounter.

The people you should be offended by are the people who did this to the landlords…. Put the blame where it belongs. Each of these landlords gave someone a change, only to have their good intentions thrown back in their face.

There is no payback. The program is a sham and should be cleaned up. As I'[ve stated on here the background check Section 8 does is only to see if someone if a petifle or cooked meth. That is not my idea of a background check. I have been reading the comments on this page and you equate all Section 8 tenants with lowlifes and deadbeats.

Frankly, you look down on them. I have been on Section 8 for 5 years now. I am disabled and on SSI. Bynes I must thank you for blogging your opinion and experience for the better of this subject. I came across your blog as I have been searching for a new place to stay for over a year now. I ported out of my awarding county which was part of the downfall. The places that have more people on the program tend to pay less attention to their clients so that may be the reason for a good majority of the horror stories here.

So when I did move in I paid my rent up for 8 months. This apartment was listed as accessible by the way it sits in the garage or in my mothers garage which limits me greatly. All of my inspections pass from my end even though I can barely get around my house. As far as my being on the program.

What I do understand is that life is chances and business is just the same. Just like tenants need to be screened so do landlords. Also, any of you consider pressing charges for destruction of property? So take on the tenant or the program and make examples out of the terrible few. I am a single mother of two. My kids are spaced pretty far apart in age. My daughter is a straight A student who is a good kid and we are very close. She is a college bound sort. My son I am home schooling too, just like I did my daughter..

I will be moving my rental business away from VRBO. And if you plan to rent a huge place and share it with friends, the new fee could easily reach several hundred dollars. After I asked about the service fee, several of the property owners I emailed with said they were happy to deduct it from the total cost of their rental. While this may not always be the case, it never hurts to ask. And actually, you should always negotiate your rental with the owner when you book a vacation condo.

You should try to negotiate this down as much as you can. Have you noticed this new service fee yet? Are you surprised or not surprised that these two rental sites instituted such a fee?

How do you plan to avoid it? Just email the owner direct and do not pay through the vrbo homeaway site…Also, I use VRBO to rent my home for the masters golf tourney each year and my tenants just email me direct and pay direct, thus by passing this fee. I just had to pay it also. I did not already have a contract with the homeowner, but had received a quote from her. Last month when I went to make the booking, the service fee was added.

They should not be charging both the renter and the owner. I can see where it will hurt the owners who rent only through them. At example would be, if I were renting a house in the Pensacola area, there are plenty of realtors in that area, that manage rental houses and they do not charge the renter an extra fee. More right Here o! Owner contact info is on VRBO for now. I wrote on their facebook page, I guess I could message them as well.

I read a lot of facebook posts by owners, I see how mad they are. Now, if someone would just get a new vacation rental site going AND have it coded as travel instead of real estate, so we could get double points for booking…. One owner just filed a lawsuit against them, seeking class action status. Wendy, there are risks associated with paying directly through the owner. Second, booking through VRBO means you have certain protections, including the ability to cancel and get your money back up to 60 days before your trip.

Paying by CC should protect guests against scams. Owners should have a tax id number that you can verify and you can also verify the owner of the property through the local tax site.

As far as cancellation policy, that should be outlined in the contract you sign with the owner so that has nothing to do with if you book through VRBO. There is a site www. I agree with you, Wendy. If you cover all those bases, you should be fine. I feel very safe paying for anything with credit, but not so much at all with a check.

All those details matter. What does it take, minutes?? We have plenty of guests who cover the bases and know we are up and up. That is not why the new fee is being charged. I would probably feel comfortably renting by check ONLY in the case of a rental who has lots of positive reviews over the span of several years.

I suggest contacting the owner directly, read reviews, talk on the phone. Yes there could be scams out there, but you just cast a huge shadow on trustworthy owners who have been renting direct to guest for years. Your credit card is your best protection! There are a million listings on VRBO. It is simple to verify if a owner is who they say they are. VRBO is talking from both sides of their mouth when they scare guests about fraud when we as owners actually pay to list on their site.

VRBO also has 2 factor authentication so fraud is non-existent. Do your research and then write an article that helps both owners and travelers. Yes, that takes time but that is how you can make a difference for millions of travelers. I love the google image idea that someone had on this page. When I rent next time, that is exactly what I plan to do. Travelers should look for tips on how to find the owners website. If a VR are in a resort community, they may have the unit number.

If you are a VR owner, get your own website and start linking it to other websites. Everyone needs to look at http: Holly, please write another article that helps travelers without asking them to ask owners for discounts. That would be great, except that once contact info. My listing will renew next March They only back the owners. I beg to differ. By the way, I lived on St. Thomas for 21 years. There are competitors like Redweek, which are less formal but allow people to rent timeshares from their owners directly.

Thomas a couple of times with great success and no buyer fees. Thomas — Taxis charge by the person, not the vehicle. If a large party, consider a car rental. They drive on the left, using USA based cars. We rented a minivan for this very reason! And yes, I read they drive on the left. This is why my husband will be doing the driving! Expedia is probably getting kick backs from the large hotel chains to make it more expensive for condo leasing. All this direct renting business is affecting the core hotel businesses.

You will never be able to obtain contact information about your guests unless you meet them. Why are so many then listing on Airbnd? Their CEO Brian Sharples actually sent an apology letter for the way the fee was rolled out, and promised some listing changes for owners who paid a premium in April, but nothing about rolling back the fee.

I am an owner who uses VRBO and this fee knocked me and many other owners sideways — especially those of us who use it for small scale, personal rental of a single vacation property. In the mean time, lots of us are checking out other sites — vactionhomerentals is one I just listed on. Why not negotiate this fee with the company that is getting it? If VRBO heard from the guests the whole fee would go away.

Sorry if I misunderstood you. No, I actually think I misunderstood you! If you book direct with the owner, and avoid the book it now option, there is no way for vrbo or home away to charge the fee. I feel like some of the folks on here posting misinformation about how vrbo works with home owners now are paid to say so by vrbo. I have a rental place at Hilton Head and happily used vrbo for my purposes for several years. When they sold a year ago the new company changed the rules of how they function and unless I use their booking function, which makes the ability to delete their fees impossible, my property does not come up on their search function.

I live a long way away from our place at the beach. Because of that I use a local property manager who processes the payments and does stuff like the cleaning and so on. All the companies know how each other works and do the same things.

Unfortunately, you cannot get in touch with the renter any longer. You can only get their email or phone number once they have booked as of beginning of July. And if you try to put your email or phone in a reply to the renter they block it out. I hate that they did this!! Now they are forcing me too book without speaking to the guests.

But there is no way to contact the owner now — the VRBO website no longer allows it. Maybe if you can track them down via a Google search or something, but the rental websites are putting a WALL between owners and renters. I have never set up BIN with them for this very reason. I accept personal checks as payment, always have. I loved having my property on vrbo before it got sold, I left them when it came time for renewal since I do not use their booking services and pay them that extra fee and my results dropped down to nada.

Can you explain in detail how you are able to do this? Do you manually put the reservation in, then ask them to send you a check?

How do you share your contact information with a potential guest? Home Away is now blocking emails and phone numbers.

I also rent my home out from hundreds of miles away with local help with cleaning and maintenance. I am thinking of not renewing when the time comes. It was a wonderful experience when I started with VRBO but now it just causes me too much anxiety trying to keep my home visible. For some reason, I am still viewing email addresses and telephone numbers. There are ways around it if you are being denied access to contact info.

You need to join. No way would I agree to giving exclusive rights for listings to any one entity. I am going to be independent of HA by springtime, not renewing. I think you should look into this further. This is how they practically blackmail to get their damn money. You must be doing business under the table then. I am still a strictly deal with direct owner. Well then can you be so kind as to explain how you avoid the renters paying the fee???

There is no other possible way. Also, this is a free country. You started in with your under the table comment. No need to lecture me, I brought my manners to this forum. I have never relinquished any monetary control of my VR, credit card companies make enough. I will explain it to you, nothing has changed for me due to the fact nothing was changed regarding my SOP.

Actually we owners do have control over it. Yes it is possible. Guests are finding me. I have made three booking for next year already, and my home is within the first five pages of the search in my area.

Since VRBO is now owned by HomeAway, who is owned by Priceline, negotiating fees with the platform is not something that is likely to be successful.

It costs millions of dollars to build and maintain the software that VRBO has created and they are a for profit company. If you want to use directories and reservation systems such as airbnb, vrbo, and homeaway, there is going to be a fee.

I have no problem paying the fees because so much more inventory is available for booking. They charge me to list it and then they have set it up to force me to have to process payments thru them, for a fee of course, and they charge the renters a fee. They control owners now by forcing them to follow their rules or our listing gets shoved to the bottom of the search. I removed my listing. Customer service got worse as well. I waited 45 min. VRBO is bullying the owners! I hate their new business plan and am desperately looking for a new way to advertise our property in Belize.

I have my listing with these companies now. What other sites can I advertise at Dani? I am not renewing next month! Another words, they want their cut!!

I have always done bookings directly with the renter. I agree with you! I have always done bookings directly with the renter who sends their credit information into our resort. We are seriously looking for alternatives! Not all rental websites charge a fee. I was told it was charged so they could help other countries with disasters.

As a software programmer I have had the opportunity to see a huge website that a company by the name Homeiz llc built for real estate and vacation rentals. They do not have booking fees. They let the rental home owner and the guest to communicate directly. This is total bullshit. VRBO operated very well for years and owners were very happy with it. I was just reading comments by owners on a consumer affairs website and most are extremely upset by the new fees and how much their rates have been jacked up.

These new fees charged to the renters are nothing but GREED and are going to result in many customers no longer being able to afford to rent. Yet another example of the middle class who work for a living getting screwed while the rich can have whatever they want.

This is not true, for years VRBO etc.. No problem with this! Many owners will be bailing as soon as they can go to another site that will work. I think I see a troll. I have to say that I have just read your post and quite frankly what a load of bullshit. It does not cost VRBO 1 cent to run that payment platform, it is self financed thru the fees the owners pay and the commissions received from the payment companies they use.

You really need to stop listening to the garbage they produce to convince people they are doing it for their benefit. There is only one company benefiting from this and that is Expedia.

Many other sites offer similar services and see no need to charge extra fees over and above the fee from the payment platform. There is only one reason for these fees, sheer profiteering. Quite often the payment platform is not even required. All a potential renter needs to do is pay by credit card and they have as much protection as any payment platform, these platforms are not really required anyway.

Many Owners will accept credit cards, they have set up there own contracts with these sources. These listing sites want to take complete control of the rental process, by doing this they have command of all the clients data and then achieve more profit by using this data. We as owners would prefer they butt out and let us deal with the client, they also would prefer to deal solely with the owner.

So please do not believe a word of the rhetoric from these companies, sheer greed is what is driving this policy. Not fair to owners. We do a lot of research to come up with the rental rates.

All you negotiators do is cause the market to go down. Poor poor poor man. Get some balls and run your own company and stop trying to pull us down who actually have balls. I should get Guaranteed revenue, guaranteed food stamps, guaranteed hollywood glitz , guaranteed flight upgrades, guaranteed vacations, and I should be able to set it all up in advance and how dare you question my formula?

I will negotiate with you if I think I can get a better deal. It says it ALL. The most important piece of information is my price. The price is based on the market just like my listing price.

I negotiate luxury items like rental of a condo or house. If you do not negotiate to the market rate, assuming your price is too high, I will not rent from you. You seem like the type who would list your property above market rate. Your perspective is silly. My point had to do with the market price of things, not comparing an apple to rent.

I walk into hotels and negotiate the price of a room all the time. Usually they just say no, but sometimes it works. Pull off the interstate at a big intersection with a bunch of hotels. Go up to the front desk of one and ask what they charge. If it seems like a lot, ask if there are any discounts available. Depends on where you are and who you are. In some cultures people DO try to negotiate the price of an apple.

Give me a break. Try renting a cheaper unit. Rentals have a variety of price ranges. Or rent a hotel. Or better yet, try a different website. If you want to complain about VRBO fees, call them for goodness sakes!! We have fees, rent, damages, renovations, etc. Our price is based on not going under. We have to at least break even.

So to constantly give discounts and drive the market down does nobody any good and renting would be pointless. There are plenty of people who pay my price and see the value of my condo. Dani your just digging yourself deeper and making the rest of us rental home owners look bad.. In fairness to Dani, he gave suggestions to someone on how to afford the vacation and that person was rude first. I own a house in Venice Florida. I am lucky if I break even.

Massive expenses in owning a house. Just this year my refrigerator went, I had to put in a dishwasher two years ago, a small fortune, upkeep on water services, taxes, insurance, handyman services every year.

People have no idea. I purchased a home warranty which has been a blessing for our rental. This may help you with you expenses. You may want to check one out.

I agree that when you own a condo there are HOA fee, rent , damages, renovation costs, etc! With the fees from VRBO it is almost impossible to keep the price down on a rental property. VRBO will take your listing down off the internet if you put your phone number in the text.

I cannot rent through VRBO any longer. I use my own lease and must have it approved by the management company. VRBO does none of the real work in getting a property rented. Pushing fees in front of potential tenants and homeowner is not going to work VRBO!

Better go back to the way they use to run their website. Too expensive for everyone involved. I have to pay the same expenses regardless of the fees that VRBO charges. I get it that this makes it expensive. You at least sound like civilized and open minded.

I only want a quiet place to recoup. Doing hospice is draining. I will go back to private owners and realtor but I wish you the best of luck.

We live 90 minutes away and do all the cleaning and maintenance ourselves. The simple thing is, move away from the major listing sites, many of the properties you see on those sites are also on the smaller independent sites. Keep in mind there is little point asking the Owner for the discount, they are not getting the fee, they are also being charged a fee when you book with these sites.

My own property is now on numerous smaller sites, I do not expect to get any business from Trip advisor as my property is now too expensive on that site but we cannot afford to reduce the rates as we are working on minimal margins already. What independent sites are there. Let me know if you have more to offer. There no good, small independent sites. Homeaway has a monopoly.

Everything you look up they own. Someone needs to start something. One way around this I am a vrbo property owner is to ask owner if you can book privately directly through the owner and not on the vrbo site. They already DO block your phone numbers and email addresses. Can you tell us which units are yours, so we can avoid renting from you? Your one and only job is to provide a service.

And get off your high horse. How the hell is this a service??? We have property that others would like to rent. I work my ass off to take risks and save money for investment properties. I bring money into PCB and the locals depend on it. I work hard to provide well for my family. Or are you gonna call Kim Kardashian and ask to stay at her mansion for half price??? And yes we do negotiate with hotels and we DO get discounts.

Me neither think I will go back to renting from realtors. You can charge whatever you want for your properties BUT They should put the price up front so you know what it will cost including their fee.. The problem is not necessarily with you the owner its going on a site seeing a cost per night then when you go to book it you are hit with all these hidden fees. As for your comment about the Kardashians …not my class of people.

Morals are worth more than money to me. Not a place I would want to stay even for free. Best of luck to you but after reading your posts I would not want to stay at any of your places or the Kardashians camping in a cabin sounds good too me right about now. Want to get away from people. When browsing, it gives the total including fees at the bottom of the listing now before you even request to book it.

Go buy your own second home. Even if we can afford it, why should we? This is a business like any other business — in it to make money. But your attitude is only hurting yourself and your bottom line.

See how that works out nicely for you? See how much more money you could be making? Rental property owners should negotiate if it benefits them and that happens when the poperty has a high risk of being vacant. It should never be personal. Negotiation works well when a property is priced higher than the market. And there are times when it makes sense to be overpriced. It also works well in unique situations like long term stays. Property owners tend to be a bit arrogant on here with a misguided notion they are richer or more successful than vacation renters.

This is not true. Owning, marketing, and serving guests is like running a business. But most property owners have no formal business or hospitality education. Renters expect property owners to act like professional businesses where they can negotiate, complain, and request things…but property owners are just regular people — easily offended and quick to judgement.

I am also listed on flipkey expedia ; this site is not currently adding booking fees for my guests. What are people doing about this? This is outrageous what they are getting away with. Can you imagine the nerve. Furthermore they refund damage deposits in 14 days! But I see no need to get upset about it. But others are different. I think it will take renters refusing to use them and owners cancelling contracts.

Your ideas are sound and lots of Property Owners are cancelling subscriptions to these sites. Like myself I now leave my Property on those sites purely as a free listing, I do not expect to get any business from it. I do it in the hope that potential clients may see it and then possibly find us on Social media. Many Owners have facebook pages for their property.

If you do see a property on one of these sites try then putting the name of the property on facebook, you may be pleasantly surprised to then find the owners contact details and you can contact them direct. My property is on facebook and numerous smaller Independent sites that do not charge the renter fees.

So if you are looking for a rental property use the smaller independent sites. Avoid Home Away and its affiliate sites and likewise with Trip Advisor and its affiliate sites.

Corporate greed at it best!! I used VRBO to advertise my condo starting 5 years ago. Time to retire and enjoy my place. Greed knows no limits. VRBO now says that they want to be up-front with the fee, after they snuck it in on our customers! Very bad business practices!

It is connectingrentals dot com. They only have 3, rentals in the U. Might be worth a shot.. Home Escape is free and building rapidly. Yea, I found connectingrentals. Why would you tell people to negotiate a service fee? Why is that the owners fault that Vrbo has implemented it? Yes there are service fees. That is a fact. You also know nothing of the truth that Vrbo is stopping owners from going outside of their little world and trying to directly book with the renter.

I suggest that you do more research before you sit down at your computer and start to type and tell the world your thoughts.

It is a thoughtless suggestion and just creates more frustration for owners who are already frustrated. Maybe you need to get off your soapbox. If you have problems with VRBO then pull your listings and move them to another site. Or better yet, sell your property. Myself, I will not book with anyone that is listing on VRBO, there are too many homes on too many other sites.

It was several years ago when I first listed. There are other comments here outlining steps to ensure the safety of your vacation dollar.

Travelers need to know that many homeowners are moving to other venues to advertise their homes. Many are jumping on with a new player, Home Escape dot com. It seems HA was adding their own cut here too! It took this upheaval regarding this new service fee for the homeowners to reach out and find each other so that we could learn from each other. Another by product of this upheaval is a new Facebook Page where the homeowners have listed their homes.

It offers a simple search mechanism so a traveler can locate a property in the vacation destination. Most homeowners appear to think like me. We want to offer fair prices for our properties to cover our expenses. We already had their expenses covered by paying our subscriptions to advertise. I am a vrbo owner , I rent my place out and I love talking to potential customers about my local area in the uk etc.

I do not give discounts. I set my rates to be competitive and appropriate. I will never book through VRBO again. I easily booked homes a year through them. Not someone you want in your home. I price my place competitively as well. I never ask for discounts on anything. It would make me feel bad about myself if I did. I have managed to get a handful of reservations to this date since the fee was instigated. I have lately found myself contacting owners directly to ask if they will accept payment off VRBO, because these junk fees are crippling to us buyers.

When I see the final cost for a rental now — with ridiculously exorbitant cleaning fees, convenience fees, service fees, and taxes added on — it can add a third to half the cost of the rental itself to my one- or two-night rental. Maybe the wealthy can afford all these fees, but people who work for a living cannot. Will owners find enough wealthy people to keep them in business? Sorry you feel that way. I look for any way possible to save on our vacation.

My family and my 2 daughters families get together and split the cost so we can afford something nice. I probably leave your house cleaner than when we arrived because I like to clean and straighten. I am not a bottom feeder. It never ceases to amaze me that groups of people seem to be able to decide on a destination, accommodations and dates last minute, but then find out they need to ask for a discount in order to afford it.

When the considerate thing to do is to simply find a set price you can afford. Asking for a discount makes you come across as someone who feels entitled simply because of specifics concerning your lifestyle. Never said I needed the discount in order to afford.

We decide in what price range we would like to find something and choose from the best deal that offers us what we want. The board games had been straightened and put back together.

The whole closet was in disarray. The couch cushions had been vacuumed under. I though it never hurt to ask. I guess it does. Always safe travels to you and yours. I agree with you. Utilities, up keep on furniture, property taxes, insurances etc.

Not only was I a VR property owner but have worked in the service industry as well. Most people who ask for discounts are also the first to complain as well. Karen, if your properties are cabin types check out http: Free to list and no commission fees for the property owner. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I liked them a lot prior to that. Melanie, who are you using now to rent your place? I think you are dead wrong. There are far too many wealthy people and esp. We are also retired and as the price of everything goes up, our income does not. We just love to travel, but are starting to find it unaffordable which breaks my heart. Some of us have worked all our lives are are now getting squeezed to death by the kind of greed being exhibited by VRBO. I understand you are excellent renters, but not everyone is.

I agree VRBO has no business charging all of these fees, but that is not our fault. No service fee for you OR the owner. Put up another listing on Homeescape a couple weeks ago. It is so maddening that Homeaway has taken a good thing and turned it into this mess. I have yet to talk to ONE person who thinks this business structure change is a good thing. I feel that you have ticked off a lot of VR owners by telling people to ask for discounts.

The people who ask for discounts are the ones who treat my home terribly. I spend a lot of time researching comparable homes in the area, and I price competitively. And in my opinion, last minute bookings should pay a premium, not a discount, because they cause all sorts of scheduling headaches with my cleaners, hot tub person, etc.

Owners pay hundreds of dollars to list on the site, so the chance of fraud is practically nil. It seem to have a keen eye for what VRBO is stealing right before our open eyes. Did I get it right? I agree with you!! As a vacation home owner, with VRBO for at least 10 years, I just terminated my subscription this morning. Holly, it really pains me to see you advise your readers to ask the owners to eat the fees. I think paying outside the system sounds like a smart idea as long as certain protections are in place.

The title of the article is how to avoid the service fee. You are entitled to that opinion. Honestly, I think there is a lot of misdirected anger here. Personally, I hope vacation rental owners will turn to other sites that allow them more control over every aspect of their rental, including costs. Asking owners to eat the fee is not fair either- from a traveler or an owners perspective. The best method would be to contact the owner directly.

As many other owners have stated on this site- when potential guests ask for a discount their haggling is insulting and many of us refuse to rent to them after that at any price. Seek out a rental that is within your price range instead. They are telling everyone that renters want it! Asking a homeowner to eat a fee charged by the booking site a publicly owned corporation is flat out rude. If you want someone to eat the fee, you should ask the booking site to stop charging it or you will take your business elsewhere.

Then book directly from the owner, as the name Vacation Rental By Owner originally intended. Many VRBO properties have their own website listed on the site.

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